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The below newsletter was supposed to be emailed to you at the first of November, but although it was scheduled to send, it didn't get sent. So, I am going to add on some fun Seasonal things that would make great Christmas gifts and send it as Decembers Newsletter.

As a result we have two Gift Certificate Winners to announce:
The winner for our $25 Nugget Alaskan Outfitter Gift Certificate in October 2016 is JoAnn Quigg, and our November winner is Mark Masdag. Congratulations JoAnn and Mark!  You can pick up your gift certificates at the front counter.

 Winners are selected from those of you who receive and open our monthly e-newsletter. It doesn't matter when or how you signed up for our e-mail club - if you are on our email list you are a potential winner each month. Thank you for joining the club!
Liking LEKI
In 1948, Karl Lenhart, an avid skier and the founder of LEKI, was less than impressed by the quality and function of ski poles, so he used his airplane manufacturing tools to start manufacturing grips and baskets which went into mass production in the 60's. He later expanded on his experience in using aluminum and composite materials from aircraft construction, to create his first set of poles. Combined with the grips and baskets, the newly minted "Leki" Poles hit the market in 1970.

Leki pole shafts come in 100% aluminum, half aluminum/half carbon or %100 carbon. The high-strength aluminum shafts are prepared and cured through a specially developed process to deliver superior stability and durability. Carbon shafts are constructed from the carbonization of synthetic polymer fibers. The resulting fiber mesh is approximately eight times thinner than a human hair, extremely stiff, strong and light weight. The use of high-tech painting systems, insures that each pole is fully protected from the atmosphere to guarantee a long product life. It is thus no surprise that LEKI's high-tech standards result in long-lasting and durable poles.

Leki puts a lot of thought into the function of each pole including adding features like SPEED LOCK, SUPER LOCK, telescoping pieces, Antishock, Thermo Grip, Flex Tips, rubber tips, and locking security straps. Sometimes the poles locking devices can be confusing because Leki has at least three different ways to lock a pole and each pole is slightly different. The folding poles have a hidden push-button lock that must be engaged before you can use the pole. It is very easy to snap out your poles, and pull them until you see and hear the push-button lock into place. The telescoping poles have SUPER LOCK which requires a twisting motion to lock the pole into place.

When you buy your poles it's super important to get poles that are going to be the correct height for your body. Leki has a pole length calculator on its web site, it uses cm instead of inches so you will need to multiply your height in inches by 2.54 first. Around Juneau we have a lot of up and down in our trails and this is the perfect place to use Leki's SPEED LOCK system. These super-fast and easy locks allow you to quickly lengthen your pole for going downhill or shorten it for going uphill. The recommended adjustment lengths in either direction are from 5-10 cm from your normal pole length. 

From grip to tip each pole has features designed to make your Nordic experience more enjoyable.  Each Leki grip is engineered with a 10 degree tilt to make pole placement automatic and the ergonomically designed pads are soft and comfortable. Thermo Grip adds more insulation against the cold for all weather use. You can even find grips made with cork which is a super comfortable/breathable material great for summer or winter use. If you choose cork, beware that cork will soak up your natural oils and salts, which can make a tasty treat for the little rodents that might visit your camp at night. Tip: store them upright or hang them in your tent or cabin overnight. Speaking of tips, the Leki carbide flex tip introduced in 1975, allows the tip to bend 30 degrees without damaging the shaft providing excellent grip on gravel and ice while absorbing shock. You can prolong the life of your carbide tip by placing a removable rubber tip over the carbide tip when you are walking on asphalt or other hard surfaces.

A Scientific Study
Excerpt from " The Treking Pole Advantage" by Todd Harney 
"I mentioned earlier that there seem to be two groups; those who swear by trekking poles and those who haven't tried them. Clearly there are a lot of people who have found it worthwhile to pack these things around trip after trip based on results from prior experiences. But is there any scientific data to support or reject the notion that trekking poles actually increase efficiency in the mountains?

The best support I've been able to turn up is an academic study (1) performed in 2008 by Northumbria University (United Kingdom). To summarize, this study examined the effects of heavy hiking on heart rate, perceived exertion, and muscle soreness at intervals ranging from immediately after to 72 hours after the climb and descent of Mount Snowdon in Wales. Two groups of 18 people with similar fitness levels, wearing similar gear and pack weights, and who ate the same meals leading up to and during the climb took part in the study. One group used trekking poles while the other climbed unaided.

The results showed convincing evidence that the trekking pole group experienced less muscle soreness, and faster recovery immediately after the hike. Additionally, creatine levels (which indicate muscle damage) in the non-trekking pole group were much higher 24-hours post climb than the trekking pole group which showed creatine enzyme amounts that nearly matched pre-climb levels.

To relate this study back to our mountain hunting interest, faster recovery and less soreness in the leg muscles after each day of hiking translates to an increase in sustained bodily performance over the course of long, physical hunts."

(1) Northumbria University. "How trekking-poles help hikers maintain muscle function while reducing soreness." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 3 June 2010. <>.

