EIC Escapades Student Newsletter: December 2018
Your New Jersey Allied Health College
EIC wishes you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!
Thanks To Job Fair Attendees

Eastern International College and Career Services wants to thank all of the students, graduates, and employer partners who attended our October (Jersey City) and November (Belleville) Job Fairs.

Companies Seeking To Hire
EIC Students & Alumni
More than 40 companies participated in the Jersey City Job Fair on October 25th.

Some of the companies that were in attendance included:

  • Care Point (Hoboken Medical Center, Bayonne Medical Center, & Christ Hospital)
  • East Orange General Hospital
  • Everas Community Service
  • Preferred Home Healthcare
  • Riverside Medical Group

Some companies that participated, but were not able to be in attendance included:

  • Santitas Medical Group
  • Summit Medical Group
  • Various Independent Doctor's Offices
  • and many other organizations

We are thankful for our employer partners considering our EIC Students and Alumni!
Photos from Belleville Job Fair November 20th
Staffing Village Home Health Care's, Emma, in action
Everas Community Service's, Syndee, sharing her company information with our students.

They were looking for RNs,
MAs and Direct Care
PHHC - Job Fair 11-20
Student, Samantha, with Preferred Home Health Care's Recruiter, Gidget Gonzalez
Entrance to JF 11-20
Job Fair Entrance captured the attention of those passing by with star & "You Rock" balloons.

Our Students & Alumni are stars and represented
EIC well! 
Lutheran Senior LIFE's Krista looking forward to meeting EIC Students and Alumni
Carepoint @
Carepoint was looking for RNs, MAs, DMS, and CVTs.
Why Join Student Council
Student Council meets once a month and snacks are provided at meetings. Come be a part of something bigger than yourself. Get involved and make a difference in your communities. For more information, email Jennifer .
What are the benefits of being involved with Student Council?
  • You get to participate in executive management initiatives and projects, which aids in additional experiences that would be phenomenal to articulate in interviews for your externships and careers in your trained programs.

  • You learn leadership skills, which are transferrable skills, throughout schooling that you can articulate in an interview. This can help you to land a job and possibly attain a higher salary than you would otherwise.

  • You gain and learn additional skills, which aids you in better opportunities throughout your career.

  • You become a figure that your peers and others in the community look up to.

  • You learn about fundraising and get to make a difference at your school.

  • During your tenure in school, while participating on the council, you get to be the voice of your peers.

  • Through Student Council, the Director of Career Services and Student Life gets to learn about you, see you in action, and advocate on your behalf for employment through a possible letter of recommendation and in acting as a reference on your behalf.
Student Council Board Members
Student Council

Next Meeting: December 4th
Location: Student Lounge
2nd floor
1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
President : Vacancy
Vice President : Deseree Gordon
Secretary : Vacancy
Treasurer : Elaine Gardner
Student Ambassador #1 : Sandra Cardoza
Student Ambassador #2 :Octavia Lewis
Student Ambassador #3 : Vacancy
Student Ambassador #4 : Precilla Bonilla

Looking forward to making big things happen. Come learn about the new fundraiser for Jersey City.
 Student Council

Next Meeting: December 10th
Location: Student Lounge
2nd floor
12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
President : Kaitlyn Brauer
Vice President : Vacancy
Secretary : Vacancy
Treasurer : Vacancy
Student Ambassador #1 : Julia Rodriguez
Student Ambassador #2 :Steven Chea
Student Ambassador #3 : Shakira Lopez
Student Ambassador #4 : Vacancy

We need to fill the vacancies and looking to represent all programs! Come join us and make a difference!

Thank you for the service of all of our previous Board Members.
We value your contribution and dedication!
Stress Management Seminar
Jersey City

Thank you to Dr. Alaa Mohsen, The Employee Awareness Association, and Dr. Cary Skorski, D.C., from "A New You Holistic Healthcare for their collaboration and presenting a fabulous seminar, and to the 30 Dental Hygiene students in attendance.
Dr. Carey Skorski
Students: Danielle Battista & Samantha Sloan
Students in
Alphabetical Order:
Kristen Colonna, Andrea Cunha, Alicia Moore, Gianna Pinho
Students in
Alphabetical Order:
Alexis Czapkowski,
Valeriya Mushkaeva,
Tracy O'Donnell,
Jacqueline Pasqualicchio
Student: Dawn Jordan
Alexis, Valeriya,
Tracy, & Jacqueline
participating in a instructor led "pressure point activity" teaching the class how to relieve stress through pressure points on the wrist and forehead
Student: Ansam Alfaouri

It was very informative and interesting!

Dr. Skorski was a great instructor! Inspirational and motivating!

Lunch was quite tasty!
Maria's Counseling Corner
Welcome December!

New month, new chapter, new page, and new wishes.

May December give you courage, strength, confidence, patience, self-love and inner peace and fill your days with hope, love, and joy!

~ Maria Billings
Monthly Awareness for December

Dec 1

Don't Forget To Return All Library Books
To The Library
Prior To The End Of The Semester!!!
If you have
any questions,

please reach out to:
(Jersey City)
Preferred Home Healthcare Opportunities Event

Pizza Party & Learn
We are thankful to Preferred Home Health Care for coming out to share the Certified Home Health Aid opportunities that are available through their organization after nurses finish "Fundamentals of Nursing: 201."

This is a great way to gain experience while you're attending school!
PHHC Presentation
Ellen Stone & Sissy Ruhl
were very informative and answered questions
for all that were in attendance for this event.
PHHC Presentation 3
PHHC Presentation 2
Citation Tools For Writing APA Paper
I need help! Who can I contact?
Your Librarians

can assist you if you need guidance with any of these steps.
Click on their names to access them via email.
Leadership Opportunities

Interested in creating and leading a new club? Contact Jennifer to get started.

Being a leader aids you to gain valuable skills, it goes on your resume and can help you with employment. It’s also a way to give back to your community.
Career Services
What workshops or professional development would you like to see offered?

Are you interested in learning how to be a master at interviewing, rising above your competition?

Don’t wait till graduation; build your relationship with career services early within your journey at EIC.

Look out for job fairs, recruitment days, and job postings on Facebook at EIC Jennifer and submit your resume for distribution!

Send your resume to Jennifer to have it viewed by a career services expert.

Tech Update & Warning
Security Alert
It has come to our attention that students are making themselves vulnerable and taking actions that can compromise their academic and/or personal information on university computers.
Shared Computers in Library and Student Labs

Remember that computers on campus, library included, are shared computers . Any information you leave on these shared computers may be accessed by the next user.
Take steps to protect yourself
and follow these rules:
  • Be sure to remove any of your work or downloaded information from the hard drive of the computer by deleting the documents and emptying out the recycle bin.

  • Do not change computer's settings.

  • Do not change browser settings and bookmarks.

  • Log out of user accounts and close browsers when you are finished working on computer (including your Google account).

  • When you are finished working, please close out of all programs. i.e. - If you are working in Word or PowerPoint, close it!

  • Leave computers on when you are finished. Do not shut computer down.
Eastern International College asks you to adhere to these rules to ensure that you are not compromising your academic and/or personal information.

Let's follow the actions above and be proactive to protect ourselves!
Upcoming Events

JC Student Council Meeting
Tuesday: December 4, 2018
Time: 1:30 to 2:00 p.m.
Location: Jersey City Student Lounge
 2nd floor

BV Student Council Meeting
Monday: December 10, 2018
Time: 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
Location: Belleville Student Lounge
 2nd floor

Last Day of Class
Friday:December 21, 2018

Winter Break:
December 22, 2018 to January 2, 2019

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