Share a toast for 2019!

Kick off the New Year with a wonderful box of our gourmet Asian Pears!

EliSan variety has been incredibly popular this season and we are delighted to be able to continue to offer this delicious fruit for the New Year.
Crunchy, juicy and delightfully enchanting flavors of kiwi, granny smith and honey...this has been an especially tasty year for this pear. 

Mother Nature has also enabled us to harvest fruit that is 'personal-sized' ....each piece fitting into the palm of your hand!  Ideal for healthy snacking this time of year.   Sweet, candy-like fruit; tastes too good to be healthy.


Visit our shop page to purchase.   All fresh pear orders will be receiving an automatic 40% off UPS shipping. No need to enter a promo code, just place your order and we'll be taking the percentage off to welcome 2019.
Celebrate healthful snacking.

Looking for other snack ideas for a healthful start to 2019?   Our all-natural dried Asian Pears and Asian Pear Spread are perfect for your healthy menu. 

Dried Pears are tasty in salads , in trail mix, as part of a salsa or on a cheese board.   

Our Asian Pear Spread is a great dip for pretzels, with slices of fruit, or as a condiment with meat dishes, 

or partner with your peanut butter sandwich. Shop now at our online store !