News from St. Paul's Episcopal Church                                    Dec ember 
  From Mother Heidi

I am so glad to be able to serve as your "Priest-in-Charge" (the bishop's 
staff has asked me to use this title rather than "Interim") in-between Father Ed and Mother Barbara. I'll be working half-time, and while I'll miss Sunday, Dec. 2 and 9 because of book events, I will then be with you every Sunday and Christmas Eve until Barbara joins us on January 20.  However, even after she arrives, I will continue to worship with you and be a member of the parish, assisting our new rector in whatever ways she may find helpful.  For those who may not how I got here, my husband Adam Frieberg, and I moved to DeKalb from downtown Chicago in July 2017.   

(continued below)
From Mo. Heidi
From Mo. Barbara
Blue Christmas
Christmas Events
Farewell Mechelle and Chuck
Christmas Eve Service
From the Senior Warden
Treasurer's Report
Dec Music Ministries
Nov Music Ministries
St. Paul's at Convention
Diocesan Convention
Parish Office Reminders
Flowers for the Altar
Christmas Flowers
Food Pantry Reminders
Grace Place
Super Bowl
Anniversaries & Birthdays
Activities & Events
Contact Information
He has been working on a doctorate in Geography at NIU since 2015 and just recently, his company, Premier Crop Systems, has opened an office in Sycamore. I served in parish ministry for ten years, first, for nine years as rector of St. Benedict in Bolingbrook, and then for one year at St. Chrysostom's, Chicago. Now, I work primarily as a writer - my two books are Advent in Narnia and Holy Solitude, both published by Westminster John Knox. I am working on a three-part series of devotional texts for preachers now. I also write articles for magazines like The Christian Century, U.S. Catholic, and Gather. I lead retreats and do supply work for other churches sometimes, too. We have a beagle (Odo) and two cats (Nicodemus and Toffee) and live in the Ellwood neighborhood of DeKalb.
It is always a funny feeling to be "in-between," isn't it? Here at St. Paul's, we will have our own Advent these next two months, as we wait to begin the next stage of our parish life. As we wait, we'll continue in worship, fellowship, and prayer - believing that God is with us and working through us, even in this transition.
With expectation for Christ's coming and faith in God's great love,

From Mother Barbara 
Up until June, 2018--and for the past eighteen years---I have enjoyed serving as the Director of Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, IN, where I supervised and ministered alongside a staff of six professional chaplains and a handful of Notre Dame field education students and some volunteers. Irrepressible curiosity and a hunger to learn have been driving forces in my life, and I enjoy sharing what I've learned and care most about in teaching situations. I've had the privilege of teaching pastoral care-giving to seminarians at the University of Notre Dame for several years as part of my work at the hospital. But my first love has always been parish ministry which provides such a rich and varied context in which to share and develop ongoing relationships with others eager to learn and live into our vocation as lovers of God and our neighbors, which is to say, as followers of Jesus Christ. Also, I've been fortunate to have served as the Interim Rector at a mid-sized parish in Benton Harbor, MI for the past three years through this coming Advent, after which I will be joining you at St. Paul's as your rector. Thanks be to you and to God for the fulfillment of a dream long deferred!
For what it's worth, I have a Master of Divinity degree from the Divinity School at Yale University, and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University. I have also completed a two-year certificate program in Spirituality and Spiritual Direction from the Jesuit led, Colombiere Center in Clarkston, MI. My wife, Lynne Jacobson, has earned a Master of Divinity degree from Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA where she specialized in peace and justice issues. Before EDS, Lynne studied and worked in Theatre Performance. At one point in her work with college students using theatre performance skills at the Air Zoo, she created so unique and successful a program that she was invited to present it at the National Air and Space Museum/Smithsonian Institution conference, where it was well-received. Her theatre background comes in handy in creating meaningful Episcopal-friendly liturgies to fit whatever the occasion. Currently she is working as a hospice chaplain.
We have family including grandchildren who live in greater Chicagoland area and it will be wonderful to be living closer to them. We are so very much looking forward to being with you all and a new chapter in all of our lives, there at St. Paul's!

The Reverend Barbara Wilson
Heidi and Adam
Blue Christmas Service
Wednesday, December 5, 7:00 PM

The Rev. Heidi Haverkamp and the Rev. Adam Frieberg are preparing a service that includes prayers, scripture, and music. Assisting with music from Hannah Buckle-Pianist, Jacob Maas-Guitarist/Cantor, and Lorraine Langer, DirMusic/Cantor.

