December 2017 - In This Issue:
Worship Services
Sunday Worship
8:00 am Traditional
10:30 am Contemporary
9:15 am Adult Education
9:30 am  Children's  Sunday School

Holy Communion
Communion is served at both services every Sunday.
Lutheran Church of the Cross
28253 Meadow Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439
PO Box 2800
Evergreen, CO 80437-2800

P - 303-674-4130
F - 303-670-7987

Church Office Hours
Tues thru Fri - 10:00am - 2:00pm

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Church Staff
Pastor - Philip Reimers
Ministers - All of our People
Youth Director - Youth Ministry Team
Music Director - Patrick Stone
Choir Director - Elinore Quander
Office Manager - Stephanie Park
Council Members
Nonie Willisch - President
Mark Selman - Vice-President
Mike Lofing  - Treasurer
Sara Esau - Secretary
Open  - Business Manager
Claire O'Brien - Education
Gloria Owens - Evangelism
Open -  Activities
Eunice Bollinger-O utreach/Missions
Paul Mohrmann - Prop & Grounds
Open  - Stewardship
Vicki Thompson - Worship & Music
Open - Youth & Family

Welcome Visitors
We want to welcome last month's visitors. Thank you for worshiping with us!

   Sign up to sponsor flowers on the chart posted in the Fellowship Hall or talk to Stephanie in the church office.  The cost is $30 for two bouquets and you get to take them home following the last service!  Thank you for helping make the sanctuary beautiful during our Sunday services.

Lenten Day of Renewal
February 10, 2018

Pastor's Message
Deeper: A Journey of Discipleship to
Spiritual Maturity

In January we will begin a new series developed and written by members of this congregation. What an exciting opportunity we have! Just speaking for myself I have a lot growing yet to do. Sure, there are areas of my faith journey that are pretty strong but the more I study God's Word and the more I reflect the more I realize how far I fall short. While God is not expecting perfection, I do believe he is inviting people to a life of personal commitment and growth.
Another thing I know about myself is that if I don't make commitments, have a plan, or have accountability most of the things I would like to change about myself make very little if any progress. I look forward to thinking about each theme, looking at myself and setting tangible goals for personal growth.

I have heard a few concerns about focusing on one theme for the whole year. I assure you that within the theme of Discipleship to Spiritual Maturity there are countless topics which you will both enjoy, and be challenged by at the same time. We hope that everyone will make a commitment to this process. This would include reflecting on the questions provided in the book, attending worship, and having an accountability Partner. Forms will be available if you need help connecting to an accountability partner or to let us know who your partner will be. We encourage everyone that this should not become legalistic or a burden but an encouragement and blessings to your spiritual journey. Discuss your hopes, expectations and boundaries with each other.

This would be a great opportunity to invite others to join you for worship this year. Be excited about this year journey, tell others, encourage them. There are people who are seeking and looking for a tangible way to grow in their faith journey. Encourage them that this is a perfect opportunity. Books and Accountability forms will be available starting December 10th. Books will be for sale for $10 or whatever you are able to contribute. Perhaps give a copy to a friend or family member, they could be used as a stand-alone study journey. Thank you for your partnership in ministry and your commitment to Christ!

Pastor Philip

Pastor Philip   
We will be decorating the church Sanctuary with
poinsettias before our Christmas Eve Services.
You may sponsor a poinsettia to adorn our Sanctuary
in honor/memory of a loved one.

Plants will be ordered by the church at a cost of
$10 per plant. These are very beautiful and healthy 6 1/2" potted poinsettias.

If you would like to order one or more poinsettias, please complete the form below and return it to the
church by Sunday, Dec. 17th, accompanied by a
check payable to Lutheran Church of the Cross.
Please mark "poinsettias" on your check.
Men's Bible Study

Our Men's Bible Study is scheduled for the  first and  third Thursday  of the month. 

Conta ct Mike Lofing with any questions -

Thursday, December 7 -
6:30 am
Thursday, December 21 -
6:30 am

Please join us in the church fellowship hall.
Women's Bible Study
Women's Bible Study meets weekly 9:15 - 11:30 during the school calendar in the Fellowship Hall. Please contact Eunice Bollinger for more information.

All Christian women in the community are welcome to attend!
Prayer Warriors
Every  Wednesday at
2:00 pm we are inviting members to join Cheryl Touryan and Gloria Owens in the War Room to pray for our church, our community and world issues. All are welcome.
Prayer Requests
Please remember to check the Prayer Request page on the back of the Sunday bulletin and contact the church office to update any prayer requests!

