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American College of Pediatricians
From the President's Desk

After ten years of service as our Executive Administrator, Lisa Hawkins has pulled back into a part-time administrative position, which allows her to devote more time to family.

We are pleased to welcome Ronni Ann Lutovsky to the College as our new Executive Administrator.  Ronni Ann is completing her Masters in Oriental Medicine, and will pursue a PhD over the next three years, in addition to "holding down the [College] fort."

Brittney Cooper, our Communications Administrator, continues to work part-time with the College producing our monthly newsletter, Parent Talk, blogs and managing our social media presence.

If you are a dues-paying member, you should have received notice by mail for your 2018 dues. If you have not received this from the College, please contact Lisa at acpedsfl@gmail.com, or call the office and speak with Ronni Ann.

Wishing you all a wonderful month as we prepare for the Christmas season.
ACPeds member article published by AAP

In response to the need for bioethics education in pediatric training programs, the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Bioethics and Committee on Bioethics have together have published a case-based modular curriculum designed to function as a resource for residency and fellowship training programs.

ACPeds Board member Dr. Ferdinand Yates penned an article for this curriculum on the off-label use of prescription drugs to enhance a child's abilities or faculties, which has both safety and ethical implications.

Interested in serving on an ACPeds Committee?

The College is seeking help from...
  • members who are media trained in the area of their expertise and available to occasionally do interviews on behalf of the College in their area of expertise; and
  • members who can write! We have a wish list of statements but we need more writers.
Other committee positions are often available and we invite you to inquire. 

If you have media training and you may be available for occasional interviews OR if you would like to help write statements for the College, please contact the office at admin@acpeds.org
or by phone at 352.376.1877 . Thank you!
The Science and Ethics of Stem Cells

Dear Members, the College has a position statement, The Science and Ethics of Stem Cells, that needs an update. If you have a special interest in this or know someone who could help us out, please let us know!  Contact Lisa in the College office: 352-376-1877 or email Brittney Cooper our Communications Administrator, brittney.acop@gmail.com.

This is an important and emerging field for which we'd like to stay abreast, and the Scientific Policy Committee will be more than happy to help you get started. Visit this page on the ACPeds website for some further details.
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ACPeds member responds to inaccurate SAHM article on abstinence education

According to an article published by the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM), Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage (AOUM) programs are not effective in delaying initiation of sexual intercourse or changing other behaviors.

In addition, the SAHM article claims that the US government programs promoting AOUM are ethically flawed, are not evidence based, and interfere with fundamental human right to complete and accurate health information. Therefore, they advocate for the abandonment of AOUM as a basis for adolescent health policy and programs.

In a detailed response to these claims and the many other radical assertions made by the SAHM article, ACPeds member Dr. David Perry points out that research shows it is the Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) programs that are ethically flawed, not effective in delaying initiation of sexual intercourse or changing other behaviors, and should be abandoned.

Click here to read Dr. Perry's critical analysis identifying the many flaws, inaccuracies and harmful assumptions of the of the SAHM article.

To help spread the truth about the harms of comprehensive sex education (CSE) programs, share this information with whomever you know-policymakers, school officials, media and parents.

CSE programs sexualize children, teaches them to consent to sex, normalizes anal & oral sex and even promotes homosexual and bisexual behavior. Hundreds of millions of your tax dollars have already been used to bring these harmful CSE programs to children in most states-maybe even to your children or grandchildren.

If you are a US citizen, you can help stop the federal funding of CSE in US schools by signing this letter to Congress.

For more information
New vaccine contains no aborted baby tissue cells

According to ACPeds Board member Dr. Patty June, besides the fact that Zostavax, the original vaccine for shingles, contained aborted fetal cells, another concern was that it contained aluminum to boost the power of the vaccine.  The new vaccine Shingrix is not only free of fetal cells and aluminum, it is also much more effective .

"The original Zostavax is only about 50 percent effective, whereas [Shingrix] is 97 percent effective in adults who are over 50 years old, and just a little less than that in those over 70 years" she told One News Now in a recent interview.  Click here for more information

Shringrix was made available to adults late last month and ACPeds is hopeful the pharmaceutical corporation will begin research on the use of Shingrix for children.
National Influenza Vaccination Week Dec 3-9, 2017: update & toolkit

ACPeds Board member Dr. Scott Field has composed an update on influenza disease and vaccination, with references, for patients and physicians. The update reviews all 11 "Influenza Activity" reports from 2006 through 2016. Click here to read the update.

In addition, the non-profit Families Fighting Flu has developed a "comprehensive toolkit for pediatric healthcare professionals in an effort to increase annual flu vaccination rates in the pediatric population." Click here for the toolkit.
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4 recent postings on the ACPeds Job Board
Pediatric nurse practitioner seeks work in primary care office 

Agnes E. Bayer, CPNP, CFCP, is an experienced pediatric nurse practitioner who seeks to work in a family medicine or pediatric primary care office  providing urotherapy and urodynamics. This testing yields good reimbursement for the office. She is also  willing to teach adolescents about their cycles to facilitate a restorative reproductive medicine approach for treating gynecological issues in young patients.  Part time up to 30 hours a week with benefits preferred and willing to commute  up to 30 miles from Old Town Portsmouth, VA

Pediatric provider opportunity in beautiful coastal/wine country

A small, private pediatric group in Templeton, CA is looking for a pediatrician or nurse practitioner
 to help with the growing practice. The group is looking to hire permanent part or full-time providers, and will also consider locums tenens.

Pediatric Cardiologist

The Section of Pediatric Cardiology at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD) and Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth seeks a full-time board certified or board eligiblePediatric Cardiologist to join its faculty. Active participation in Pediatric undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education is required, with eligibility for appointment at Geisel expected, along with excellent interpersonal, clinical, and teaching skills.

Medical Officer - Pediatrics Hospitalist
A high performing, professional service and technology focused organization is looking to hire a Medical Officer - Pediatrics Hospitalist. This position is full-time and it is onsite at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD

For contact information and full job descriptions, click here or visit https://www.acpeds.org/health-professionals/job-board for more information.
Survey: peds want to address parent health but feel restricted from doing so

Recent survey finds that pediatric care doctors attempt to address parental health issues that affect children, but are limited by practice-related barriers and physician attitudes.  Click to read more on the study .
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December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month

In 2016 there were an estimated 240,000 children throughout the country treated in hospital emergency departments for toy-related injuries.

Adults can take the following precautions to ensure that gifts for children are safe and age appropriate.
  • Choose toys suitable to the child's age, interest and skill level; check MPAA ratings for movies and ESRB ratings for video games.
  • Avoid noisy, light-up, talking toys; electronic toys may hinder baby language development.
  • Include safety gear like a helmet, elbow and knee pads, or a bike reflector
  • Look for the letters "ASTM." This designation means the product meets the national safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
More information on selecting safe toys and gifts
Toy Safety Tips (St. Joseph's Children Hospital)
The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Welcomes Submissions
The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons is the official peer-reviewed journal of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the AAPS, is pleased to consider original papers, commentaries and book reviews by members of the College. For manuscript requirements and author instructions, visit http://jpands.org/.
Patient Handout Reminder

The Member Hub, the members' section of the website, includes patient handouts shared by other ACPeds practitioners, some of which may be helpful to your own patients and practice. Contact the office to get the username and password for access to the Member Hub

In addition, ACPeds offers a variety of patient handouts available for download free of charge in the  Health Professionals section of the ACPeds website. If  you have a display unit for handouts in your office, these statements are also available in a Title on Top (version). Contact the office to have a Title on Top version sent to you. Both are available on the " Handouts " page.
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