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Message from the Executive Director
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A Message from the Executive Director

The end of 2017 is upon us. I'm not sure what I expected of 2017 this time last year, but I'm pretty sure what I and we got is not it. I expected to find a new job, and have been more than thrilled with my time at the Maine Women's Fund. At the Fund, I expected to work on issues of women's equity, inclusion, policy, and voice - but who knew the environment would just hand over all this material, day after day, week after week?
As you know, the Fund took at little pause at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 to regroup, re-energize, and re-focus the work of the Fund. It worked! During this year we began a new grants program you've heard about, the Swift Social Justice Grants, and Kimberly is going to talk more about them below, but for reference we've given nearly $18,000 in grants to 12 organizations by and for communities which are under special stress in this social and political climate.
We renewed our commitment to the focus on ensuring economic security with our inaugural Women Mean Business forum, this year introducing a panel of women (and men) who have excelled in the mostly corporate world, and in 2018 we look forward to a panel of women (and men) who excel in non-corporate and/or non-traditional occupations. We delved deeper into community - what it means, who we are and how it is changing - with Shay Stewart-Bouley, a.k.a. blackgirlinmaine, as we Turn(ed) Talk Into Action.  The conversation was interesting, enlightening and we hope to repeat some version of it in different areas of Maine during the next year.
First and foremost - the Leadership Luncheon is back, better than ever; Save the Date: April 26, 2018. If you are interested in joining the planning team, please call or e-mail me and we'll get you on to work! There are opportunities for planning, engaging, and day-of, so join the fun this year.
Yes, it's been an exciting year, and at a recent Board of Directors' retreat we planned for more excitement next year - you'll be hearing from and/or seeing us in the community, working with and for women and girls, throughout the year. Luncheons are fun, and we'll see you there, as well as at smaller, more intimate events and with our grantees. I, we, are really excited for 2018. I hope you are, too.
In closing, on behalf of the Board and Kimberly, please celebrate your preferred holiday with love, family and friends, and travel safely! I look forward to spending 2018 with you.
Until next time,

     Megan Hannan
     Executive Director

 Investing in the Power of Women and Girls!

Our 2018 Letter of Interest (LOI) process will open on Tuesday, January 2! 

Check our webpage, our social media or your email in-box in the new year for links to our annual grant opportunity in 2018. The online LOI process will open on Tuesday, January 2 and close at 5:00 pm on Friday, January 26. Last year we had 65 submissions and about half of them were from organizations who had never applied to the Fund! We can't wait to see where organizations serving women and girls all over the state are focusing their time and energy in these exciting (and exhausting) times. 

 All the Rage

What can you do? 

In meeting with and learning from organizations serving women and girls all over the state, we get a chance to see what is trending. 

While the #metoo movement has made the cover of Time magazine and continues to be a part of every newscast and radio broadcast, we had the opportunity to learn about the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault's (MECASA's) creative work to help us take all the #metoo energy and do something with it!  

They have created the #cando hashtag and a growing social media movement to post a your photo and a quote about what you #cando to address sexual violence. This work is changing the conversation about sexual violence, and you can be a part of it! 

To participate:

1) Take a selfie and Facebook message it or email it to with a quote from you saying what YOU #cando to to stop sexual violence. 
2) MECASA will use that information to create a single #cando image reflecting your commitment. 
3) MECASA will post it on their Facebook page during their #cando campaign and/or send it back to you to share to your own network. 

We #cando it! 

 In a Flash: What is Driving Our Work
Organized by Mano en Mano, one of our partners in our new Swift Social Justice Grants Program, La Posada is a holiday event in Milbridge, Maine. Posada means "hospitality" or "a place to stay." The Mexican tradition of Posada relates to the Biblical story of Mary and Joseph seeking refuge in Bethlehem. This tradition lives on as a symbol of unity, friendship, and generosity, vitally important values to  Nuestra Voz en la Comunidad, a local leadership group that meets once a month to discuss changes they'd like to see in their community. Their input helps inform Mano en Mano's programming. Over 200 people attended this celebration!

This group sang the part of the "peregrinos" or pilgrims, asking for shelter or Posada, while another group stood inside the gymnasium singing the part of the "hosteleros" or innkeepers.

Mano en Mano's regional coordinator for the Migrant Education Program in Western Washington County and her daughter join community members for a potluck meal during La Posada.

As the piƱata breaks open, both kids and adults run to collect the goodies, which included a mix of Mexican, Colombian, and American candies.


On behalf of the staff and board of the Maine Women's Fund, thank you for 
investing in the power of women and girls!

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