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Bishop Julian Dobbs writes to the Diocese
"O Come Let Us Adore Him - - Who is the Christ of Christmas?" 

"Christmas Eve In North Dakota"
Bishop Dave Bena writes to the Diocese

The Prophecy of Amos - - a message for our time 
Bishop Julian teaches an online series from the prophecy of Amos

Images From Around CANA East 
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Anglicans in Actions - March for Life 2017 

100 Influential Protestants You Ought To Know
The Institute on Religion and Democracy


GAFCON Chariman's December 2017 Letter 
The second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in power and majesty is essential to the Christian hope. The last book of the Bible closes with the words of Jesus 'Surely I am coming soon' and our joyful response in the midst of our present sufferings and struggles is 'Amen. Come Lord Jesus!' (Revelation 2:20).

Help Christian Children This Christmas

2,000 years ago a Child fled with His parents. It still happens today.
Earlier this year twelve-year-old "Amos" and his parents were making their way on foot to Uganda. They wanted to escape the drought, famine and killing fields of their homeland, South Sudan. Somehow, Amos lost his parents, but continued through the bush alone. He came across another group of refugees, who agreed to let
Amos travel with them. Before long the group walked into an ambush. As the attackers opened fire, the refugees scattered. When the shooting stopped, Amos found himself on his own again. He hid in the bush for two days until he saw another group passing, who let him join them. By this time, Amos was so weak with hunger, he could hardly walk. After a while, two of the men took turns to carry Amos on their backs until they reached Uganda.
Amos is now safe in Camp Rhino, fed mainly by the Church of Uganda, with funding from Barnabas. He is one of 90,000 South Sudanese Christians in that camp, a large proportion of them women and children.

Atheists Abandon Crusade Against Sermons - aga in!
A group of pastors (including CANA East priest,
The Ven. Patrick Malone) defeated a lawsuit by militant atheists that demanded the IRS control the internal religious teachings of houses of worship.
Holy Land Tour | June 4-15, 2018 
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Join Bishops' Dobbs, Bena and Archdeacon Eyberg for a very special and personal tour of the Holy Land in June 2018

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Our Bishops' Schedules

Bishop Julian Dobbs 
Dec 24 Holy Cross Church | Waukesha, WI
Jan 7 All Saints' |Pensacola, FL
Jan 8-12 ACNA College of Bishops | FL 
Jan 21 St. Augustine | Leesburg, VA
Jan 28 Christ the King| Pine Knot, KY
Feb 3-9 Church of Nigeria Standing Committee
Feb 18 Christ the King | Olympia Heights, FL
Bishop David Bena
Jan 8-12 ACNA College of Bishops | Melbourne, FL
Jan 13-14 Holy Trinity | Austell, GA
Feb 17-18 St. Thomas | Springfield, MO
Mar 17-18 Transformation | Mays Landing, NJ
Apr 11-13 Anglican Chaplains Convocation | Birmingham, AL