On Sunday October 22-17 Patricia Kologinski joined her Dream Player thespians at Circus de soleil Volta in Toronto. Patricia enjoyed the bus ride to the big city sitting beside her best friend Sue.  While at the circus Patricia enjoyed the suspensive storyline told by professional dancers and musicians.  The story 'Volta' is of a young man learning to embrace his differences in a fantastical display of today's modern world.


Annie Lawler guest speaker at 2017
22Q Deletion Family Conference

Annie Lawler was a speaker at this year's 22Q Deletion Family Conference in Toronto on Nov 11, 2017. This Conference is put on by the 22Q Deletion Clinic at Sick Kids and their foundation.
Annie spoke about the difference of moving into high school from elementary school and her struggles with socializing with others and making friends...

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Amalgamation of Community Living Agencies to Improve Service Delivery in Haliburton County, Kawartha Lakes and
Peterborough County

Spotlight on Transformation Issue #63 --- Grand opening celebrations of the new Community Living Trent Highlands in Lindsay were held on October 5th to mark the amalgamation of Community Living Kawartha Lakes, Community Living Haliburton County and Community Living Peterborough. The three agencies have come together to coordinate resources, expertise and leadersh to better deliver services to adults with developmental disabilities and their families across this the region....


Online Update!    
We have been working hard since amalgamation to streamline the online presence of Community Living Trent Highlands. We have gone down from two to one Facebook page and  one Twitter account, and are sharing content that better highlights all three of our communities. In the future, we plan to introduce regular features and to spotlight as much as possible the people we support and their stories, successes and celebrations.
Planning for the new Community Living Trent Highlands website is well underway, and we are right now taking care of the formalities of bringing our new web developers on board.
We're excited to announce that the new website will be up and running in early 2018. In the meantime, we will bid a fond farewell to the Community Living Peterborough website (last day, Dec 22nd), and will serve as the interim site for CLTH until the new one is launched. (If you're in Peterborough, don't worry about Sharepoint; a link has already been added to the website for you - just click on Staff in the main menu.)
Because it has been some time since either site has been updated from the inside out, there are loads of new tools and technologies available to us. As we put together the website we'll be developing a new blog format for my blog and a new shape and form for this e-bulletin... more news to come on both fronts.
Many, many thanks to:
  • The staff members in all three communities who took on social media in the past and built such a solid foundation from which we are moving forward. You have done an amazing job.
  • Staff members in all three communities who have shared news and photos for the website and social media - you are so important!
  • Anthony Berardi from AB Solutions, who has worked as the web developer for Community Living Peterborough for several years and through two websites. Anthony has worked hard for us, and has always gone - and continues to go - that extra mile.
  • John Anderson, webmaster for Community Living Kawartha Lakes, Central Highlands and now the interim CLTH website. John has been a great part of our team and has taken good care of us, going above and beyond many times over.
  • Mary Bucholtz from Beechwood Design Co., who originally worked with Community Living Peterborough for over 9 years and then went on to her own business. Mary has been the inspiration behind the scenes in creating our monthly e-bulletin's and banners on our website. It is Mary's attention to detail, creativity and ability to work under tight deadlines that has been so important to our agency.
  • And you... we couldn't do any of this without you, the people who are Community Living Trent Highlands - you make the good news that we want to celebrate.

Teresa Jordan
Community Living Peterborough recognizes that there is a need for more day supports for families in our area. CLP Connex understands people wanting to fill their days with productive opportunities that are meaningful and fulfilling to them. CLP Connex wants to give people the choice of how they plan their day and what activities they sign up for.


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