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Week of December 4, 2017
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Light in the Darkness

Advent, Hanukkah, Diwali and other holidays practiced by religious traditions throughout the world have a focal point of light. 


Advent wreaths have five candles - four around the perimeter for each week of Advent and one in the center that represents the light of Christ.
The design of the  Menorah was outlined to Moses and the ancient Israelites in the Book of Exodus (Chapter 25:31-40). Since the second century BCE, an 8 branch candelabra with a center candle is lit during the eight day 'festival of lights', which celebrates the re-dedication of the Holy Temple. 
On the night of Diwali (which was in October this year), small lamps called 'diyas' are lit in every home.

All of these traditions have in common the theme that light is a sign of hope, an indication that whatever darkness is in our midst, it can be transformed by the light of love and kindness, faith and encouragement. 

During this season, where lights of all kinds are found in our communities, we at the Transfiguration Spirituality Center are filled with the hope that each of our guests leaves this place filled with the light of love and encouragement.

Registration still open for the

Join us for a self directed quiet day from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm on Wednesday, December 13. A flyer for the event  is available here .  Cost is $25 per person, including lunch and a room to call your own for the day.

On-line registration is available, or email ctretreats@gmail.com, or call 513.771.2171.
The Holy Spirit

Martin L. Smith is well known throughout the Episcopal Church and beyond as a writer, spiritual director, retreat leader, and teacher exploring contemporary spirituality. His books have reached a wide readership in North America and Great Britain.

Come join us for what will be a spirit-filled weekend!
Registration is available on line

       Artwork created at a recent retreat

Richard Rohr's Daily Meditation on December 5, 2017 opened with: "When we seek what is truest in our own tradition, we discover we are one with those who seek what is truest in their tradition. There is a point of convergence where we meet each other and we recognize each other as seekers of awakening." May this season of light and love help each of us connect with those around us, regardless of their tradition, in new and life-giving ways.

(The Rev.) Anne Reed
Director of Engagement
Transfiguration Spirituality Center
A Place Of Outrageous Hope and Extravagant Hospitality
Last minute gifts for purchase at TSC!
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Looking for something unique to give for a Christmas gift? We have photo books Images by Faith with meditations for $20 available in the TSC office. 

Also, we have a fairly well stocked selection of Thistle Farms candles, lotions, and balms, some sized just right for stocking stuffers!

These can be purchased in our 'boutique' in the vestibule by the upper St. Mary's door.  Please call 513.771.2171 if you have questions.