December 31st , 2018
Tips to Maximize your Results with Respen-A TM
Welcome to our Respen-A newsletter, a way for us to share tips on how to maximize the benefits of the Respen-A , to feature upcoming events, and to introduce you to some of the people whose lives have been changed due to this Homeopathic Treatment! Please read on, and share...
Feature Article:

No Supplements Challenge!

One of the questions I'm asked most often from other Respen-A™ parents is, "what else do you give Tyler?", or, "what other therapies do you do?" My son, Tyler, (see Meet Tyler article below) has been using Respen-A™ successfully for nine years, and the answer is pretty simple: we've never supplemented with anything except the required calcium/magnesium, and zinc/P-5-P because we saw benefit- which indicates that Tyler has Pyroluria. We began working through Developmental Milestones with him over four years ago- that was profound! The ONLY time we added something new was when his naturopath (at the time) advised DHA for brain function. Two weeks later, when I'd just about had enough of full symptom return, I called Elaine for advice. That's when I learned that DHA negates Respen-A™ because it inhibits MAO-A, which is what the Respen-A™ makes active in the body.

Since then, I've learned from Elaine that far more supplements than we realize inhibit MAO-A. [See link at the bottom of this article for some known items. The pertinent information in the link is the MAOIs list, in particular the items that inhibit MAO- A (not B). This list references items as used in herbal remedies, which are highly concentrated. It does not refer to eating whole foods! For further known items that negate MAO-A, see the FAQ page at the website].

The link/list we've shared of items known to negate MAO-A is by no means complete. We have found other, far more extensive lists, but don't quite understand them. What we do know is that your best solution is to stop all supplements and let MAO-A, activated by the Respen-A™, fix the body for you. And so, we bring to you a No Supplement Challenge to start off the New Year!

As a parent, having spoken with many, many parents over the years, I can share that the ones who see dramatic results are the ones who don't supplement. The ones that do, struggle. Yes, they are happy that their child is calmer- some of the time- has fewer tics, is more verbal and has better eye contact, etc. Eventually they want more and better, and each supplement they give up brings another gain.

We'd like to see people experience the full benefits of Respen-A™, so Elaine, the developer of Respen-A™, is offering a free year's supply of Respen-A™, with calcium skin cream (winner pays for shipping), to the winner of the No Supplements Challenge! To enter, you must stop all supplements and therapies (eg; foot baths, essential oils, detox protocols, etc.), and just use Respen-A™ for 3 months. Elaine is asking for a before and after video (prefered), or a written testimonial, from all entrants. Qualified participant's names will be entered in a drawing for one lucky winner of the free year's supply of Respen-A™! The Challenge will begin in January and end May 15th (you choose start date to allow for a continuous 90 days ending by or before 5/15/2019). Drawing will be May 31st.

By strongly recommending that you stop all supplements, diet restrictions, alkalinizing and detoxifying protocols, we are not suggesting that these regimens weren’t helpful and necessary prior to Respen-A™. They were important when the MAO-A activity was deficient. But with Respen-A™, we are changing the equation- the MAO-A activity is restored, and now you can just let the body fix itself. If you continue to follow pre-Respen-A™ protocols, you most likely will cause imbalances in the body and not see full benefits. Think of it like a sailboat with a hole in the sail. You have to make certain adjustments to compensate for the defective sail, but once you repair the sail, if you continue with the compensatory settings you used when the sail was defective, you won’t be able to steer the boat on course.

The beauty of MAO-A is that it fixes everything. MAO-A is throughout the body, so it is not a case of what gets fixed first. Wherever the MAO-A has been affected, you will see improvement. You no longer need to supplement for liver or kidney function, or worry about detoxifying metals and toxins. I like to think of MAO-A (which Respen-A™ activates) as a Ford Tesla: why would you only drive it at 35 mph when it can go 0 - 60 mph in 1.9 seconds? Why hold yourself back when you can achieve better results? The parents who have finally taken the step of stopping other supplements are seeing greater gains. Let your child's results, or lack thereof, speak for themselves. Then as scary as it may seem to consider giving up everything you've done over the years to help your child, as afraid as you might be to start anew while fearing the loss of gains, 'bite the bullet' (or step on the gas...put pedal to the metal...floor it!) and wake up to 90 new days of possibility.

