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Industry Events
Feb. 26-March 2, 2018
Washington, D.C.
2018 PEARL Conference
April 12-15, 2018
Greenville, SC

Participating PEARL Technician Certification Program Companies
Advanced Electrical & Motor Control
Breaker Hunter, Inc.
Carolina Precision Switchgear, Inc.
Circuit Breaker Sales, Inc.
Civic Recycling & Equipment
Instel Power Products
National Switchgear
North American Switchgear, Inc.
Oregon Breakers, Inc.
Potomac Testing, Inc.
Quality Switchgear, Inc.
RG Industries
RS Electrical Supply, Inc.
Shermco Industries
South East Switchgear, LLC
Southland Electrical Services, Inc.
SouthWest Electrictech Services
Western Electrical Services, Inc.
WideSpread Electrical Sales, LLC
President's Letter
As we look back at 2017 and the accomplishments of the PEARL community, we are grateful for the support of our members and industry partners who have contributed to our success this year. To recap some of the major accomplishments, we:
  1. Relaunched the PEARL brand to better reflect the membership and mission
  2. Updated the PEARL website with a brand new look and feel
  3. Held our most successful annual conference
  4. Launched Level 2 of our Technician Certification program and certified two level II technicians
  5. Forward movement with our ANSI accreditation, which is in final approval process with reconditioning standard, and our efforts to have reconditioned equipment recognized in the National Electric Code and NFPA 70B
  6. Added several new member companies
As we look to 2018 we are working on several projects that will continue to bring value to PEARL Members including a Technician Training Program, the 2018 Conference, completed ANSI accreditation of the reconditioning standard, and a new membership drive.  

We wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season and we are looking forward to a very successful 2018.

Electrical Industry News
Link Between Growth in Economic Activity and Electricity Use is Changing Around the World
Growth in economic activity (measured as gross domestic product) has tended historically to be coupled with increases in electricity use as populations grow and generate more goods and services. However, more recently this relationship has been decoupling in many countries. The amount of decoupling in various countries is caused by many factors-including the countries' relative level of development, electrification, economic makeup, and income levels. Read more.

Code Alert - Florida
On November 1, it was announced that Schneider Electric would complete its acquisition of ASCO Power Technologies. ASCO brings complimentary products and deep expertise to the scale and global reach of Schneider Electric. Both will continue to operate and sell independently through existing distribution channels after the transaction closing. Little day-to-day change in operations is expected. Read more. for the FAQ.

GE Gives Estimations
General Electric delivered its expected overhaul Monday, a full makeover for a company with an illustrious history despite wave upon wave of recent tumult. New CEO John Flannery, was was named to the position August 1 in succession of Jeff Immelt and who officially starts at the position beginning in 2018, made his first public address to investors in the form of a detailed presentation.  Read more.

High Concentrations of Rare Earth Elements Found in American Coal Basins
The U.S. Department of Energy's  (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory  (NETL) has found high rare earth element (REE) concentrations in coal samples taken from the Illinois, Northern Appalachian, Central Appalachian, Rocky Mountain Coal Basins, and the Pennsylvania Anthracite region. These highly concentrated samples are greater than 300 parts per million (ppm).  Read more.
Leadership Corner
The PEARL$AFE Leadership Corner is focused on professional and leadership development and ways to increase your business's internal effectiveness.  

7 Ways Manager Motivate and Demotivate Employees
Few things are as costly and disruptive as managers who kill morale. Demotivated employees underperform and then walk out the door at the first opportunity.
The scariest thing is how prevalent this lack of motivation is. Gallup research shows that 70% of employees consider themselves to be disengaged at work.
Organizations know how important it is to have motivated, engaged employees, but most fail to hold managers accountable for making it happen.
When they don't, the bottom line suffers.  Read more.
PEARL Conference Registration Now Open!
Registration for the 2018 Annual Conference & Exhibition is now open! Be sure to review the schedule of events to learn about the technician and management track offerings. Full registration details can be found by clicking here.

Sign Up to Receive Buy/Sell Requests!
With the launch of the new  PEARL Member Community, the buy/sell program, PEARL Link, has also migrated to the Community . This allows for more members to receive these buy/sell notifications and to expand on business transactions. Get started today! A FAQ document has been created to help familiarize you with the Community and some of the basic features. A recorded demonstration of the Member's Only area and the Community can also be viewed to provide further step-by-step guidance.

2018 PEARL Membership Dues
Dues notices for 2018 have been mailed out to all primary contacts of member companies. Be sure to renew your membership by February 14 to avoid a $75 late fee, and by March 1 to avoid being deactivated.
PEARL Technician Certification
Level I Technicians
Click here to learn more about how you or your technician can become PEARL certified.

Level II Technicians
Learning more about how  to apply can be found on the Technician Certification webpages .