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January 2017
1/1 Sunday One One Fun Run

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From the Editor

by Jamie DeRuiter, der Riesenbaum Editor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

Shift Toward Adventure,

Presidents Message
mike hinton headshot 2011
by Mike Hinton, President

It's hard to believe that it has been nearly two years since I wrote my first President's Report for the newsletter.  The time sure passed quickly!  Even though the onset of winter and rain (remember that?), we still had a couple of enjoyable events in December.  First was the annual Lighted Tractor Parade in downtown Calistoga.  This year, we had 11 people at dinner before the parade, then we occupied our previous reserved seats to watch the parade.  Once again, there were both a record number of parade entries and spectators.  After the parade, we convened at my house to enjoy some beverages, and the Christmas cookies that I had baked previously. 
The last official event of 2016 was the Holiday Party at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa.  Although the attendance this year was somewhat less than previous years (the mid-December date may have had an effect here), the food and the venue were still excellent.  I also officially handed the reins of the Presidency to Craig Steele, but forgot to bring the ceremonial scepter, which Vern Rogers created a couple of years ago.  So, there's something to look forward to at the first Board meeting of 2017.
I wanted to take the opportunity for all of the support I've received during my term as President:  both from the Board, and from the general membership.  I was honored to serve as the Club's President, and I look forward to the opportunities to socialize with all of you in the months and years to come.  Rest assured that the Club is in good hands with the incoming Board - I believe that we have a great mix of experience and passion in our new Board.
Again, thank you all.  And please give our new Board members your support when it comes to volunteering.  The PCA, both at the National and Regional level, is fueled by volunteers, whose efforts make all of the great events that we produce possible.  Have a great Holiday season, and let's have some fun in 2017! 

Mike Hinton - President, 707-963-7827,
Craig Steele - Vice-President, 707-953-1100,
Chip Witt - Secretary, 707-481-8804,
Jerry Gladstone - Treasurer, 707-525-8623,
Vern Rogers - Past President, 415-420-9567,

Vice Presidents Messagevpmssg
by Craig Steele, Redwood Region Vice President

Our Holidays Party is a Celebration of Transitions
The Redwood Region ends its events with our annual Holiday Party. Then starts up with the One-One Fun Run on New Years day, 2017. The Holiday Party has always been the biggest event, which we organize for the membership, attracting 60-80 Porsche People. This year it was held at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa. The holiday spirit was felt by everywhere in the room as old and new friends shared warm conversations, glasses of wine and holiday hugs. This event allows us to take our significant other or to just come by oneself to enjoy a good meal, meet like minds and sit back and take in the holiday spirit.

My favorite thing was meeting members for the first time; that was Mike Purvis and Carol Lawrence. Mike has been a member for 20 years and had never attended a holiday party before. My favorite dance couple was Ben and Lisa Davoren. I also enjoyed seeing the members with decades of Regional event participation attend. It was good to see Dana Wailes representing our primary sponsor, Hic Tec. It is always fun to do our door prizes and we had some cool stuff to hand out including a poster, chrome Porsches and car cleaning kits. Best of all were old friends getting to do some one-on-one discussions of past adventures and make plans for future activities including crewing on an attempt to drive a Porsche 200 mph.

Traditionally the region honors our charity, CASA, with a cash donation and this year we gave a check for $5500.  It also was time to pass the gavel and usher in the new elected officers, which include for 2017:
  • Craig Steele as President
  • Chip Witt as Vice president
  • Jerry Gladstone as Treasurer
  • Alan Geddens as Secretary
Mike Hinton is now the Past President serving on the Executive Board, there are additional appointments needing to be filled before the first board meeting in January 2017.
So my transition from Board Member to President, I am blessed with a great group and very talented and hardworking individuals who want the best for the Redwood membership. I talked to a number of folks about how they can add value to the Redwood Region experience through their participation and support. I look forward to their efforts.
See you at the One-One Run at Kaffe Mochas, at Airway and US 101.