Happy Birthday!
12/01      Janet Warner
12/02      Jeff Hansen
12/02      Ken Touryan
12/02      Jeremy Walters
12/03      Benjamin Reimers
12/05      Al Veinberg
12/07      Kale Tucker
12/09      Heather Masco
12/09      Suzanne Pecoraro
12/10      Kent Barnes
12/13      Paul Mohrmann
12/17      Summer Tucker
12/18      Susan Hammond
12/24      Bethany Reimers
12/24      Kimble Osteroos
12/25      Jerome Willisch
12/28      Kristi Leinen 

Happy Anniversary!
12/22    Joe & Suzanne                           Pecoraro   



Love Offerings
Each month we will highlight an outreach or special ministry. Loose cash offerings and designated offerings will be given directly to those ministry opportunities.
In November we collected
$235  for the Adult Missionary Support Fund!
December Love Offerings
Mount Evans Hospice in Evergreen provides compassionate in-home health care and hospice services to Colorado mountain-area residents. They offer grief support to adults and children, including an award winning children's bereavement program, Camp Comfort.
Life's Options Pregnancy Center is an Evergreen based free and confidential service for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. They offer emotional support, medical referrals, financial assistance and more.

Saints Alive!

"We have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all our saints..." Col. 1:4
We give thanks for all people who have helped support our life together as a community of faith!

Service Helpers Needed
We are always looking for helpers for Altar Guild, Sacrament Assistants, Ushers, Coffee Hour, Sunday School and Children's Church. If you'd like to share your gifts in any of these categories please speak to Suzanne Pecoraro.

December  Service   Helpers   

From the 50th Anniversary Committee
Sondra Inman

(Taken from the LCC Dec. 3, 1995 Bulletin)
After 4 years of loving labor by the Crafters, the Advent-Christmas banners & paraments are all hung for the first time. The blue fabric was originally beige drapes in a business office in Nebraska and were donated to us. The Crafters dyed the fabric in the brilliant blue which is the new liturgical color of Christmas. Among the women that worked on this project: Mary Ann Schmidt, Shirley Butts, Jan Tandy, Vivian Cunningham, Jackie Southard, Nancy Reynolds, Perky Wahl, Hertha Peterson, Roberta Inman, Marilyn Pearson, and Marjorie Walker. Special thanks to all these talented ladies!

* Editor's note - seven of these original Crafters are now deceased.

Choir Practice   

Join us for choir practice at 6:30 on Wednesdays  and after the second service on Sundays.  Contact Elinore for more information! 
Caroling Party
Marcee Martin

Now that our tree is 
December 17 for our Annual Caroling party.  We will be visiting Life Care and Elk Run Retirement Centers in Evergreen. We will meet at Elk Run at 4:00 and continue at Life Care at 5:00. Finishin g by 6:00, let's try an impromptu dinne r toge ther  somewhere in Evergreen. Please join us at  this  rewarding and heartwarming activity. 
Weekly Prayer Time
Cheryl Touryan

The weekly meeting of the Prayer Warriors will not be taking place beginning December 13, due to travels and holiday events. We will resume meeting on Wednesday, January 10. Gloria and Cheryl invite you to let them know of any prayer needs during this time and they will be delighted to pray with and for you. May we all take time during Advent to spend time with our Loving Father, and thank Him for his indescribable gift.
Library - Featured Book
Linda Mohrmann

Books can be found in the church office and in the War Room and simply "checked out" using the binder in each room.  This month's featured book is  W hatever Is a Choice: A Young Person's Guide to the Virtues and Vices  by Cheryl Touryan and can be found on the fireplace in the War Room.   

Women's Bible Study

Join the weekly Women's Bible Study on Tuesday morning at 9:15 AM in the Fellowship Hall for a discussion and DVD from the Beth Moore study "Entrusted" based on 2 Timothy. All are welcome.
The group is currently on winter break and will begin meeting again in January.

Direct any questions to Eunice Bollinger at
Youth Group Food Donations
Elizabeth Reimers

We are stock-piling some semi-nonperishable items for snacking and "emergency" feeding needs of our hungry teens.  Next time you see any of these items on sale at the grocery store, feel free to grab extra to toss in the youth room fridge (upstairs).
  • Frozen Pizzas (Cheap ones like "Tombstone" are fine - Pepperoni, Cheese, and an occasional sausage topping are the favorites)
  • Cans of generic (store-brand) soda pop
  • Single-serving chip-bags
  • String Cheese
  • Wheat-Thins
  • Fruits &/or Veggies are always welcome - but please contact Elizabeth before bringing so we know they are coming! 
Helping Hands
Want to go on an event but have a tight budget?  No worries!  Our Helping Hands program is back in place.  If a student wants to go on an event but needs help with the cost, we supply them with a service project (either in the church or with an appropriate chaperone through the church).  Every hour a student works on the project, they receive credit to cover the cost of the event fee from our Helping Hands Fund.  It's a win-win for everyone!
Would you like to donate to Helping Hands?  Simply mark your donation to "Helping Hands" and leave it in the church office or in the offering plate.  Your donations make a big difference in the lives of students and the people they help.
Counting Ministry Team

Counters are needed to be a part of the Counting Ministry Team.  Please contact Roger Hassell for more information or if you would like to join the team!  

Mission Statement:

As people of Church of the Cross, we proclaim the Love of Jesus Christ in all we do for the Glory of God.