Stronger than Hate - OLLI at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh
OLLI Lewes visits Lewes Historical Society camp - OLLI at University of Delaware
OLLI Improv Players Perform Whodunit-Themed Fundraiser - OLLI at Southern Oregon University
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Greetings from the NRC    Dec 2018 15
The core of what we are as Osher Institutes lies in forming community. We are local communities of lifelong learners. We share, as all human communities do, our values; our respect for one another; our joys and our sorrows; and our individual skills and gifts to benefit the greater good of our communities. There are powerful examples of OLLI community-building in this month's newsletter. Read below about the shared grief and support of Pittsburgh Osher members helping each other to heal in the wake of horrific tragedy. Learn about the shared talents of members bringing fun through history lessons to school children in Lewes, Delaware. And admire the creativity of members bringing the fun to fundraising to help support remodeling campus facilities in Southern Oregon.
Strong communities often transform the lives of members. They encourage. They support. They unite. They bring purpose. They improve places and people's lives. In this season which celebrates giving, celebrate the communities you form through your Osher Institutes. Be thankful for one another and the opportunities you share with one another.
Our warmest holiday greetings from the Osher NRC community in Chicago!
With gratitude,

Steve Thaxton, Executive Director

OLLI at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh
Stronger than Hate
On October 27, 2018, during Shabbat morning services at Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, seven were injured and eleven tragically killed in what is now being recorded as the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in United States history. Unfortunately, the OLLI community also suffered the impact of this horrific event: Joyce Fienberg, member of OLLI at Carnegie Mellon University and Dan Stein, husband of OLLI at University of Pittsburgh member Sharon Stein, had their lives tragically cut short. Furthermore, former member and long-term curriculum committee member, Dan Leger of Carnegie Mellon's OLLI, was counted as one of the injured in the attack. The collective OLLI community mourns for these heartbreaking losses, as well as those of the other synagogue attendees in this horrific act of violence.

In a letter to the Pittsburgh Osher Institutes, Bernard Osher and Mary Bitterman of The Bernard Osher Foundation acknowledged the widespread impact of the attack. " We recognize that each institute has suffered profoundly with the loss of a member, the loss of a member's spouse, and the loss of friends and neighbors from the Squirrel Hill neighborhood and its environs," they wrote. They also offered words of comfort for the community, encouraging its leadership and members to "do everything within our power to promote kindness, understanding, and mutual respect."

In the spirit of that letter, Sharon Gretz, Director of the OLLI at University of Pittsburgh, took the time to sit with groups of OLLI members as they remembered their friends and neighbors, learning a lot along the way about the histories of those individual members. One talked about feeling targeted a bit as a Jewish youth, but concluded overall that Pittsburgh was safe for him and his family. Another member spoke about how she had joined OLLI so she could meet non-Jews, and that the first non-Jews to contact her after the massacre were the friends she had made at OLLI. Similarly, Lyn Decker, Executive Director of OLLI at Carnegie Mellon, chose to keep OLLI open for those that wanted to come and share their stories, observing that "many have found it comforting to have another place to go for hugs and to just talk." She also arranged with the university for the Osher at CMU community to obtain free counseling to help cope with the emotional impact of this horrific event.

In spite of the sadness and grief, Sharon Gretz also addressed her OLLI community with the feelings of hope and encouragement she felt in the aftermath of the attack. "In the end, what mattered today and what I believe matters each and every day is community," she reaffirmed. "I am so proud to be part of our OLLI community. I believe that this horrendous tragedy will help us become even more inclusive and welcoming of the stranger and that we will find ways for love to shatter hate."