In The Zone
by Sandy Provasi, Zone 7 Representative

Looking forward, the 2017 calendar is filling up in Zone 7. During the President's meeting we laid out the start of the calendar. There are a few dates we are still waiting to confirm and contracts need to be signed. At this time we have 8 Zone 7 Concours spanning 8 of our 10 regions. We also have 9 Zone 7Autocrosses planned in 4 regions. Look for the new calendar on the Zone website.
Along with these events we are working on a Zone 7 Tour, which will cover 3 regions over 4 days this June.  We hope to expand the tour in the future to cover most of the regions in Northern California and Northern Nevada. This year's tour will begin in Redwood Region, travel over scenic back roads to Shasta Region then drop down into Sacramento Valley Region. Stay tuned for more details.
Also this year there will be a rally school to help everyone get ready for the Parade in Spokane put on by Keith McMahan of Sacramento Valley Region. More info soon.
Please welcome the new Zone 7 Concours chair, John D'Angelo. John will be working on getting more judges trained, updating the rules and promoting the sport!
I am still looking for a volunteer to do the QuickBooks for the Zone. If you have questions about this very simple job, please give me a call.
Happy New Year!
Sandy Provasi
Zone 7 Rep


Mobile Works West


Free Sundays
by Ben Davoren

What do you do when you have a free Sunday, you are ready to drive, but there are no PCA events?
For those of us who have discovered that there really IS no substitute for going out and driving our Porsche the way it was meant to be driven, the PCA provides a tremendous training ground. Autocross and track-based Driver Education days provide wonderful opportunities to safely push our limits, and there is no shortage of knowledgeable drivers in our midst willing and able to give good, free advice. The free Autocross instruction we can take advantage of at our Santa Rosa site is a ridiculously great value.
Yet some days, there just isn't a Redwood event, or even a regional PCA event...but the weather is good, your football team has a bye, your significant other is off at a yoga retreat...and your machine is beckoning. You could drive aggressively on the back roads of Northern California but there are cyclists, deer, sheriffs, and those pesky white Priuses that always seem to be in the way to consider. Is there an alternative?
Indeed there is. There are multiple car clubs and driving groups out there who rent out some of the local tracks and invite sports car enthusiasts of all types to come join them. I stumbled across a group called SpeedSF, and while this is not a specific endorsement of that group because there are many others such as SCCA (Sports Car Club of America), NASA (National Auto Sport Association), Hooked on Driving, or NCRC (Northern California Racing Club), I discovered that there is a way to get a track day in your car for a reasonable fee, and go have some fun! Most of these groups will have instruction available, though not necessarily at each event. Some will even let you bring a passenger (with a helmet and liability waiver of course).
What I also discovered is that I am not alone! In November, as I removed anything that might roll around in my 2007 Boxster while prepping in the paddock area at Sonoma Raceway, I found that I was parked near two other Redwood PCA'ers whom you can often find at our excellent Autocross venue: Gordon Carter and Alan Geddes. This provided a great sense of both camaraderie and competition as we compared best lap times around one of America's most scenic and challenging race courses. Alan even hunted me down and passed me during one particularly great lap. We had six 20 minute lap sessions over the day, with an almost empty track to enjoy during the final session when many of the other participants in their Miatas, S2000s, Camaros, Lotuses, Corvettes, and even a Ferrari or two went home early. Maybe it's because only we knew that we could trust our German engineering to last until the very end?
It was an invigorating day and inspired us to get the word out about these opportunities to our fellow Redwood members. If you've enjoyed a track day or two and feel comfortable with point-by passing, monitoring your tire pressures and brake pad thickness and you own your own helmet, Google "drive your own car on a race track Northern California" or look for the web sites of the groups I listed above and come check it out. If I can do it in my 10 year old base Boxster, 100% stock the way I drove it home from the dealer, you can too. If you're not ready, come out to our Redwood events! The only way I ever became comfortable driving on the edge is because of our club, especially through Autocross, the best driving value any of us will probably ever find!

