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In case I don't see you at the CFD Annual Holiday Party this Sunday evening let me say, "Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!"  IF you ARE attending let me say, "Lets Party!" It's not too late to decide to come (and bring a few friends).

This newsletter includes fascinatingly diverse features on local and world renowned celebrities. Scroll down for the fun.

Breaking news, Ann Glavin has confirmed April 15th, 2017 and Grand Oaks in Weirsdale for a one day educational event. The ride-a-test will feature Sandy Hotz "S" and Bill McMullen "R".  Watch your inbox for more information.

Also, check out our updated list of recognized and schooling shows.

The winter season is cranking up and we would love hearing about your adventures showing or going to shows locally or in Welly World. Drop us a note or a pictures!
Email to and I will put them in the newsletter. We all love to share those special moments with friends who understand us.

Good Riding!
Carol Bulmer editor

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Reminder: To be eligible for year end awards you must be a member during 2016 when you earned the scores AND a 2017 year member when you receive the awards at our Awards Banquet March 5, 2017


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President- Susan Croft
Vice President- Carol Bulmer
Secretary-  Grace Anne Glavin
Treasurer-Kimberley Puthoff
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Recording Secretary- Janet Buckner
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Thank You to all these volunteers that keep this club fun and interesting!

You Are Invited!
CFD Annual Holiday Party
 This Sunday Evening December 4, 2016

Holiday Casual Attire

Come to an evening of fun, food and frivolity at the fabulous home of Susan Croft. Bring a gift (under $10!) for the round robin gift exchange. BYOB. CFD will provide a bountiful Italian buffet. Bring a friend. We warmly welcome all!

RSVP Susan Croft

Use These Driving Directions!
Driving Directions
Eques Lane, Eustis, FL 32736

Even though the address is Cardinal Lane the house driveway is from Eques Lane.

By GPS OR MAPQUEST: Enter "EQUES LANE", EUSTIS, FL 32736. Once you are in the  neighborhood you should take the road to the end of the cul-de-sac. There will be signs for the party.

Call Susan if lost (352) 409-0631

CFD Year End Awards Submission Period
Is Now Open!
Here is How 

1. Download the submission form
2. Fill out the form
       awards criteria are on form
3. Send in the form with copies of       the scoresheets to address on the form
Then Save-the-Date for the Awards Banquet March 5, 2017

Submission Period Closes January 14, 2017

Grazing Danger
Creeping Indigo is Toxic!

  Flowers of Creeping Indigo are distinctive

The veterinarians at Palm Beach Equine Clinic in Wellington, FL, caution horse owners of recent toxicity cases that have arisen in South Florida suspected by the low growing weed, Creeping Indigo. Although Creeping Indigo is not native to Florida and has been reportedly growing in the state since the 1920s, the plant has recently spread from the past summer's humid conditions. Most toxic plants are not palatable to horses and therefore do not pose as much risk; however, it appears that horses are eating Creeping Indigo with suspected fatal effects. The only real treatment is to recognize and remove the poisonous plant from all grazing areas.

"Toxicity from Creeping Indigo can present itself through a number of different symptoms, which can make it difficult to recognize and definitively diagnose," Dr. Timmins noted. "There is no test or treatment, and the damage that it causes can be irreversible. The only true treatment is limiting their exposure to it."
The most important step to avoid illness is to eradicate the plant from all pastures and grazing areas. Horse owners should walk through their property and review grass areas for the plant. Creeping Indigo is a prostrate plant that is commonly found in high traffic areas of grass, such as parking lots, turf, roadsides, medians, and overgrazed pastures. Flowers arise from the base of the leaves and are pink to salmon in color. It often grows under the grass, and when it is not flowering, it can be difficult to see. It also has a very deep root, so it is not easy to pull up.
Both neurologic and non-neurologic signs are documented, and researchers are uncertain how much Creeping Indigo a horse needs to consume before clinical signs appear.
The most notable signs are neurologic; horses may seem lethargic or have less energy than usual. Head carriage is often low, and there may be rhythmic blinking and jerking eye movements. An abnormal gait may be noticed, characterized by incoordination and weakness in all limbs.
Non-neurologic signs may include high heart and respiratory rates, high temperature, watery discharge from the eyes, discoloration of the cornea or corneal ulceration, or ulceration of the tongue and gums.
"There are so many varied symptoms that it is often not the first diagnosis you would think of," Dr. Timmins explained. "There are also many other toxic plants, but if horses have access to good quality feed or grazing, they will not usually eat the toxic plants. The best solution is to find the plant, get rid of it, and not have to find out if it has been consumed."
Horses that are quickly removed from the plants may recover completely, but there is no effective treatment, and symptoms may persist. The best way to prevent poisoning is to stop access to paddocks where Creeping Indigo is present and to remove plants by physical means or herbicide application.

For more information visit the Facebook page
 Nina's Warriors Creeping Indigo Resource


Ann Glavin wishes to invite you to a
Holiday Equestrian Ride
to benefit Wild Horse Rescue

This event is not a CFD sponsored event
Please Contact Ann Glavin 407-760-6905

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Registration numbers. Coggins. Health records. All those important details, all at your fingertips.
Record your activity, and then use the dashboard to track and see how every small victory leads to a winning season.
Get health care and other reminders to help keep your equine partner in top condition.
From dates and patterns to hotel reservations and places earned.

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Shannon Brinkman picture
Tribute to 

Olympic and World Champion Valegro has received many well deserved tributes.  Click Here for another wonderful tribute.

