December 2016 Newsletter
2016 Year-End Checklist
You might be able to reduce your tax liability:

P lease discuss the year-end checklist items with your financial advisor or accountant to determine if you would qualify for any of the strategies. 

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Market Review
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Markets had to digest significant events in 2016.  It started with the interest rate increase in December 2015 that shook the bond market in early 2016.  Mid-year, Great Britain decided to leave the European Union in what was termed the Brexit.  Stock markets here and abroad dropped sharply before returning to pre-Brexit levels.  Many stocks around the world have climbed all the way back to yearly high points.   read more

Major Tax Changes Coming?
Donald Trump has listed seven key promises for his first 100 days in office, one of which is to enact his tax plan. Some proposed changes:

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New Social Security Claiming Rules

Social Security has only enough money to last through 2034 unless changes are made.  One major change is that the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 phased out two popular Social Security claiming strategies: Restricted Application and File and Suspend.  These strategies allow people to receive thousands of extra dollars by planning when to claim their own and spousal benefits.   read more

Identity Theft:  Don't Fall for this Amazon Scam!
One identity theft scam makes it look like you had a problem with your Amazon shipment.  The real purpose of clicking on the link is to get your personal information.  Don’t fall for it!  See article for details:   

Feel free to forward these thoughts to anyone who might benefit from them.

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