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December Festivals & Holidays
Little Bird Verse
The Full Cold Moon
Game of Light
Ideas for St. Lucia Day
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Advent Spiral Calendar
December Curriculum & Lessons
Bird Treat Ornament Recipe
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 December Festivals & Holidays
First Sunday of Advent - 12/2
First Day of Hanukkah - 12/2
St. Nicholas Day - 12/6
Second Sunday of Advent - 12/9
St. Lucia Day - 12/13
Third Sunday of Advent - 12/16
Winter Solstice/Yule - 12/21
Full Cold Moon - 12/22
Fourth Sunday of Advent - 12/23
Christmas Eve - 12/24
Christmas Day - 12/25
First Day of Kwanza - 12/26
New Year's Eve - 12/31
Little bird, little bird,
Fly around,
Up to the sky,
Down to the ground.
Little bird, little bird,
Flap your wings.
Open your beak
And sweetly sing.
Little bird, little bird,
Fly to your nest.
Now it is time
To take a rest.
The Full Cold Moon
  full moon
The Full Cold Moon is on December 22nd this year. 

This is a time when the nights are long and dark.  The Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule signifies a time to go within and explore the dark and secret places of our soul.
Game of Light
Supplies Needed :

This is a very simple but fun game to play either indoors or outside (if it is evening).  Choose an item to hide.  Have the children leave so they cannot see where you are placing it.  Put the item somewhere it can be found easily when a flashlight is shone upon it.

Give each child a flashlight and have them begin looking for the item.  When a player sees the item, they must sit down.  Everyone continues searching until all players are sitting down.

The child that sat down first is the one to hide the item for the next game.
Little Acorn Learning
Another beautiful festival we love to celebrate at Little Acorn Learning is St. Lucia Day. This year it falls this Thursday. Always on December 13th.

Without giving away too much of the goodies in our books, here are some simple ways to help you acknowledge this time with the children. Remember you do not have to do it all on Thursday! You can celebrate any time or a little each day this week.
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Advent is here and even if you do not celebrate Christmas, you can count the days down with your children to the Winter Solstice utilizing many different methods.  
Do you have special family traditions in Winter like our Advent Spiral Calendar? We have a very helpful Advent and St. Nicholas book that can help you with wonderful ideas.
Celebrate the Season with these timely Publications from Little Acorn Learning:

 (Ages 3-6 and 6+ for non-academic daily rhythm, Schools and Families)

(Ages 6+, Schools and Families)

(All Ages, Schools and Families)
(All Ages, Schools and Families)

(All Ages, Schools and Families)

(All Ages, Schools and Families)
Bird Treat Ornament

This ornament can be hung on a special Christmas Tree that you and your children decorate during outside time. The ornament will be an edible treat for the birds in your neighborhood.  Be sure to continue to leave food out during the cold weather when the treats are done.  The birds will come to depend on the food source.  This is a good lesson to the children on how to be consistent and responsible caregivers.
Oatmeal Balls for Birds
4 cups oatmeal
1 lb. melted suet or shortening
1 small jar peanut butter
4 cups cornmeal
3 cups cream of wheat
Prepare all items as per their package directions.  Combine all ingredients and mix well.  Allow children to shape into balls.  Wrap balls with ribbon and/or raffia and hang to trees.  Balls can also be placed in empty onion bags and hung for birds to enjoy.
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