Carol Lavell Grant Recipient
Laura Graves

USA Olympic Dressage Team member gives an insightful account of her Road to Rio Olympics.  CLICK HERE for the fascinating report.

Competitors: It's a New Competition Year

The 2017 Rule Book is now available on the USEF website    Click Here! 

Are you intending on showing in USEF recognized dressage show? Its time to join/renew your membership for the 2017 Competition Year.  Click Here to Join/Renew USEF Membership

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Horstmeyer Farm & Garden 

CFD Calendar of Events 2016-2017

December 1st       Year End Awards Submissions Open
December 4           Holiday Party         Susan Croft's Home
January 15, 2017   Year End Awards Submissions Close
March 5, 2017        Year End Awards Banquet 
                                                            The Westin Lake Mary
April 15, 2017        CFD Ride-a-Test Grand Oaks Wiersdale
May ?, 2017            Fab Freestyle                     Silver Sands
September ?, 2017 Hawaiian Shirt Show              TBD

Suggestions for educational events are invited. What would you like to do? Who would you like to have as a clinician? email

Our Fearless Leader: Susan Croft
The Story Behind the Picture

My daughter, Melissa was in 1st grade and joined a Brownie Troop.  She wanted to join because of the outfit and proudly wore her uniform every week on meeting day. Sound familiar? Well, that led me into my first position with Girl Scouts as the "Cookie Mom".  I went to all Brownie meetings and events and helped the girls create a marketing plan to gain enough funds to pay for their year end trip. At this point in my life I was more business oriented and it was quite the challenge for me to connect with the girls on their level.

Fast forward and for ten years I held many positions as a Girl volunteer with several positions simultaneously.  I was with our troop from Brownies thru Seniors. Troop Cookie Mom, Troop Leader, Troop Calendar/Magazine Sales, Event Coordinator for Service Unit, Summer Day Camp, Service Unit Cookie Cupboard, Service Unit Calendar/Magazine Sales, Delegate for Service Unit, Troop Leader Trainer, and Recruitment were all part of my repertoire.

I have very fond memories of all the trips, events and shenanigans with the girls. One very vivid memory is about the wild pigs at Camp Wildwood.  I was in charge of our service unit "Camporee".  This means 200+ girls camping for the weekend, moving them to different activities and meal scheduling over the weekend. We had a great team put together and everyone did their part superbly. My troop were seniors at the time and were part of the Camporee team of volunteers to make this event successful. One activity was a scavenger hunt that led to a tiki torch and a clue for all groups to meet at the great bonfire in the evening.  Camp Wildwood has several camping units so troops were scattered throughout the facility. It requires a bit of hiking to get from one place to the other. At some point there was a new troop leader that wasn't quite sure how to get back to her camp in the dark.  No problem, I told her I would walk her troop back. After all, I know this place like the back of my hand. Was I a prepared Girl Scout?  No, I didn't bring a flashlight and borrowed one.

I safely returned these young Girl Scouts to their camping unit and proceeded the walk back through the woods. Well, the flashlight I borrowed was fading fast.  No problem - I can find my way.  In the dark, I realized how quite alone I was. Then I heard the grunting noise. This is just great - my body will be found in the morning half eaten by pigs. I turned on the flashlight, hitting it a few times thinking the light might scare the pigs. That didn't work and the sound became louder.  Ok, that's it - I turned around and started running through the woods.  Then I heard another sound and it was laughter.  Well, it was a few of my girls playing a trick on me.  After all, the pigs at Camp Wildwood are legendary and make great stories. They earned the pig impersonating badge.

My biggest word of advice - be fearless and don't ever let children know you are afraid. If you get grossed out by frogs you better expect one in your sleeping bag.

2017 Recognized Shows
December 3,4
December 10, 11, 2016
Orlando Dressage
January 7,8
Southeast Horse Shows
January 14, 15
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks
January 21, 22
Southeast Horse Shows
January 28, 29
Orlando Dressage (2 show weekend)
February 4,5
Southeast Horse Shows
Florida Horse Park
February 11, 12
Orlando Dressage
February 25, 26
Southeast Horse Shows
March 25, 26
Orlando Dressage (2 show weekend)
April 1,2
April 29,30
Southeast Horse Shows
May 13, 14
Southeast Horse Shows
May 27, 28
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks
June 10,11
Southeast Horse Shows
June 17, 18
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks
July 8, 9
Southeast Horse Shows
September 2, 3
Southeast Horse Shows
September 17-18
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks
October 13-16
Region 3 Championships
Conyers, GA
October 21, 22
Southeast Horse Shows
(Arabian) Clarcona?
November 4,5
Southeast Horse Shows

This is a partial listing of recognized shows in the Central Florida area. If you want your show listed send your info to

2017 Schooling Shows
Dec 3, 2016 Rocking Horse Altoona website
Jan 14, 15 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
Feb 11, 12 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksville website
Feb 18, 19 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushness website
Feb 26 STRIDE Fl Horse Park website
March 11, 12 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksville website
March 12
Partners of the Park
FL Horse Park website
March 18, 19 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website

April 9
FL Horse Park
April 22, 23 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksvilee website
April 23 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
May 7 STRIDE FL Horse Park website
May 20 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
May 28 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
June 3, 4 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksville website
June 18 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website

July 16 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
August 13 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
September 16, 17 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
September 17 STRIDE Fl Horse Park website
September 24 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
October 21, 22 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
October 22 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
October 29 STRIDE Fl Horse Park website
November 12 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
November 18, 19 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
December 4 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website

This is a partial listing gathered for the convenience of our members. Please contact Carol at if you want your schooling show listed.

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