December 2018 Newsletter

Each year, your support acts as a lifeline between neighbors and the burdens of housing and food insecurity, poverty, and homelessness that threaten their well-being and that of our shared community.
We’ve expanded our services in response to the growing needs of our Morris County community. More than 1,000 of our neighbors were served in 2017.
Your donation provides an opportunity for individuals and families to move beyond the experience of homelessness by offering shelter, housing, life skills and job training that lead to a path of security and self-reliance.
Holiday Party: A celebration of community, kindness and making progress!
Volunteers made it possible for all children to receive a goodie bag and pick their own toy after visiting with Santa!
The Girl Scouts' Children's Market enabled our little ones to make homemade gifts for their family members and friends.
Two little friends sharing holiday cheer.
Hi Santa! Children loved seeing Santa at the holiday party!
Girl Scouts from Chatham and Madison complete crafts with children to provide gifts for loved ones.
Ashley Reed, Navigating Hope Care Navigator and Joann Bjornson, Executive Director were all smiles.
Seeing Eye dogs brought cheer and good will to all.
Meet the people of Family Promise

Name: Komal S. Ullah, Esq., MSW

Role(s) with Family Promise : Board Trustee 

Hometown: Madison

Favorite Vacation Spot and why: Any spot with a rich sense of history, good food, and accessible walking.

How would your friends describe you: Driven, compassionate, organized and maybe a little bossy. 

What did/do you like most about working with Family Promise: Being part of a team that is committed to the overall well-being and advancement of this amazing organization, from the clients that we serve through the staff and volunteers. 
A Season of Kindness
We share our gratitude for the time, talent, resources and donations that our volunteers have provided this season.
BASF Corp. Bike Building Event to benefit FP!
GSA Club Students from Boonton High School deliver Gift Card donations for guests this holiday!
Look for more donors and volunteers that made this holiday season extraordinary for our guests in our January Newsletter!
Founding members of the Family Promise of Morris County Club at Morris Knolls High School start their club with a wildly successful Wishing Wall Donation collection!
Montville Garden Club visits the Day Center to deliver their Annual Holiday Donation! will donate 0.5% of your purchases to Family Promise Morris County NJ. You pay the same prices for merchandise & automatically sends a donation to the charity of your choice!

Here's how: 
1. STARTING NOW,  shop by going to   
2. FIRST TIME ONLY  - You'll be asked to designate a charitable organization - PLEASE search for Family Promise of Morris County & SELECT US! 
3. Enjoy the same Amazon  shopping experience while helping to support our families! 
Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
We are in the need of the following basic necessities. If you are able to help, please do! Email  or call 973.998.0820 for drop-off details .

 Special Request Updates:
One of our families is ready to move into their new home with the help of the Making Moves Matter team! Please contact Michele Caruso at if able to help with the following items:

  • toddler bed
  • single mattress
  • door mat
  • small rug 5x7 neutral color
  • strainer
  • cutting board
  • toy box
  • clear storage boxes w/ lids (50-80 quarts)
  • 12"-14" baby dolls (all races/nationalities encouraged)
  • throw rugs
  • xxl women’s coat
  • 2x women’s and men's sweater
  • xxl women’s leggings

Thank you to those who donated from our special requests wish list in November!

Ongoing Needs:
* Toilet Paper
* Paper Towels
* Toilet Paper
* Cleaning Supplies
* Ground Coffee
* Sugar
* Powdered Creamer
* Men's & Women's Deodorant
* Space Heaters
* Shampoo and Conditioner
* Soap/Body Wash
* Baby Wipes
* Garbage Bags
* Bottled Water
* Women’s & Men’s Socks
* Women & Men’s Underwear – all sizes but especially L & XL for men
* Basic Clothing for Men & Women – sweatpants, hoodies, t-shirts – all sizes
* Razors & Shaving foam
* First aid items (Vaseline or Aquaphor)
* Foot powder and/or baby powder
* Walmart Gift Cards
* Gas Cards (any gas station)
* Food Store Gift Cards
* Movie Gift Cards
Family Promise of Morris County | 973-998-0820 | |