Please go to:

To see Todd's full story - including photos, its a good read. 
Other Creative uses for Trekking Poles

Reduce impact on legs, knees, ankles, and feet. A 1999 study in The Journal of Sports Medicine found that trekking poles can reduce compressive force on the knees by up to 25 percent.
    • Helps you maintain balance in difficult terrain such as river crossings, on tree root-strewn trails, and on slippery plank boardwalks.
    • Most trekking poles adjust in length to enhance stability on different terrain.
    • They offer internal springs that absorb shock when you walk downhill.
    • Walking with poles can help you establish and maintain a consistent rhythm.
    • increase your speed and exercise. This is especially true on flatter, non-technical terrain.
    • Trekking poles can be used to deflect backcountry nuisances. They can push away Moving poison oak/ivy, nettles, thorny blackberries and swipe away spider webs that cross trails.
    • They may also include a built-in camera mount under the handle so the staff can be used as a monopod.
    • Emergency or back-up tent poles.
    • Medical Splint, light weight packraft paddle, hang a clothes line.
    • Temporary trail marker.
    • Alleviate weight of a heavy pack during breaks, leaning on the poles will make you more comfortable.
    • Two extra points of contact significantly increase traction on slippery surfaces like mud, snow, and loose rock.
    • Slowing assistance (braking), on downhill stretches.
    • Adding thrust (or gassing), which you might do on flats, uphill, and even downhill, Trekking poles, like ski poles, allow your arms to help propel you forward and upward.
    • Help build upper body strength.
    • Poles can act as a probe to give you more information than you can get with your eyes. Use them to learn more about puddles, melting snow bridges, and quicksand.
    • They can help to defend against attacks from dogs, bears and other wildlife. Swing them overhead to make yourself look bigger Defending yourself in an actual attack.
    • Making a stand for a dromedary bag or gravity filter.
    • Allow you to look at the scenery instead of at your feet as you are moving.
Seasonal Items
Icelandic Designs
Icelandic Design was founded in 1981 by Gerdur Kristjansdottir, a native of Reykjavik, Iceland. Gerdur came from long lineage of knitters and grew up watching her mother make the entire family's clothes and wool socks to stay warm through the Icelandic winters. She herself had learned to knit by age 7. Then in the early 1980's, Gerdur's life took a turn when she decided to start a sweater company with her then retired mother, and to make this family tradition a business. At the time Gerdur was living in Colorado and the demand for their well-constructed sweaters was smoldering. With an initial wholesale order for 200 sweaters Gerdur returned to Iceland to employ 20 local knitters that first year validating her change of course.

After 30+ years, Gerdur is still at the helm employing women knitters all around the world. Gerdur feels she still uses her social work background as she truly cares for the women artisans she works with to create the finest wool sweaters available. The majority of knitters work out of their homes so that they can stay close to their families and Gerdur provides scholarships and educational opportunities for their children. "This feels good to me, and is a worthwhile thing" explains Gerdur on her active support of her knitters. "They encourage me to keep the business going." With their positive feedback and her tradition the future of Icelandic Design looks warm and cozy.

We have a great variety of sweaters and knit skirts, plus these fun, colorful ornaments.
Ray Troll
In his studio on a hill above Tongass Narrows in rainy Ketchikan, Alaska, Ray Troll creates fishy images that swim into museums, books and magazines, and onto t-shirts worn around the world. He draws his i nspiration from extensive field work and the latest scientific discoveries, bringing a street-smart sensibility to the worlds of ichthyology and paleontology.
Ray and his wife Michelle run the Soho Coho gallery in Ketchikan appropriately situated in an old historic house of ill repute located on a salmon spawning stream. Ray believes that everyone should be in a band regardless of talent or ambition, and leads an ensemble of musical renegades called the Ratfish Wranglers who perform in festivals, saloons, and dance parties around Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.
The two new designs that we are carrying for Christmas are "Coho Ho and Humpy Holidays" and "Deck the Halls, Merry Fishmas." 
Skhoop down and rain skirts are fun, smart cold-climate wear for active women. Each skirt has one complete side zip, allowing you to easily put it on over your layers, the opposite side-zip opens partially, so you can keep the bottom edge of your skirt loose enough to be comfortable skiing, walking for making  some outdoor yoga moves.  They have two front zip pockets, big enough to keep your phone or keys handy.

The down skirt has a six inch elastic band to keep it snug to the small of your back, yet, it has a nice clean finish to the front-even has belt loops if you want to style it up. The front edge is scooped for a flattering look and they come in a variety of lengths, materials and colors.  For such a relatively small and lightweight piece of clothing, it does wonders providing insulation and style throughout the long winter season.

Carhartt Christmas Socks
Hang 'em up with a nail and hope Santa throws in a hammer. These 12-ounce, 100% ring-spun, cotton duck, Christmas Stockings are designed just like their great pant counterpart. They come with a rivet-reinforced pocket and a hammer loop on front for extra storage and trimmed with a fuzzy sherpa cuff.
We have two styles to choose from.
Sizes and quantities are limited on all the above seasonal items, so don't wait!!
Special Savings, Artist Reception and Open House

I will be sending these as an electronic coupon as well, Please feel free to print this out and bring it in, or show it to us on your phone. We will give you a postcard with the coupons on it that you can use as the actual punch card. If you have any questions about how to use the card, please let us know.

This year all of the NAO employees were asked to create a Christmas tree out of wooden pallets. We are inviting you to come enjoy the great creations that everyone came up with. Join us for an Artist Reception and Open House on December 15th, from 4-7PM - (last day to use the coupon is on the 15th, so don't forget to bring it with you).

December 15th
Enjoy treats and drinks while you look around

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