Join us for a service of contemplation and healing that focuses on the hope and healing that God offers each one of us. Everyone is welcome to stay afterwards for light refreshments and conversation.
The St. Nicholas Party for adults 

Saturday, December 8th from 6:00-10:00 PM.

Hosted by George and Jane Nenonen. 
Please bring a treat to share and your beverage of choice.

The Nenones will provide coffee, water and wassail. 

For more information or directions contact the Parish Office. 

The Children's Christmas Party 
Sunday, December 16th at 11:30 AM (after the 10:30 service). 
All are welcome to join us in decorating Christmas trees with ornaments, fellowship, and pizza. 

Cookies will be provided and and a chance for you to display your frosting skills. 
Farewell to Mechelle and Chuck Goodenough

Join us on Sunday, December 16, 11:30 AM 
(Coffee hour with cake)

As we say goodbye and also celebrate their new beginning. 

You are awesome, Mechelle and Chuck!
The Christmas Eve service 
December 24th, 6:00 PM

Mother Heidi Haverkamp, presiding and assisted by The St. Paul Adult/Youth and Children's choirs.

Join us for a special Christmas Eve service with a beautiful liturgy full of wonderful music celebrating the birth of Jesus. 

The choirs will share several traditional Christmas songs, including Silent Night. 

The children's choir will be singing a classic Christmas song, "Do you hear what I hear?" by Regney/Shayne.
From the Senior Warden

Weren't we passing out candy to little ghosts and goblins just the other day? Have all the Thanksgiving leftovers completely disappeared from your refrigerators? Well, now we are looking squarely at the season of Advent, a season of anticipation and waiting. Of course, during Advent we await the coming of Christmas and the birth of the Christ child, but this year we are also anticipating the arrival of our new rector. I have been in contact with Mother Barbara these past several weeks, and we met up at the Diocesan Convention the weekend before Thanksgiving. We enjoyed a lovely, lively dinner gathering with Mother Barbara and Lynne, Father Ed, Mother Heidi and Adam, Jennie and Bill, and Marv and myself. Mother Barbara and Lynne are very much looking forward to joining us in January with great anticipation, and I believe we will be reading a message from her in this month's Proclaimer. Of course, their plates are quite full with preparations to move to DeKalb while organizing the sale of their home and working in their current positions.
There are also many preparations and activities happening right here at St. Paul's this December, and I hope that you will be able to join us for our regular Sunday Advent services as well as other social events coming up. The Altar and Flower Guilds have "greened" the sanctuary with a beautiful real tree donned with blue lights for Advent and appropriately for the quiet, contemplative Blue Christmas service coming up on Wednesday, December 5th at 7:00 p.m. If you have never attended this service which is full of reflective readings and peaceful music, I highly recommend it as a brief respite from all the busy-ness of the season. Festivities also abound. Jane and George Nenonen will once again host the St. Nicholas party for adults on Saturday, December 8 at their clubhouse - be sure to watch the bulletin for details. We won't be leaving the kids out either as Maureen Gerrity is coordinating a Children's Christmas Decorating Party on Sunday the 16th following the 10:30 service. I believe sparkles, cookies and ornaments are on the agenda for that day! Amidst all the fun, though, we're sadly going to have to say another good-bye to our friends Mechelle and Chuck Goodenough who will be spending their last Sunday with us on the 16th. Please plan to come to coffee hour that day to wish them well on the next leg of their journey.

December 23rd is the fourth Sunday of Advent, and there will be regular services at 8:00 and 10:30 a.m. And, you will surely want to plan to join us for our annual Christmas Eve service on the 24th at 6:00 p.m. Lorraine Langer and the choir are preparing many festive Christmas carols, and Mother Heidi will be presiding at this beautiful candle-lit service celebrating the birth of our Savior.
I hope that this Advent season is a special and meaningful one for each of you as we prepare our hearts to welcome the Baby Jesus, and that we are able to gather and enjoy these various events and opportunities for fellowship together.
Blessings to all,
From the Junior Warden
November has been a very busy month. Below are my activities:
11-7 Attended the executive meeting

11-11 Attended the vestry meeting

11-16 and  11-17- A ttended Episcopal convention

11-20 Purchased new salt spreaders because the old ones were too rusty to operate

11-28 I did a walk-through of the rectory and made a punchlist of things that need to be handled before Mother Barbara arrives

11-28 Attended the Executive meeting

11-11,11-18 and 11-25 Attended the TED talks

1 1-21 and11-28 Attended the TED talks

11-28 I ordered a new garage door opener for rectory because of the old one was beyond repair

