The school year is flying by and it's December already!  We hope you'll take a minute to catch up on our news.
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WMS Real Money Real World simulation
Real Money. Real World.

Real Money. Real World is a fun and distinctive program providing an interactive spending simulation that provides students the opportunity to make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those made by young adults based on 8th grade students' current GPA projections. 

During the week prior to the event, students are assigned a job based on their GPA. Along with the job, they are given a spouse that is in college and only contributes a minimal amount to the monthly income and at least one child. The students calculate their monthly income based on the annual salary for their job and learn about the payroll deductions that are subtracted from their paychecks.  
During the event students must visit 16 different booths to purchase necessities as well as luxuries. Some of the booths are:  housing, transportation, food, utilities, clothing, entertainment, insurance, and financial aid. As students are visiting these booths and making purchases, they are keeping track of their money in a check register. 

Here is what some of our students have had to say after their RMRW experience:
"Why is everything so expensive?"
"I need to bring my grades up so I have more options for jobs when I graduate"
"I am going home to thank my parents"
"No wonder adults are so stressed"

Financial literacy is an important skill, and it is rewarding to see our students discover this first hand. We encourage parents to ask your WMS student about their experience and share some of your own.

Thank you to our local OSU Extension office, WMS staff, and community volunteers for making this an impactful and valuabe learning experience for our WMS students.  For more information on the RMRW program visit
Special Needs and Learning Disabilities: Resources for Parents

If you have a child with special needs or a learning disability, you might want to check out this handy online resource. has a parent page just for you, filled with helpful videos, articles, and resource reviews.

Below is a sampling of what you'll find at
  •  A guide to apps for kids with special needs
  • Tech tips for configuring a device for accessibility
  • Tips for kids with learning and attention issues,
  • School readiness boosters
  • Books with characters who have physical disabilities
  • Apps for kids on the Autism Spectrum
  • Article topics by age groups - Preschool through Teens
And did you know that WCS has a District Autism and At-Risk Team (DAT)? You can learn more about the DAT at . We've collected a list of helpful resource links for our parents, as well as in-depth descriptions of the domains of autism.

Why not check it out today, and share it with a friend or family member who has a child with special needs. And if you don't have or know a child with special needs, this is great opportunity to learn more about what many families face on a daily basis.
  pb link to progressbook login
ProgressBook for Parents

Education has come a long way since many of us were in school. As a parent, there are so many more ways to be involved in your child's education and to help them stay on track for graduation. You never have to wait till the end of the grading period to find out how they are doing in school.  Each student and parent can track assignments, grades, and attendance in ProgressBook, an online portal to your child's student data. 

Here is how you get started:
1. Get a registration key from your child's teacher. Each child has a unique key.
2. Follow the links and instructions on How to Create a Parent Access Account

That's it! You're ready to dive in and explore your options for tracking your child's progress. If you need assistance setting up or using ProgressBook you can find additional help topics on the Parent Information page or contact your child's teacher.

NOTE: Once you create your Parent Account you will be able to use the same account every year, and you can add multiple students to the same Parent Account so that you can see all your students under a single login.

Alert Options:  Parents can even sign up for Progress Book Alerts for Missing Assignment(s) and Low Assignment Mark(s).  You also have the option to set the Low Assignment Mark.  For example, if you would like to know when you son/daughter receives anything lower than a C, you would mark a D for each subject. Remember to click the Update button once you have set the assignment mark.
You are also able to add multiple email addresses for notifications.  Once you are finished, click the Update button and you are set to receive alerts for missing assignments and low grades. You'll find a handy tutorial and other helpful links below.

How do you find ProgressBook? We have a shortcut on our website in the header. You can also find it linked from our mobile apps - just click "More".
link to

If you have a student and have never tried Progress Book, there's no better time than the present.  As we tell our students - 
It's easier to keep up than to catch up!  
link to PTO facebook page
Check out the PTO Facebook page
PTO News

Out Elementary PTO is in full swing and they need your help. They are currently working on staffing volunteers to help with the Santa Shoppe in all 3 elementary buildings. The Santa Shoppe will be at Holmes the first week in December, Denver the 2nd week, and East End the 3rd week.

