December 2018
A Message from Diane Slezak
On November 1, I became AgeOptions' president and chief executive officer. I am honored and humbled that the AgeOptions Board of Directors entrusted me to lead the organization I have been a part of for 42 years. I confess that the feeling of stepping into this new role with AgeOptions is indeed a little strange, but at the same time very comfortable.

AgeOptions Assists CBS 2 Investigation
Into Multimillion Dollar Medical Supply Scam

Have you received a phone call  offering you a "free" back or knee brace? Maybe you've seen the commercials touting the devices and claiming Medicare will pay for them. If so, you've witnessed a multimillion dollar scam in which you - and all taxpayers - are footing the bill. In October, CBS 2 investigative reporter Pam Zekman interviewed Travis Trumitch, Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) coordinator, for a story on the scam targeting older adults.

   AgeOptions Contributes to National News Story On Problems with New Medicare Advantage Benefits

Georgia Gerdes, AgeOptions health care choices specialist, was quoted in a story about Medicare Advantage benefits that appeared in newspapers and on television stations nationwide in November and December.
Kaiser Health News writer Susan Jaffe interviewed Georgia for the story on highly touted new Medicare Advantage benefits that are difficult to find and qualify for .

14th Annual Event Is An Evening to Celebrate

More than 350 guests enjoyed a sparkling evening on October 18 in the beautiful Crystal Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. The occasion was Celebrating Leadership, AgeOptions' 14th annual fundraising and networking event.
This year's event was special as we celebrated Jonathan Lavin's 40 years leading AgeOptions and Diane Slezak's new position succeeding Jon as president and CEO. 
New AgeOptions Video Takes a Look Back -
Way Back!

Do you wonder what Jon Lavin and Diane Slezak looked like in the early days of AgeOptions? We found some old (really old) pictures. You can see them in our new video, Celebrating Leadership.
The video celebrates Jon's 40 years as AgeOptions president and CEO, from 1978 until his retirement on October 31. In it, he reflects on those years. Diane, who joined the agency two years before Jon and stepped seamlessly into the leadership role on November 1, talks about our past, present and future.

Year End Giving -
Make a Difference in Your Community

At this time of the year when we take the opportunity to think beyond our own circumstances, please remember the older adults in our communities.  Your gift shows you care about the community and our older friends, relatives and neighbors. You will help provide resources and options that enable them to live with dignity.