December 2018 
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We have MOVED!! Our NEW address is 290 Bramford Way, Suite B300, Kennesaw, GA 30144 
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TESTING for belt advancement is Saturday, Dec. 1st at regular class times. If your child has a black stripe and a blue strip on their belt then they are ready to TEST TOMORROW! MAKE-UP TESTING is on Thursday, December 6th at regular class times.  
December/January Closings:  
CLOSED Dec 24th and 25th 
CLOSED Dec. 31st and Jan 1st 
NEW class at Fusion MMA called Close Quarter Decisions starts on Wednesday, Dec. 5th 7:30p,-8:30pm  
If you are a client from Fusion on Whitlock then PLEASE check the schedule for changes! NEED TO KNOW on Bramford Way 
NEW Youth schedule on Wednesdays
Selling Octagon/Cage and Hanging Bag Stand
January 2019 we will get back to the WORD of the Month and the STUDENT of the month! 
We sell RXBARS  
Introducing "The Complete Combatant" goat milk soap by Grunt Goat Tactical Soap 

OC/Pepper Spray is HERE! Want to order Saber Red MK6 canisters and inert practice sprays? This is the BEST out there! $20!

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Proactive Mindset at Fusion MMA $25 each 
TONIGHT = 3 spots OPEN!

This seminar focuses on our reaction to danger, and how we can maximize our decision process. Establishing baselines, recognizing intuitive messages of danger, deselection and avoidance, pre-need planning and decision making. Developing a comprehensive plan of action, including a focus on strategies, tactics, techniques, and their differences. I will cover the concepts of fear management, visualization, and modeling to improve our response when faced with a threat. We will discuss understanding the "law of self defense" and honing in on pre-assault cues. Each class will have "MINDSET" and "hands on" drills that will make you think like a predator, a victim and even the law! This class is very unique and might not be what you might think a self defense class would offer since there is NO physical content involved . The primary focus is on the practitioner's response to danger.

In this class (NOT PHYSICAL) we will be covering the nature of predators and violence, and how to deal with your response to violent encounters.
This  well rounded class will focus on CURRENT EVENTS and PROACTIVE MINDSET for both men and women. We will discuss CRITICAL THINKING  and DESELECTION, making DEFENSIVE decisions in advance and listening to your instincts. We will discuss THINKING AHEAD, understanding the "law of self defense" and honing in on pre-assault cues.

Each class will have "MINDSET" and "hands on" drills that will make you think like a predator, a victim and even the law!
Entry Level Pistol Essentials is offered at our private Dahlonega Range
in the beautiful North Georgia mountains. 
SUNDAY = 2 spots OPEN at $59 each!  
We have an OUTSTANDING covered pavilion that is being built as we speak. We will have a neat little outdoor classroom built specific for classes like this.  The classroom portion is about 2 hours and then we will walk over to the range for about 1 hour of live fire. VERY UNIQUE EXPERIENCE!

If the quotes below sound familiar then this class is YOUR class!
  • "I have never held a firearm"
  • "I am afraid of guns. Do they just GO OFF"?
  • "I shot a little bit when I was a kid"
  • "I have fired under 100 rounds"
  • "I just want to experience shooting a gun"
  • "I want to start my journey to carrying a firearm"
  • "I am ready to LEARN MORE"