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Don't Rain On Our...Autocross
by Stacy O' Connell

The 2016 Redwood Region autocross season was not so nicely rain.

That's not to say the group who met up in Santa Rosa on Saturday morning, October 29, wasn't determined.

When I drove into the gate at around 7:30 am, windshield wipers on since mid Rohnert Park, the waiver forms handed to me by Kurt Fischer were already pretty damp. It wasn't looking very promising.

There were about 8 die-hard AXers already by the trailer starting to set up. Bob Schoenherr had even changed out tires on #76 in the early morning darkness with the helpful assist of a flashlight.

We remained hopeful. And for good reason. The weather apps were still only reporting "chance of rain" and promisingly displaying "slightly sunny" icons for around 11 am.

The day before, Anita Benzing reached out to a Facebook friend, who happens to be a local meteorologist. He insured her Saturday's weather wouldn't ruin her outdoor event. "Maybe a little splash and dash, but that's all."

So cones began being placed against Tristan Bayless' course, tents were erected (for good reason) and the trailer was getting set up to register attendees. But not many were arriving. The only thing that had arrived...and refused to leave...was rain.

At about 9:30 am, Grady Carter made the official call to cancel the last autocross of the season.

But all wasn't lost. In typical post-AX tradition, we ended the day at a local restaurant. Swapping cold beer for coffee (well, it was only 10 am), Omelette Express in Windsor happily welcomed 17 soggy, wanna-be-but-not-gonna-happen-today autocrossers.

Today's lesson? Weather apps and meteorologists are not to be trusted.

Until next year.



Board Meeting Minutes

Chip Witt
by Chip Witt, Redwood Region Secretary

Redwood Region Board Meeting Minutes - The minutes from the November 29th, 2016 Board meeting will be available after approval at the December 27th, 2016 meeting.  Read previous board meeting minutes here.  
Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on December 27th, 2016 at Novato Mary's Pizza Shack, 121 San Marin Drive, Novato, CA 94945. All members are welcome to attend.  

Membership Information

Please contact Tom Short, Membership Director for general information about Club membership, including changes of address and/or contact information, dual-membership inquiries, inter-region transfers, membership referrals, and name badges.

Redwood Region Members are welcome and encouraged to attend monthly Board Meetings, held on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7:00 p.m. Month Day Year meeting will be at Novato Mary's Pizza Shack, 121 San Marin Drive, Novato, CA 94945.
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Redwood Region Contacts
2016 Redwood Region Board of Directors

Executive Council                                                                        Appointed Directors
mike hinton headshot 2011


Jamie De Ruiter

Craig Steele, Vice President
Grady Carter



bob schoenherr headshot 2011


Chip Witt

Chip Witt, Secretary

Mac Cranford


vern rogers, Past President



   Ad-Hoc Committee


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Tom Short

Tom Short, Membership Director
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Zone 7 Representative

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der Marktplatz

PORSCHE Panorama Collection 

 - Pick them up and they're yours!

1972 (Apr-Dec) through 1979
1981 through 1982 (Jan.-Aug.)
2003 through 2015

Cell: 415-867-7667

 1999 Boxster headlights.  Low and high beam bulbs have been removed.  Tinted film covering yellow reflectors that could be removed.  Slight haze, but no other problems.  $100  Andy Cell 707-494-0100

2004 Boxster Project Car

WP0CA29834S620883 engine failed with IMS problem at 89,000 miles. Never crashed, never tracked. 2nd owner. 5 speed manual. Exterior (black), full leather interior (black), top (black) all in good shape. New rear brakes. 4 Michelin pilot sport tires at 84,500 miles. Full service record. More pictures available.

Asking $7,500. Offers accepted. 


