Issue No. 110  December 2018
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Raina and Wilson shoot Stills and Motion for PC Financial

Photographer / Director duo Raina and Wilson shot this spot for PC Financial where some kids, who thought they were getting their school picture taken, were surprised with a full out photoshoot with all the bells and whistles. Produced by Tristan Tran Productions.

S1 Supplied: S1 LED Truck with Operator, Camera Support, Strobe Lighting and Production Rentals
SIX01 Produce this spot for Samsung

Toronto based production company SIX01 produced this spot for Samsung. SIX01  produces the majority of Samsung's original commercial video content in Canada.

S1 Supplied: Video Interior Van Package with Operator, additional Lighting and Grip

Christoph Strube shoots the Sporting Life Winter 2018 LookBook

Toronto fashion photographer, Christoph Strube, shot the fabulous Winter 2018 LookBook for the sporting goods retailer Sporting Life.

S1 Supplied: Camera, Lenses, Camera Support, Capture Service, Lighting, Grip and Expendables  

John Roy & Associates Shoot How-To for Canadian Tire

Toronto Producer, John Roy, produced this How-To Choose a Car Seat video for Canadian Tire. 

S1 Supplied: LED Exterior Video Van Package with Operator, Camera Support, Production Rentals and additional Grip.

Malina Corpadean shoots for Fashion Magazine

Montreal fashion photographer, Malina Corpadean, was in Toronto a while back to shoot this spread for Louis Vuitton and Fashion Magazine. Shot at the stunning Integral House in Toronto.

S1 Supplied: Camera, Lenses, Lighting, Grip and Truck Services
Judy Inc.
Door Knocker Media Produces spots for Enfagrow

The team from production company Door Knocker Media shot two spots for Enfagrow. Directed by Matt Finlin with David Suddaby as DOP.

S1 Supplied: Video Interior Van Package with Operator, Additional Lighting

Want to Distribute Your Film on the Blockchain? Here are 9 Companies That Can Make It Happen

If there were a more filmmaker-friendly blockchain version of Netflix being built from the ground up, would you put your film on it?
If you're interested in what a blockchain-based distribution could look like, or what a better version of Netflix could be with new technology, here are some companies to check out.

Photog Sues Adobe, Says Premiere Pro Bug Deleted Files Worth $250K

Adobe is being sued by a commercial photographer and videographer who claims that he lost $250,000 worth of work when a bug in Premiere Pro permanently deleted a huge number of his photo and video files.

In a new class action lawsuit filed in California, Dave Cooper claims that he was using Premiere Pro CC 2017 version 11.1.0 when the software deleted files it shouldn't have even had access to.

Capture One 12 Brings a Redesigned UI, New Masking Tools, and More

Phase One just launched Capture One 12, the latest major version of the popular RAW conversion, photo editing, and asset management software.

"This release takes a top-down approach to streamline, modernizing, and improving the user interface to continue the program's tradition of providing powerful features in a customizable, uniquely-configurable interface," Phase One says.

Panasonic Announces First Camera to use their New 8K Organic Global Shutter Image Sensor

Panasonic announced their new 8K organic sensor with global shutter back in February. Now, 8 months later, they've announced the first camera to contain the new sensor. Officially titled the AK-SHB810, this "8K multi-purpose camera" is scheduled to launch sometime in autumn 2019.

Keith Ladzinski on Using A Drone to Light A Verdon Gorge Climb

Keith Ladzinski is no stranger to the power of off-camera lighting. In fact, he credits his flash savvy, honed through his stint as a skateboarding photographer, with helping his images stand out among his landscape and action-sports peers.
Always looking to push the envelope, Ladzinski had the idea to mount Speedlights to an aerial platform several years before he actually had a chance to realize the vision, in the fall of 2015. It was only when Nikon presented him with the then-new radio-controlled SB-5000 AF Speedlight that Ladzinski's mind returned to his earlier aerial musings.

How Artificial Intelligence Could Change the Future of Post-Production

The same AI tools that will smooth out the bumps in your workflow and add innovative new capabilities to editing tools will also, potentially, narrow the gap between skilled and unskilled photographers and editors, and create tools that commercial clients could use to bypass human photographers and retouchers altogether.

Profoto Pro-10's in Rentals at S1!

We held back on buying Pro-10's until the kinks were worked out. Now we are buying big! Our first of three orders of 8 packs will arrive the beginning of January, ready in Rentals to start the year fresh! With built in AirTTL, High Speed Sync and a flash duration up to 1/80,000s this is the fastest pack around, and gives you all sorts of new motion freeze possibilities. Try it out for the same price as a Pro-8!

Profoto B-10 Off-Camera Flash

We just had to put these in rentals...A great addition the the Off-Camera flash line, this 250Ws head has TTL & HSS control a10 f-stop range and delivers up to 400 full power flashes. The modeling lamp also doubles as a 2500 Lumen LED (3000K - 6500K) lamp, perfect for video work. Load the iOS Profoto App on your phone and control the light via Bluetooth. You can even sync the flash to your phone camera! Wild!

EIZO CG319X 31" 4K Monitor

Need more screen for editing or as a reference monitor on set? This 31.1" 4K EIZO monitor boasts a 4096 x 2160 resolution HDR Panel with a built in calibrator. Vividly & faithfully reproducing 99% of the Adobe RGB colour space, and stable colour in 3 minutes, you can get to work faster and get accurate results. Aspect ratio markers and a zoom function can be accessed directly from the monitor for composing shots and checking detail. Try it out on your next Rental!

TetherTools ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply

Powering LEDs, charging laptops, charging phones, tablets you name it, this device will do it! By utilizing cine batteries already often on set, you're able to expand the use of them and charge or power virtually any 110V device under 200W. There are x2 110V AC outlets to plug in laptops, small LED lights etc. and there are x4  USB 2.1A outlets for charging other devices. Add a cine battery from Rentals or use your own!

Prop Apple Boxes

We like to keep all of our equipment in tip-top-shape but sometimes you want to use an apple box in shot for a certain look. We've added some weathered, patina-ed full apples to props for that very reason. Get that aged look for your next shot!

MORE: AX1 LED PixelTube Kits

What can we say? They're popular! In order to keep up with demand, we have added more of these kits to Rentals.

MORE: Profoto Air Remote TTL-C for Canon

With so many Profoto lights now with TTL and HSS capabilities, we've added more of the Canon Air Remotes to Rentals. Don't forget to add one when using a B1X, B10 or the Pro-10!

MORE: HyperJuice 2 Battery 100Wh

The perfect size for carry-on luggage, we've added more of these to Rentals for those quick flights where you need some extra juice on set.

Going Mobile: Fifteen Accessories for Mobile Photos and Filmmaking

Just in time for Christmas, the team at PDN has put together a list of fifteen accessories ever aspiring mobile photographer or filmmaker will need.

Object of Desire: Venus Optics Laowa 24mm f/14 2x Macro Probe Lens

The tubular full-frame probe  lens is designed to get you up close and personal with nature's smallest creatures. Measuring 15.7 inches long and weighing 1.04 pounds, the lens is capable of focusing on objects as close as 2 centimeters from the lens with a magnification ratio of 2:1. With a 24mm focal length and an 84-degree angle of view, the lens can highlight close objects while preserving more background detail than your typical macro lenses. The probe-like design lets you push the lens into foliage or other tight corners where ordinary lenses fear to tread.

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