11-30  I revisited the rectory to make a thorough list of needs. I took pictures and room sizes to send to Mother Barbara as she requested

11-30 Attended Movie Night

Helped with planning our first parish Super Bowl Party to be held 2/3 in the parish hall

Marv Kombrink 
Treasurer's Report

November Mars Hill Treasurer's Report: September and October 2018

This report covers the months of September and October 2018. The checking account with Heartland Bank is our primary operating account. Accounting reports are compiled by American Midwest Tax and Accounting, Inc. whose office is at 901 North First Street in DeKalb. Sheila Appel is our primary contact. The firm also pays the bills and processes the payroll. The Edward Jones Firm on Sycamore Road, managed by Matt Myre, oversees our Building (Capital) and Endowment Funds.

Receipts through October 2018
We have received $99,935 from 2018 pledges through the end of October which is 87% of the $115,063 budgeted. The total of all receipts through October is $178,169 which is 81% of the budgeted amount of $223,063.

Disbursements through October 2018
Total operating disbursements through October were $180,390 which is 65% of the budgeted amount of $223,063. By the end of October we had received $2,221 less than we spent. We have taken $70,000 from the Endowment Fund for operations which is helping the cash flow. I believe we should take $20,000 more from the Endowment Fund before the end of the year to be sure we have funds on hand to pay bills. That is still below the $100,000 we budgeted. Total receipts are at 80%, Disbursements at 81%.

Capital Fund - October 2018
The balance in the Edward Jones Capital Fund at the end of October was $10,000 in a CD maturing May 17, 2019 and $6,034 in Money Market Funds for a total of $16,034. We have one CD and $6,033 in Money Market Funds available for future repairs. We also received an Insurance reimbursement in April of $8,536 for the gutter damage. We paid $4,200 for a down payment for the Pinkston Tadd roof work in August and paid $6,300 in October upon completion. Part was offset by insurance. Additional Gutter work was done in September by Rhys with a cost of $719.98. We collected $1,000 in September and $500 in October for the ATV project. The total collected by the end of October was $4,051 plus some additional in the PayPal account. More is needed. We need to add to the Capital Account. Some Building Fund money remains in the Heartland Acct.

Endowment Fund - August 2018
The value of the Endowment Fund at the end of October was $2,012,461, a net change in value from January of ($25,707.) The net decrease in value for the year is ($111,219) which includes $70,000 withdrawn for operating expenses. For reference, 5% of the Monthly Average Balance on October 31 was $106,222. and 4% was $84,978. These numbers relate to the amount we take from the Endowment Fund for Operating Expenses. The Endowment Committee continues to monitor the Endowment Fund. We will need to take at least $20,000 more of the $100,000 budgeted from the Endowment by year end.

Apache Stock
There were 6.380 shares on deposit with the company valued at $241.36 on August 31, 2018. The value has decreased $10.48 since January 1, 2018. Dividends YTD equal $4.74.
On October 31, 2018 Fund balances in the Heartland Bank checking account were:
Discretionary Fund $665.52; Flower Fund $1,632.70; Music Fund $2,005.00;
Columbarium Fund $3,623.90; Operating Fund $25,985.19; Capital Fund $9,943.43, for a total of $43,855.74.
Respectfully submitted Pat Brown
Treasurer - November 28, 2018.
December Music Ministries
Advent is Here! Christmas is Coming! Epiphany is Near!

The Children's Choir reminds you to "Stay Awake, Be Ready! You do not know the hour that the Lord is coming!" A fun traditional anthem that they sing well. Hope you get a chance to attend Sunday worship and can hear them in Advent and at Christmas. 

Advent choral offerings will begin with a brilliant "Advent Alleluia" by Camille Saint-Saens. Come, listen, sing and hear the beautiful melodies from the choirs, and liturgy that make Advent full of Light, Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.

Christmas Eve service  at St. Paul's  will be joyous, inspiring, and fun!  Please join us to listen, hear, sing, dance, pray and share in the Miracle of Baby Jesus! 

The Choirs and all the musicians wish you a mindfully contemplative, and joyous season of Advent and Christmas! 

November Music Ministries - Awesome!

And how cool was that?!  Having the NIU Student Brass Quintet for All Saints Sunday, and Celtic Bagpiper at St. Paul's, assisting in the celebration of Rev. Ed Bird and Beth Lee's last Sunday!