OLLI at University of Delaware
O LLI Visits Lewes Historical Society Camp
A pair of neighboring nonprofit groups teamed up for an intergenerational experience when 12 members of the University of Delaware's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in Lewes/Ocean View's English Country Dance class made the short trek to the Burton-Ingram House in Lewes, Delaware. There, they spent an afternoon with kids from the Lewes Historical Society's Maritime Adventurers Camp.
Outfitted in Colonial attire, the OLLI representatives presented a program of 18th century dance, history, etiquette, style, fashion and culture for 17 campers ranging in age from 7 to 13 in the parlor of the historic home.
"Fortunately for us seniors, we  have two members with extensive experience working with children," said  Katherine Henn.
Members of OLLI at UD in Lewes' English Country Dance class 
Following Sallie Ridgway's introduction to the importance of dance in Colonial society and the  place of it in education, she read aloud a letter that a Colonial mother had  written about the daily summer dance education she had planned for her young son and daughter. The OLLI members then demonstrated
a dance but triggered some apprehension when they invited the campers to join them.
"The girls, who had dressed themselves in lace tablecloths over their clothes, informed us they were not dancing with the boys, and the boys, from their opposite corner of the room, indicated they were not inclined to dance with girls," said Henn. "But they began to get comfortable and experience the fun by first dancing with us seniors as partners. By the end of the session, Jackie McCabe had them dancing together to a child-friendly version of the Virginia reel."
Submitted by: Anna Moshier, Manager, OLLI at the University of Delaware

OLLI at Southern Oregon University
OLLI Improv Players Perform Whodunit-Themed Fundraiser
The Osher Institute members of Advanced Improv, a course offered at Southern Oregon University's OLLI, recently had the chance to demonstrate their acting abilities during a performance of a comedy/murder mystery dinner. "Murder at the Café Noir," the audience-involved whodunit theater production, was performed during the first weekend of November at SOU's Stevenson Union. Each of the three performances that weekend successfully reached capacity attendance.  All the proceeds from the event went towards the OLLI ReNEWall campaign in support of SOU Campbell Center renovations.

According to Anne Bellegia, communications and community outreach volunteer at OLLI at SOU, the Advanced Improv instructor is an experienced teacher of acting and directing who has previously done murder mystery events. She volunteered to direct the show with a core group of her member-
The cast of "Murder at the Café Noir"
students committed to creating quality performances, rehearsing frequently starting from the beginning of August. This engaged group of OLLI members were able to serve in key roles, but many more member volunteers, staff and even some from the greater community got the satisfaction of participation. This group provided sales support, built the set, and created the dozens of props used in the show. There was even an anonymous member who agreed to cover event expenses, allowing for the tickets to be priced affordably.

Indeed, there were many providential circumstances that contributed to the event's success. As a result, the value of the mystery dinners were greater than the money received, culminating in $14,000 raised for the ReNEWall campaign. OLLI members in the audience felt rewarded in being part of the organization with volunteers who were willing and able to produce such a high caliber event.

"In addition to having fun," Anne concluded, "attendees were clear that they were supporting our campus renovation, and the commitment to the cause on the part of the cast and crew was infectious. This will help set the stage (pun intended) for fulfilling other fundraising and program goals."

To read more about this event, click here for more information.

Submitted by : OLLI at Southern Oregon University

2019 Monthly Webinar Series begins in January!
The new season of the Osher NRC Webinar Series, begins next month! On the third Wednesday of every month through December 2019, a live webinar will be offered, complimentary to anyone in the OLLI Network (staff, volunteer or member). These webinars will be presented using Zoom (an online video conferencing system). Each webinar will last one hour beginning at 2:00pm Eastern/1:00pm Central/noon Mountain/11:00am Pacific/10:00am in Alaska and 9:00am in Hawaii. Webinar topics will cover a variety of areas of interest indicated by Osher Institute directors and volunteers. Presenters are OLLI program experts recruited from the Osher Network, as well as outside experts from particular fields of interest. Each webinar will provide the opportunity for participants to view notes and slides, ask questions, and view the presenter(s) live. Webinars will be recorded and archived in the secure area of Osher.net via log-on credentials provided to Osher Institute directors.
The first webinar of the season, "Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Member Benchmarking Data", will be presented on January 16th (1:00pm Central) by the NRC staff. Registration is open now, click here to reserve your spot! Please plan on joining us!

If you have interest in being a presenter or have ideas for future National Conferences, please contact Kevin Connaughton (kevin.connaughton@northwestern.edu). 