If you have a couple of hours to spare, just use the link below to sign up for a time slot.

link to PTO Boosters Volunteer web page on District site
Did you know that we have a whole website section now for PTO, Booster Groups, and Volunteer information?  Just visit the Parent Resources page for our PTO, Boosters, and Volunteers section. On that page you'll information on PTO and Booster groups, as well our 2018-29 Parent Organizations resource document. The document is a work in progress, so if you have information on one of the parent groups listed please contact us at and we'll get the document updated.

Teen Vaping

According to, "E-cigarettes are popular among teens and are now the most commonly used form of tobacco among youth in the United States." 

We thought we would take this opportunity to share a recent article from Child Mind Institute ( on teen vaping, as well as links to helpful fact sheets and information sources. You'll find helpful explanations, a frank discussion of the risks, and tips for talking to  your kids about vaping.

CDC Infographic (pdf link)
E-cigarette Basics (
Tip Sheet for Parents ( pdf)

As parents, teachers, and administrators, we all need to be knowledgeable in areas of concern for our students.
Celebrating our Students

We've collected some recent articles highlighting recent student and staff accomplishments. We hope you'll take a minute and read up on our awesome WCS students.  We think you'll be just as proud of them as we are.  

link to our district communications web page
School News:  
Stay Connected

Each building has their own web page , calendar, and social media channel for your convenience.

*Please double check each building's calendar for changes as an event approaches.

D istrict Highlights:
WCS District:  Website  Like us on Facebook    Follow us on Twitter
12/7   Late Arrival Day
12/17 Board Meeting - WMS at 7:00pm
12/19 Last day of 2nd Quarter
12/20 Winter Break Begins
1/2/19 Teacher Work Day - no students
1/3/19 Classes resume

Additional Building Highlights:
Holmes:   Website      Like us on Facebook
Every Monday on Facebook: Story Time 7pm
12/3-6 Santa Shoppe
12/7 Late Arrival
12/19  1st Grade Holiday Concerts
12/19 Last day of 2nd Quarter
12/20 Winter Break Begins
1/3/19 Classes resume

Denver:   Website      Like us on Facebook    
12/7    Late Arrival Day
12/10-13 Santa Shoppe
12/19  Last day of 2nd Quarter, Winter party,
Elementary Skate Night 6-8:30pm
12/20  Winter Break Begins
1/3/19 Classes resume

East End :   Website      Like us on Facebook   
12/5 Art Club
12/7    Late Arrival Day
12/14 Prek Gingerbread House Making 6-7:30
12/17-19 Santa Shoppe
12/18  Caught Doing Good Lunch
12/19  Last day of 2nd Quarter, Winter party,
Elementary Skate Night 6-8:30pm
12/20  Winter Break Begins
1/3/19 Classes resume

WMS:   Website      Follow us on Twitter    Like us on Facebook  
12/4    Choir Concert 6:00pm
12/7    Late Arrival Day
12/11  7th Grade & HS Symphonic Band 7:30pm
12/18  Wind Ensemble & 8th Grade Band Concert 7:30pm
12/19  Grandparent's Day 1:30pm
          Last day of 2nd Quarter
12/20  Winter Break Begins
1/3/19 Classes resume

WHS:      Website    Like us on Facebook    Follow us on Twitter    View on Instagram  
12/4    Blood Drive
12/7    Late Arrival Day
12/11 7th Grade & HS Symphonic Band 7:30pm
12/13 HS Choir Concert 6:00pm
12/14 White Gift
12/18 Wind Ensemble & 8th grade band concert 7:30pm
12/19 Last day of 2nd Quarter
12/20 Winter Break Begins
1/3/19 Classes resume

For Athletics Events please visit our website  and follow our athletics program on Twitter @WHSCaneAD..