Thank you; Tsai-Rung Li-Trumpet, Asa Valenciano-Trumpet, Andrew Selig-French Horn, Skyler Mackovitch-Trombone, Ryan Danikowski-Tuba. 

We hope to have the quintet and other NIU students join us in creating more awesome music and moments in worship.

Christopher Coomes, Celtic Bagpiper,  Associated Firefighters of Illinois Honor Guard. As a career Firefighter, and a strong tradition of Pipes And Drums in the fire service, Christopher felt the need to carry on that tradition and within two years, was a founding member of the AFFI pipes and drums, providing music and honor at fallen firefighter services in Illinois and Around America. Christopher currently serves as Pipe Major and has since 2005. He is very knowledgeable in protocol and deportment for Police, Fire, and Military services.  Christoper teaches area bagpipers. 

I really enjoyed working with the children at the annual convention in November! We had two 30 minute choir practices along with a one-time run thru with the adult choir. This was the first time I attended and very much enjoyed volunteering to collaborate with the many musicians from our diocese. 

Co-arranging an anthem for adult/children's choir with Dent was fun and inspirational, and in alignment with our church music programs philosophy, of building a  multi-generational music program,  at St. Paul's.

The St. Paul's Multigenerational Music Program is open to all ages and all musical abilities.  Come Sing, Dance, Recite, Play an Instrument, create and have fun in rehearsal and worship!
S t. Paul's was well presented at the convention; 
Episcopal Diocese of Chicago Annual Convention

Freyja Rasmussen-Johns, 
Sr. Warden, 
Marv Kombrink, Jr. Warden, 
Rev. Ed Bird, Interim Priest, 
Bill and Jennie Cummings, 
Mother Heidi Haverkamp 
and Adam Frieberg, 
were all present.

Mthr. Heidi  Haverkamp i ntroduced Ray Suarez in a workshop.  "Religion and Ethics in the Media: A Conversation with Ray Suarez. Keynote speaker Ray Suarez for an interactive discussion of religion and ethics in  today's  media."

St.  Paul's Director of Music, Lorraine Langer,
was instrumental in bringing a children's choir to the convention this year. Lorraine met with Dent Davidson, Associate for Arts and Liturgy, from the Bishops staff,  and several other Music Directors from the Diocese, as they planned the music for the convention. 

Additionally, Lorraine Langer co-arranged an anthem with Dent Davidson for the conventions volunteer adult, youth and children's choir.

"Song of Promise" is based on two songs  "I am the Church" and "In the  Flower there is a Bulb". Scored for adult and children's choirs, piano, flute and string bass.  Dent accompanied on the piano and Lorraine conducted the anthem for the conventions Saturday morning service.

Check the website for the 
Approved September Vestry Minutes
The  181st Annual Convention of the Diocese of Chicago November 16 and 17 
"So I've got a charge for us, church," said Bishop Lee in his convention sermon. "Let's recover or discover our nerve, our confidence that God has given us a way of being Christian, a way of following Christ that leads to life, a way of living not f or ourselves alone but for the One who died for us and was raised again."
In her sermon at an opening liturgy, the Rev. Anne Jolly called the convention's attention to the plight of refugees making their way toward the southern border of the United States. "The Israelites may have worn sandals and carried their belongings in cloth bundles while the refugees in the caravan wear flip flops and crocs and carry their belongings in back packs, but we know they are the same in so many ways. We can see the fear and desperation mixed with the dust on the roads they all walk."  Read her sermon online
At the convention Eucharist, $6,700 was collected to support the work of  Episcopal Relief & Development.
The Rt. Rev. Benito Ju├írez, bishop of the Diocese of Southeast Mexico, attended the convention and  brought greetings from the people of his diocese, and the Rt. Rev. Joseph Garang Atem, bishop of the Diocese of Renk in South Sudan sent a  video greeting. 
Ray Suarez, a prominent journalist, author and lifelong Episcopaliangave the convention's keynote address on changing demographics in the church.  "It's going to have a tremendous bearing on the future of The Episcopal Church," says Suarez . "What kind of church do we want to be? If we, as a church, are successful in speaking to that new American mix, we'll be one kind of church. If not, we'll be on life support by the end of the 21st century." Watch a video of his address.
Reminders from the Parish Office
Rector's Discretionary Fund is collected the first Sunday every month. These funds are used to help people in need in our community. The next collection will be on Sunday, December 2,  2018.
Food Pantry Sunday  is the second Sunday of each month. You can bring your food any time and place it in one of the baskets. Non-perishable food items and monetary donations can be dropped off any Sunday, or at the Parish Office. Please make all checks out to St. Paul's with "Food Pantry" in the memo line.  The Food Pantry Sunday coming up is Decemberr 9, 2018.
Proclaimer Deadline: The deadline to send information for the monthly newsletter is the third Sunday of every month.  Please send any information you would like to see in the October 2018  issue of the Proclaimer to the Parish office by December 16 , 2018 .  Your pictures are also welcome.
The Parish Office hours are Mondays through Thursdays, 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Please remember to let the Parish Office know when you want to schedule meetings and get them on the calendar!
Flowers for the Altar

Dates are open for your dedications. 

