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The Holiday season is here. Whatever is beautiful, meaningful and brings you happiness, may it be yours this holiday and throughout the coming year.

This year has brought forward many new friendships, connections and lots of fun. Our Events leaders (Marion Blow & Jean Brubaker), with their committee, brought us many unique and exciting opportunities to experience and enjoy. We had 25+ events and still going, all events at maximum attendance. 

Check our Special Interest Groups (JoAnne Bowes) list of exciting groups. Please join in and check out the listings and articles from all the Steering Committee members. 

The Programs Chair (Marsha Yankelev) brought forward great programs and planning more for the upcoming month. 

Our Volunteer Opportunities (Pat Nelson) and Giving Circle (Pat Cunningham & Susan Vineberg) members have made truly meaningful impacts on our community.

We are looking forward to a wonderful New Year.

On behalf of the Philadelphia Chapter Leadership members and myself, warmest wishes for a happy Holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

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Chair, TTN Philadelphia  
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Making a Real Difference in Philadelphia Schoolchildren's Lives
Participating in the Read by 4th program, three of our TTN Philadelphia members - Judy Drasin, Gail Kroop and Carol Lert - volunteer weekly at the Julia de Burgos Elementary School in North Philadelphia.  

Read by 4th  is a citywide effort to significantly increase the number of city students who read on grade level at the end of their third-grade school year.

Judy and Gail work as one-on-one "reading buddies" to Spanish-speaking first and fourth graders who need help with English. Carol works in the school library where she helps students choose books, reads to kindergartners and encourages first and second graders to read to her. All three express great enthusiasm for this opportunity to make a difference in these children's lives. "It is wonderful to see our students gain confidence and advance in their achievement," says Gail. "These kids deserve all the attention we can give," adds Carol.
In addition to this volunteerism, TTN Philadelphia recently donated more than 600 books to the Julia de Burgos School Library.  

Collected from TTN members in a two-week drive, the books literally were welcomed with open arms by the schoolchildren, most of whom have no books other than those provided in their classroom and this school library.  Thanks to our book drive committee,  co-chaired by Mary Clifford and Patty Kaiser and their committee members Jean Brubaker, Debbie Earle, Pat Nelson and Susan Vineberg.
Volunteer applications continue to be welcome for this program. Contact Jean Warrington ( for more information.
TTN Events:  iPhone Photography
Frank C. Barbella, an accomplished photographer, teacher, and genuinely nice person, showed us around the hidden capabilities of iPhone photography in this 2-hour workshop on November 29. 

We learned how to adjust our phone's settings, tell the differences among photo, portrait and square options for taking pics, and, most importantly, how to customize the camera's focus and lighting capabilities so we can take the best pics ever! 

Frank also walked us through many editing options that allow us to further enhance our photos, like cropping, adding filters, modifying light and color, and converting our photos to customized black & white. He introduced us to free and low-cost apps that can make it even more fun to take photos with our iPhones. 

Madeline Sherry, TTN and Point of View SIG member, was the perfect host.

Stay tuned for future iPhone workshops.  Feel free to email topics for consideration, to Susan Gordon (
Some of the Transition Peer Groups in our chapter have been in existence for 10 years and others have started within the last year.  Keeping the Peer Group experience fresh, relevant and meaningful is an important focus for the Peer Group Advisory Committee.  To do this, they hold twice-yearly meetings with the liaisons from each of the 17 groups.

On December 10th, Peer Group Liaisons will be gathering for a dinner meeting.  The focus of this month's meeting will be "Building Group Cohesion."  The Peer Group Advisory Committee facilitates the meeting and the liaisons share ideas from their group's experience and learn from each other.

Each liaison will then bring the information back to their respective Peer Group.  It is up to each group to decide how they want to incorporate these ideas into their Peer Group's unique experience.

These meetings are a powerful way to reach all 180 women who are participating in the Peer Group experience.  And they are a fun evening for the liaisons and the Peer Group Advisory Committee.  Working together, over time, they have come to function like an 18th Peer Group.

For more information about Transition Peer Groups, contact Marcia Goldstein at

Transition Peer Groups are a benefit of TTN membership.
Giving Circle: An Update from Turning Points YVLifeSet
Our 2018 Grantee,  Turning Points YVLifeSet provides intensive counseling to Philadelphia youths aging out of foster care.  It is using our 2018 grant to double the number of its clients to 64. 

The group is hard at work gearing up for this increase. They are hiring new program officers and training them to work with the influx of young adults who will enter the program by the end of December.

The  Giving Circle is also planning new ways to work with Turning Points during the year. One of the goals of YVLifeSet is to help its clients find safe and stable housing. In response to this need we are exploring ways to set up a system that will enable TTN members to donate furniture and other household goods to the organization. Stay tuned.

December 31, 2018. marks the end of our 2018 giving cycle. We encourage you to join our Giving Circle and help improve the lives of women and children in our community.  Please click here  to donate now.

TTN members love to travel.  We visit the world and return to share our adventures.  Sometimes, though, we just travel in our mind.  A newly forming book group, Around the World in Eighty Books, will allow us to visit countries far and wide with our friends.  Each month, the group will read and discuss one of the books listed in Book Riots list of 80 books from around the world.  Let the Book Riot list whet your 

The group will meet on the third Wednesday of the month from 10:30am-noon in Center City. For more information, contact Joanne Bowes (

There are several SIGs that are newly forming or in the early stages who would welcome you.

On the Main Line, Suburban Ladies Who Lunch (Third Tuesdays at 1pm) is launching with its first outing on December 18th. Contact Melissa Levy ( or Robin Rodin ( if you're interested in joining.
Suburban Readers is also flourishing (First Sundays at 3pm in Bryn Mawr). Robin Rodin ( is the Lead of this group.
Suburban Walkers is not yet off the ground (no pun intended) but hoping to find women who would like to explore the trails of Chester County. Contact Joanne Bowes ( for more information.
Suburban Mah Jongg is looking for novices or old hands looking for partners. Contact Joanne Bowes ( for more information.
Back in the city, new groups with openings include:
Why Knot Needlepoint?
Contact Lynn McCormick 

Still Working
Contact  Raydell Fisher-Wilson (

  Finally, have you been looking to join a film group in the city? Only a few more people are needed to get a third group going. Our two existing groups are very popular and At Capacity so contact Joanne Bowes ( if you'd like to get in on a new group.

More information on these groups and all our SIGs is available on the SIG page of the website.

Contact Joanne Bowes ( if you have SIG questions or suggestions for new groups.  Join us!

SIGs are a benefit of TTN membership.