December 2017

What's Next Life Coaching with Penny Rackley

Give  a brighter 2018 with a 
3-session coaching package

Know someone (or maybe it's you!) 
who wants to try coaching?

My New Year's package includes three one-hour sessions for $210. Just click below to purchase, and specify the recipient's name and email address or phone number in the PayPal notes section, or email their information to me directly. I'll contact them to schedule our sessions at their convenience. 


Questions? Text 214-793-1503 or email me at for more information. I'm glad to help you.

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January LifeInspired:
Peace During Chaos

Life brings us each a unique set of struggles.  Can you find calm 
- maybe even some happiness - 
in the middle of the storm? 

Join me Tuesday, January 9th at 4:30pm at Inspire Yoga Studio in Denton and Thursday January 11th at 12pm 
at the Highland Village location. 
You'll take away a specific, personalized plan for maintaining and  protecting 
your happiness, even through 
the tough times. 

This 45-minute group session is open to the public. And you don't have to talk! Just come prepared to think and take some private notes for yourself. 

See you there! 

Highland Village studio
1401 Shoal Creek | Suite 268
Highland Village, Texas 75077

Denton studio
321 W. Hickory, Suite 104
Denton, TX 76201

Rackley Consulting DATE/MONTH
My mom and sister staged an intervention this week. (I needed serious help getting in the festive spirit.) They kidnapped me from work, took me Christmas shopping, bought lunch, and -- nicest and most-needed of all -- patiently endured my not-so-jolly complaints. 

It's one of the most generous gifts you can give, to spend time with someone even when they're sad, grouchy. I'm much better now. :)

Have a wonderful holiday!

- Penny

All Over the Place?

So many clients begin our first conversation with an apology. "Sorry, I skip around a lot. I talk too fast. I can't finish anything before something new grabs my attention. I'm all over the place. Hopeless! Can you help me change altogether?"

While I don't want to minimize heartfelt frustrations, there's another viewpoint to consider. Some of the most successful (and happiest) entrepreneurs, salespeople, educators, first responders, artists and entertainers I know are lightning-quick-minded. They crave change -- to meet new faces, win the next account, learn fresh technologies, discover and express innovative ideas. They're adaptable, flexible, quick on their feet. 

They don't fight their vitality, they use it.

Harnessed properly, your energy is a great thing. It's a strength. 

And it makes you who you are -- someone who bounces back from disappointment, who can turn on a dime, is enlivened by an unfamiliar challenge, unafraid to pioneer projects. The world needs you to drag us up and off our dusty old couch of outdated rules and regulations, inject humor into boring meetings, help us adapt to uncertain changes, motivate us to new action! 


Also, you have to know that most strengths come with a dark side: empathy can lead to unnecessary self-sacrifice, competitiveness can bring isolation, a strong sense of responsibility makes for many a workaholic. The trick is to acknowledge, appreciate and do our best with what we have, and keep an eye out for over-doing. 

One more personal note. There's something inherently cheering about high-intensity people that I happen to love. You're lively. Enthusiastic. You bring the party. The fun! Please don't change. 

If you need a hand harnessing your energy into something a little more productive, I'd love to help. Call or text me at 214-793-1503 to schedule a free session, and we'll get you a plan.