The 2018 flower sign up sheet is next to the bulletin board outside the kitchen and dates can be selected for all months during the year. Generally the donation is about $30 for a Sunday. Greens only are usually used during Advent.
Christmas Flower Memorials

We are accepting donations for Christmas flowers now through December 16th. Please write "Christmas Flowers" in the memo of your check and be sure to include your dedication. Look for the Christmas Flower envelopes and place these in the collection plate. Suggested donation is $25-$30.
Food Pantry Reminders
Food Pantry donations in November included  108 diapers, 1152 wipes, and 83food/other items for a year to date total of 10,606 items. The next Food Pantry Sunday will be December 9, 2018.

St. Paul's has adopted the 1st Thursday of every month to help at the Salvation Army Food Pantry from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. Please contact Pat McMahon if you can help out in these months or can substitute in other months.

Items in large demand are diapers (size 4 and up), canned or fresh fruit, pet food and personal care items (toothpaste, shampoo, bath soap, etc.).
Contributions may be made at any time during the month, not just on the second Sunday.

Thanks to all whose donations help to make this  a successful ministry.   Pat and Vince McMahon
Grace Place Ministry

Grace Place Campus Ministry at NIU holds a supper fellowship hour followed by a worship service on Tuesday evenings. St. Paul's has provided the meal on two occasions this semester. Thank you to those who contributed to one or both meals and who delivered the food: Maureen Gerrity, Donna DeOliveira, Peg Newby, Marilyn Cleland, Jocelyn Prall, and Freyja Rasmussen-Johns. We may sign up to provide a meal or two during the spring semester. If you would be interested in participating in this outreach ministry, please contact Jocelyn Prall.
Superbowl Party

Save the Date! 

Sunday, February 3, 2019, 3:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall 

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 900 Normal Rd., DeKalb, IL 

Fun for all ages! Activities for the kids!  

All are welcome...bring the neighbors, friends and family.  

St. Paul's will provide sandwiches, coffee, and pop*.  

Bring a Super Bowl snack to share. We will vote on the BEST snack.  

Silent Auction Basket, Football Pool, 50/50  

815-756-4888 or email for more information.

*If you want something other than coffee, pop or water, you may bring your own beverage  
A nniversaries & Birthdays

December Birthdays

12/3               Ava Stubblefield
12/7               Betsy Pool
12/9               Pam Kombrink
12/11             Jan Bach
12/13             Mechelle Goodenough
12/15             Denise Solder
12/16             Martin Mounts

December Anniversaries

12/13      Terry/Jackie Dickow
12/22      Rob/Peggy Russell

Activities & Events

12/02          10:30 AM Service 
                  Craft Show. 11:30 AM
12/05          Blue Christmas Service, 7:00 PM
12/06          Choir Practice, 7:00 PM
12/08          St. Nick's Party, 6:00 PM
12/09          8:00 AM and 10:30 AM Services
12/13           Choir Practice, 7:00 PM
12/16         10:30 AM Service
                  Children's Christmas Party, 11:30 AM
                  Vestry Meeting, 1:00 PM
12/20          Choir Practice, 7:00 PM
12/23         8:00 AM and 10:30 AM Services
12/24         6:00 PM Christmas Eve Service
12/25         Christmas - Parish Office Closed
12/27         No Choir Practice 
12/30         10:30 AM Service

Save the Date

1/06           Epiphany Service
1/20           Mother Barbara First Service
1/27           Annual Meeting
2/03           Supebowl Party

   St. Paul's Episcopal Church Contact Information
St. Paul's Episcopal Church of DeKalb, IL

     St. Paul's Episcopal Church
       900 Normal Rd., DeKalb, Illinois 60115
The Reverend Edward T. Bird IV, Rector 
        Parish Office: (815) 756-4888 
          Parish Fax: (815) 758-6140 


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