1969 Porsche 911 GT Race Car with 3.4L Race Engine: !

Fully developed and sorted 1969 911 GT race car with fresh 3.4L racing engine. Currently set up for PCA and Porsche Racing Club GT3 class. Current engine, suspension design and set up by Mat Lowrance of Reno Rennsport.

 PCA and NASA logbooks. Dry weight of 19xx pounds (with oil). Fresh and unpainted 993 widebody fiberglass bodywork. Phone or email for details and additional photos. !

Dual axle open trailer with large front mounted tire rack, fuel jug storage and lockable tool box. ! Spares and supplies include fuel transport bottles, funnel, et cetera. ! A turnkey racing package. $125K + to duplicate, asking $39,000 OBO !

Contact: Neil Jackson: 925.785.0247 or Located in Orinda CA.

Genuine Porsche OEM 18" Wheels
*Price Reduction*
Front: 8"x18" ET57 (997.362.137.01)
Rear: 10.5"x18" ET60 (997.362.141.65)
Carrera IV wheel style introduced for the 997.2 in 2009 but should fit any 997. Near-perfect condition; no curb rash, scratches or dings. Great for mounting AX tires, winter tires, or to upgrade your scuffed original street wheels.
Hi-res pictures of each wheel available on request. 
$400 for all 4.
Contact Mike Beavers 707-546-4698

2005 Boxster S: 63,875 mi.
Triple black, Rare factory hardback sport seats, HRE 567R wheels & stainless welded exhaust. I'm not sure the brand of exhaust it was on the car when we bought it.. Neillo Porsche in Rockland has done all the service work since we have owned it. Runs and looks great!  Additional pictures upon request.
Cell: 415-328-4718

1992/2008 964 race car: PCA GT3 Zone 7 Champion 2012, 2 nd nationally and 3 time NASA/PRC GTL class champion. Currently racing with PCA & NASA log books. Jerry Woods 3.6L & G-50 6 speed, Guards GT3 LSD, coil over suspension, 'big red' brakes, two sets 10.5 & 13 by 16 Jongbloed wheels, approx. 2,100 lbs., Getty GT 2 Evo fiberglass body with 55 in. GT 3 Cup wing. All safety equipment, radio, cool shirt, etc.
The car is in excellent condition with low hours on all major components. The car has been professionally maintained by Jerry Woods Enterprises and has always had repairs/replacement as needed, for example the wheels and shock are currently being rebuilt. It was painted in June and looks great. No issues, needs or stories. The car is fast, dependable and fun to drive. It is especially easy to drive at the limit.  Easily does 1:42's at Sonoma (1:41.8 in June), 1:54's at T-Hill and 1:35's at Laguna Seca.  For more details, see  pdf here.

 $59,500. Contact Gary Willard 650-477-7039 or         

1997 993 TT has 46,700 miles on it. 

Artic silver/rubicon interior. Hardback sport seats, roof liner in leather, 6 CD changer. All stock except PSS 10 suspension. Original parts come with the car.

Only repaint was front bumper. Car is fantastic, I measured the paint to verify. Looks like new! Won numerous awards in SoCal. Engine top end and turbos redone at 38,000 miles. Also clutch. Runs perfect, absolutely no problems, everything works.  More photos here

VIN: WP0AC2999VS375292
Price: $189K

Contact Info: Jochen Rohr:

1970  Porsche 911 T Targa
Meticuously maintained and upgraded by the same owner for 24 years
California car, no rust
Rare 15" Mahle magnisium wheels w/hand-painted centers
OEM Recaro Sport seats
OEM "S" front spoiler
Euro H-1 headlights
Weber conversion
rare rebuilt 4-speed transmission w/short-shift kit
4k miles on split case engine complete rebuild with "E" pistons and distributor
Dino steering wheel
26206 indicated mileage
Tornado Red/Black (change of color)
Nakamichi cd player w/5 speaker 1100 watts amplifiers
Receipts & Logbook    $75,000 
Contact Fred Miramontes
209-451-9794   or



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