Walk in Love

Dear Friends,

You are invited to “walk in love” with your fellow parishioners at Transfiguration beginning on Sunday January 6 th at 9:00 am. The Adult Forum will begin a seven-part series based on the newly-published Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs and Practices , by Scott Gunn & Melody Wilson Shobe. You can think of this as an Inquirer’s Class or Episcopal 101.
Who should attend? Anyone who wants to learn more about the Episcopal Church, whether you’re a newcomer to the church or a cradle Episcopalian. And, this is a required class for anyone seeking baptism, confirmation, or reception by Bishop Smith, who will visit Transfiguration on Sunday February 24 th at 9:30 am.  

What’s in it for me?  Walk in Love is an inviting and accessible book that offers readers well-written and thoughtful insights into the beliefs, practices, sacraments and structure that make the Episcopal Church unique and appealing. 

How does this all work? First, add Walk in Love to your Christmas list – it can be found on Amazon.com and also at www.forwardmovement.org . Then, follow this reading schedule:

“Walk in Love” 
Adult Forum Schedule

Sunday January 6 th – Introduction and Chapters 1 through 4
Sunday January 13 th – Chapters 5 through 8
Sunday January 20 th – Chapters 9 through 12

Sunday January 27 th – NO CLASS, one morning service at 9:00 am followed by Annual Meeting

Sunday February 3 rd – Chapters 13 through 16
Sunday February 10 th – Chapters 17 through 20
Sunday February 17 th – Chapters 21-23

Sunday February 24 th – NO CLASS, one morning service at 9:30 am with Bishop Smith

Sunday March 3 rd – Chapters 24-26

I look forward to facilitating these sessions. 

Finally, the liturgical season of Advent begins on Sunday December 2 nd , which also marks the beginning of a new lectionary cycle (from which we get our Sunday scripture lessons). We transition from Lectionary Year B, which focused on Mark’s Gospel, to Lectionary Year C, in which we will shall hear more from Luke’s Gospel. Advent is a season of spiritual preparation for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ among us, which we celebrate on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There are some changes in the Advent season that you will notice: the vestments that I wear, along with the altar and pulpit frontals, will be blue – a royal color associated with the birth of a King. The Advent wreath will help us to tell time by the number of candles that are lit each Sunday. We will use Eucharistic Prayer B throughout the seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany; Prayer B emphasizes themes of the Incarnation – listen carefully! Also, the Gloria is not sung or said during Advent; there will instead be special responses that are printed in the bulletin. 

I look forward to seeing you in Church as we prepare for the coming of Jesus, the Savior of the world.


As of November 27 we have received 72 pledges totaling $184,386. This is good news, but we're still waiting for more pledges to come in. If you have not yet made a pledge for 2019 you are encouraged
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For the month of  December , we are collecting  Laundry Soap  for our neighbors at LINC in Wentzville. Remember the children at Love Inc. Please bring in your donations and drop them in the designated box in the entry area. 

Patriots Packages
For the month of  December , we ask for  Q-tips (any size) . Please leave the item(s) in the container marked "Support Our Troops" on the shelving in the narthex. (As a reminder we are always looking for hotel size shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap/body wash)
Church Prayer List
Mike Parker, Rich Robison, Karen Proctor, Dan Loewe, Karen Owen, Auggie Powers, Jaime Lauck, Scott Leriche, Sarah Pryor, Diane Willard, John Antonio, Judy Kirby, Mark Ebert, Fay Wehmeyer, Joey Huber, Joshua Shire, Kathy Furgason, Sally Klaskin, Jack Klaskin, Don Strom, Warren Opfer, Tom Lee, John Beeman, Dee Schmitt, Bill Henry, Alex Miller, Angela Huber, Linda Wasmer, John Wasmer, Dottie Peich, Ashley Kintz, Elaine and David Atkins, Harry Richter, Ria Van Ryn, Philip Ebert, Ashley Ebert and Phillian Ebert
Pray for those who are in the service of our country: 
Michael Ducar , son of Steve and Judy Ducar, serving in the Marine Corps.          
Mary Putnam , granddaughter of Mike Millfelt , serving as an interpreter in the Marine Corps.                                                         
Seamus Garrett , nephew of Alice Foster, serving in The United States Army.
David Wright , son of Richard and Anne Wright and grandson of Bob and Fay 
Wehmeyer, serving in the U.S. Air Force.
Shelby Aleksick , granddaughter of Roxane Jablonski, serving in the U.S. 
Army in San Antonio.
Joshua Shire , nephew of Terri Brittingham, serving in the U.S. Air Force in 
South Korea.
Adam Smith , son of Daniel Smith, serving in the Missouri National Guard
4  Carolyn Daniels
5  Matt Munro
7  Kathy Furgason
9  John Purcell
10  John Antonio
11  Pam Fadler
11  Marty Mares
12  Bette Hammond
12  Mary Reed
16  Kerry Quinlisk
17  John Quinlisk
18  Nancy Rediger
19  Mike Millfelt
24  George Kirby
24  Peggy Sloan
28  Matt Schuster

29  Bill & Dawn Henry
29  Ron & Louise Howden
30  Chuck & Sandy Laney
Looking ahead to January 2019

The January Newsletter will be published during the second week of January, which will include information about nominees for Vestry and Convention Delegate. 

The Annual Meeting of Transfiguration Church will take place on Sunday January 27 following ONE Eucharist at 9:00 am. Light refreshments will be served. Elections will be held for Vestry and Convention Delegates, the 2019 budget will be presented, reports will be received from various ministries, and the Rector will address the gathering.