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Boy Scouts Proposes Updates to Camps Meriwether and Clark: Hearing January 11th   
Cape Lookout State Park, North Side. Courtesy OPRD
Cascade Pacific Council of Boy Scouts of America is updating their Master Plan for Camps Meriwether and  Clark. The Boy Scout property adjoins Cape Lookout State Park to the north.  View the application  here 

This new Master Plan, and the facility upgrades it proposes, require  Tillamook County approval, because  Boy Scouts  operates under a Conditional Use permit on land zoned Recreation Management. Tillamook County Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the application in January. Please send comments via email on or before January 11th to  Hilary FooteThe hearing will be:

January 11, 2018
7:00 PM
BOC Meeting Rooms A & B
Tillamook County Courthouse
201 Laurel Avenue, Tillamook

The upgrades are proposed to occur in several phases, with an eye towards enhancing camp activities. CPC states the plan is not intended to increase visitor capacity or off-site impacts. Phase I improvements, for example, include renovating the rifle and archery ranges, upgrading the water filtration system, and repairing staff cabins at Meriwether; and remodeling the boat house to an ecology center and creating a trail, at Camp Clark. Clark would also see updated campsites and dorm cabins, among other improvements. The Keiser golf course proposed last year for Camp Meriwether is not among the proposals. CPC appears to be  following a sensible course of  upgrading  their facilities using a longterm, low-impact strategy.

End-of-year Roundup of Important Ongoing Land Use Issues
Tillamook PUD's Oceanside Transmission Line:   TPUD has applied to the Public Utility Commission for the power to use eminent domain to get this powerline built,  since the affected  private landowners oppose it. ORCA intervened in the case, as did many of  the landowners.  The contested case  process  will begin in January with staff and intervenor testimony, and then a hearing. The  hearing date has not been set.

TPUD also filed an application with the Department of State Lands, because the Oceanside Line would cross wetlands, specifically the restored Hoquarten Slough area. It  would  also cross the floodplains of the Wilson, Trask and Tillamook Rivers. Please submit comments to the Department of State Lands on or before January 11, 2018. Comments should go to:   Michael DeBlasi . View the application here .


Knapp Ranch Golf Course Proposal:  The Curry County Planning Commission held a brief meeting on December 14th to revise the final order in their denial of the Knapp Ranch pipeline application. The original final order did not reflect the motion made and accepted by the majority, so needed to be  redone. Elk  River Property Development appealed the Planning Commission's denial. The Board of Commissioners will hold the hearing in January, but the date has not yet been set. 


Cannon Beach dune-grading:  The draft dune management plan for Cannon Beach, based for the first time on a comprehensive sand study, has been completed. The city will begin hearings on the necessary changes to the city's Comprehensive Plan and ordinances  before the Planning Commission  on January 25, 2018. The draft plan and other materials  are supposed to be  posted on the Cannon Beach website sometime this week. ORCA will remind interested people about the upcoming hearings as we get closer.

Will You Help Us Protect the Coast?
Necanicum Estuary. Courtesy Tyson Gillard
ORCA does not ask our supporters for help very often, but the end of the year seems a good time to remind everyone that we depend on donations to keep ORCA going. We greatly appreciate the essential work all our volunteers do: people who live on the coast, recreate or own a home there. The coast is one of the most stunning places in the world, and we aim to keep it that way, free of inappropriate resource extraction, development and overuse. If you can help support us, we greatly appreciate it. For all those who have recently made donations to ORCA, a very hearty thank you for your vote of confidence and your generosity.


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