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December 2018


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The Windjammer Association photo contest had a number of excellent entries both from American Eagle shipmates and of the vessel from others afloat. Over a dozen of you submitted entries and the shots are all my favorites. Thank you all!

Crews News

                                                                                all courtesy of Shary Fellows

Just before Christmas our new engine hung near the schooner with care...from Prock Marine's 40-ton all-terrain  crane. O ne of the helpers commented "there goes Rudolf". By December 15th there were 23 nominations for naming the new arrival; most of which were "Dearie". 

Suggestions ranged from the names  of John Deere's mother, wife, and daughters, to Bambi's best friend Thumper, to Shary. Other offerings included Lazarus, Adeline, Yellow Belly, Johnny Pop, and Buttercup.

Thumper it is. Congratulations to Becky Jones and everyone else who got into the spirit of the naming competition.

Gently does it. Turbocharged and after-cooled and with its own diagnostic computer, it meets the latest environmental standards.  That's more than one could say for the old engine which was the  latest 1940.


You will note the winter style hard hat on the left.

Cruise News

I'm saving some of the competition pictures for other newsletters. Here's a sampler of your expertise while sailing for fun.

Nice, Bridget!

Excellent, Bob

Yep, by Ralph

Wow, Mikael

Head Harbor Light, Campobello, by Pat

Good work, Jake

Postcards from away....

Harvey's wintering in Asia again.

Myron and Mary stopped by this fall and found me in the 
engine room with no engine.

These are two of Kathy's home caregivers for my knee replacement next month.

Happy New Year!

  John and the crew

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