An Advice Column for Osher Institute Staff and Volunteers
dearolliDear Olli
Dear Olli,

I recently attended the Osher National Conference and loved the "Woo-Hoo!" examples from the different OLLIs. Where can I find these examples to share with my institute?
Woo- Hoo's Offer Amazement
Dear WHOA,
First, a little background for those not familiar with a "Woo-Hoo!", a "Woo-Hoo!" is one of those wonderful, amazing, out of the box experiences that have occurred at an OLLI during the past year. They are presented at the Osher National Conference as an opportunity for OLLIs to share ideas, represent their institute, and even win prizes. Regarding your question, they are very easy to find! For those who attended the conference, they are on the flash drive you received as an attendee. Lost your flash drive? No problem, they are also located on the NRC's secure site (your OLLI director has a password and login) along with PDFs of the presentations and other materials presented at the conference. Additionally, the session recordings and videos are coming to the secure site soon.  The Woo-Hoo's can be a great source of inspiration for future events, classes, or other things to do at your institute, enjoy!

Have a question for Olli? Please send it in care of Kevin Connaughton (kevin.connaughton@northwestern.edu). 

Educational Travel Ideas from the Osher Network
The OLLI Traveler
OLLI at California State University, Fullerton
Natural Wonders of Costa Rica
Among the many highlights of this tour is Tortuguero National Park. There you'll take a boat ride along remote, unspoiled sections of the park, where your guide will look out for wildlife - including freshwater turtles, egrets, toucans, and
 monkeys-so you can sit back, relax, and take pictures. Another highlight is the Arenal Volcano, considered one of the most active volcanoes in the world. As you hear the volcano grumbling, you may witness the red lava streaming down its sides - a spectacular sight - and relax as you soak in the ecothermal hot springs. In Monteverde, you'll visit the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, home to fauna such as jaguars, resplendent quetzal, monkeys, ocelots, and many species of birds, as well as a large diversity of plant species. You'll also visit farms to learn about local culture and industries.  Learn more about this trip to Costa Rica .
Dates: February 2-10, 2019

OLLI at University of Montana
Historical Museum Holiday Lantern Tour   
This event will focus on the celebration and experience of the Holiday Season in Western Montana through the decades. Participants will step back in time into several eras of Montana's History. The tours will be set up much like a play. Participants will meet a fascinating cast of characters who will share their lives and experiences. The program is interactive; guests will help celebrate the holidays with the reenactors. And since this walking tour will be both outside and into some buildings that are not heated, guests are encouraged to dress for the weather.  Learn more about this day trip .
Date: December 7, 2018

OLLI at Coastal Carolina University
Rose Parade New Year's Celebration
Spend five nights enjoying a spectacular New Year's Eve
dinner party, the Tournament of Roses Parade (with reserved grandstand  seating), lunch at Lawry's in  Beverly Hills, a showcase of the floats, and a visit to the Richard Nixon Library and Museum. We will tour Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and San Diego and end with a San Diego harbor cruise. What better way to usher in the New Year than with your OLLI friends?    Learn more about this trip to the Tournament of Roses Parade.
Date: December 30, 2018 - January 4, 2019

Quick Tips for Helping Operate an Osher Institute
didyouknowQuick Tip - OLLI Magnets
When is a bumper sticker not a bumper sticker? When it's a magnet! Created by Yavapai College, this sleek "I <3 OLLI" magnet is perfect for promoting your participation in OLLI and connecting with other OLLI members while you're out on the town. The magnet is durable enough to stand up to harsh conditions, yet can be easily removed when going incognito. No more sticky bumper sticker residue stuck on your car! Once you have one, see how many OLLI members you can spot while taking advantage of the free OLLI advertising!

Submitted by: Trisha Berlowe, Director,  OLLI at Yavapai College

  Career Openings in the OLLI Network
jobboardJob Board
OLLI Director

OLLI Director

Administrative Support Associate, OLLI

Is there a staff opening at your Osher Institute? Please send it to us at  oshernrc@northwestern.edu