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Diary of a Middle School Kid

Safoora is a 6th grader who loves the excitement of travel and cultural exploration. One day, she hopes to visit San Francisco or even play the pan flute, an ancient Greek instrument.
If people and objects were cloned, the world would be boring, she says.
In addition to graphic novels, including the Four Point series, Safoora enjoys movies, music, and the latest tech devices-all items she would sell at her ideal store.

Middle School Events

Looking for something to do? The library has some great programs designed just for you.  Check out the entire fall schedule on our calendar. Here are some highlights.

Improv It! 
Tuesday, December 18 | 4-5:30 pm
Shake those winter blues by performing improv!  Play fun warm-up games, perform hilarious quick skits and write the fastest story ever. For grades 6-8. Reserve your spot.

New Year, New Journal
Tuesday, January 8 4-5:30 pm
Learn various journaling methods and techniques to keep the challenges and stories flowing all year. Take home a new journal to start the journey. For grades 6-8. Reserve your spot.

The Middle Squad
Tuesdays:  January 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12 | 4-5:30 pm
Help library staff prepare for programs, pull books, and perform other duties as needed. Visit to fill out an application. Questions? Contact Tom Malinowski, Middle School Librarian, at or 630-790-6738.

New Book Spotlight

When twelve-year-old June Harper's parents discover what they deem an inappropriate library book, they take strict parenting to a whole new level. And everything June loves about Dogwood Middle School unravels: librarian Ms. Bradshaw is suspended, an author appearance is canceled, the library is gutted, and all books on the premises must have administrative approval.

But June can't give up books...and she realizes she doesn't have to when she spies a Little Free Library on her walk to school. As the rules become stricter at school and at home, June keeps turning the pages of the banned books that continue to appear in the little library. It's a delicious secret...and one she can't keep to herself. 

June starts a banned book library of her own in an abandoned locker at school. The risks grow alongside her library's popularity, and a movement begins at Dogwood Middle--a movement that, if exposed, could destroy her. But if it's powerful enough, maybe it can save Ms. Bradshaw and all that she represents: the freedom to read.

Equal parts fun and empowering, this novel explores censorship, freedom of speech, and activism. For any kid who doesn't believe one person can effect change...and for all the kids who already know they can! (Goodreads synopsis)

Peer Reviews
My name is Cameron and I'm a 7th grader at Hadley Junior High.

I'm reviewing the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. I liked the movie, but it had its many downsides. 

First of all, there are quite a few new characters since this occurs before the second half of the movies. Also, the plot is overly convoluted at many points in the movie. Even if a small snippet is misunderstood it can throw off the plot line for a good time. 

It is a good story of a high-beholden character, but the movie could've had a much better representation. Someone who deeply enjoys the saga and other related movies would like Solo. I give it three stars. 
by Tom Malinowski, Middle School Librarian

Traditions often accompany the holidays, and can involve family, food, friends, all forms of entertainment - just about anything you can think of! As new generations participate in traditions, they get passed on and tie all of the participants together. 

Many traditions happen throughout the year. La Tomatina is an annual festival held in
the town of Buñol in Spain. For entertainment, on the last Wednesday of August, participants throw tomatoes at each other. Food fight! 

It's a Dutch tradition that on someone's birthday, you congratulate the family members of the person who is having the birthday, as well as the actual birthday boy or girl. How wonderful! 

On Thanksgiving night, I like the tradition of going to see a movie with whoever happens to be in town visiting. My brother, cousin, and all their kids and I saw Ralph Breaks the Internet this year. It was fun! 

What traditions do you have?

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next year!
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