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December 2016

" The only real valuable thing is intuition." - Albert Einstein

Malachite is a green stone which aids in imagination and enhances the development of intuition and creativity.  This painting is a concoction of this brilliant mineral and the mind's ability to overcome apathy.   The colors are vibrant and represent healing.

As we plunge into this new year with hope and limitless vision, may we establish a stronger intuition and expand our creativity to new heights and boundaries.

At the bottom of this newsletter are options to connect with me. I'd love to hear your thoughts and reflections as you strive to create, inspire and affect those around you.

With warm regards, 
Ralph White
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Ralph White's painting Moths in the Light has been accepted into the 'Finalist Paintings' for the November 2016 competition with The Sedona Art Prize International Artist Competition.

Judge's Comment:
"The diagonal composition creates a delicate balance between the fluid application of paint and the mysterious bursts of yellow oranges with flickers of reds. The dense layering of process, paint, and movement feels like sinewy lace and allows the viewer to effortlessly glide in and out of the painting experience."

Click HERE to view the exhibition.
Moths in the Light
Moths in the Light

Ralph White is happy to announce that his painting Seed has tied for
Second Place in the Paintings Category for the November 2016 1st Annual 
"Open / No Theme" Online Art Competition with Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO).

Click HERE to view the exhibition.

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