You have an imbalance in the body which can be fixed just with the Respen-A™'ve got to just take a deep breath and let go of the rest. It doesn't mean that you can't ever re-add something (after the challenge), but if you do, you must test only one thing at a time for a two-week time frame. If it negates, you will see a return of symptoms. If no symptoms, and no benefit, you don't need it. If there is a gain, keep it, but be prepared to monitor it over time.

We realize that Respen-A™ might not be for everyone. We'd rather you get optimum results and experience the full potential of Respen-A™ for your child rather than spend money on something that can't be fully utilized.

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(article submitted by Kerri McCormick)

More Good News for Alex!

My husband keeps wanting me to message you with updates. He doesn’t get so excited and hopeful easily Today, Alex peeled his orange in a single-pieced spiral; his fine motor skills have improved drastically since using Respen-A ! My husband says “That is off the charts different behavior!” We’re so excited!!!
Alex has been on a special diet for years. Now that his body can process gluten, KitKat is his favorite candy. For the first time in his life, I didn't have to remove any candy from his treat bag! (photo below of Alex in his Halloween costume)
Mom, Suzanne
Feedback Corner

I started using Respen-A™ for my 14 year old autistic son in June of this year. Prior to that I'd sought and tried numerous dietary interventions, homeopathic treatments and nutriceutical programs. I'd let him eat gluten since day one of the Respen-A™, but had been giving him Gluten Ease to help with digesting gluten. About a month into Respen-A™, I forgot to give that supplement a few times, and noticed no side effects when my son ate gluten or dairy. That's when I stopped giving him Gluten Ease. In August, his integrative practitioner confirmed that he had no more food sensitivities! 

I was still giving my son some homeopathic droppers and supplements at that time, because it was advised by his practitioner. However, his OCD behaviors continued, and his progress in social skills seemed to come to a halt. We had also not seen any improvement in his verbal skills. I was telling myself that this was just the way it was going to be for him, but was encouraged by Elaine and Kerri to try letting go of the supplements and allow the Respen-A™ to do the balance work in his body. 

Honestly, I was scared to death at the thought of letting go of the supplements, fearing that my son would get worse again. Finally, I found my courage and decided to eliminate everything but probiotics* and FOS. Literally, the next day, my son started talking more, and he was even trying to crack a joke. He had never done that before! We were thrilled to see the changes in him. 

It has been about three weeks now. We're still seeing little changes here and there. It feels so free to NOT have to keep track of supplements! I look forward to seeing how much more my son can do with Respen-A™!
Salon, OH

*I did find out that one of the probiotics I was giving to my son had high concentrations of fruits and veggies that could present a problem with his MAO-A, which the Respen-A™ is trying to activate, so I opted for the 'clean' brand.
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  1. Adolescent cannabinoid exposure has been reported to cause long-term impairment in specific components of learning and memory, and to have differential effects on anxiety, social behavior, and depressive-like signs.

Meet Tyler!
My son Tyler was diagnosed with autism at age 4. Following his diagnosis, all we'd known to do was to have him be GF/CF, because we definitely were not interested in putting him on the mind-numbing/stupor-inducing drugs that the doctor recommended. We saw benefit being GF/CF only in that we had no more meltdowns, but it did nothing for him socially, with focus, or anything else. 

Tyler has been using Respen-A™ successfully for 9 years now, since age 5. From day one, within the first 10 minutes use of Respen-A™, I saw dramatic changes in my son.:

Initially, focus; I'd always struggled to have him be interested in any project for longer than a few minutes, or to teach him how to fit puzzle pieces together. Now, he was putting an entire puzzle together without help or meltdowns!

Second, social behavior; he played with his younger brother in our backyard for 1 1/2 hours, riding bikes, climbing trees, and playing in the sandbox, only stopping to come in for lunch. In the past, my 3-year old would leave Tyler as soon as a meltdown had begun, and come inside to sit by me on the couch as we watched Tyler (pre-diagnosis) in bewilderment.

Third, language; Tyler would only speak with my husband, myself and my other son, Kyle. Day 1 on Respen-A™ he was calling out the window to neighbors who had never heard his voice! And, that night, at bedtime, instead of speaking gibberish he had a real conversation with my husband and me, asking real questions about how our day went, how we felt and even offering advice!

That first day on Respen-A™ was nothing short of a miracle, with gain upon gain that did not end until we turned out the lights at bedtime- and even then the miracle continued, because Tyler had his first full night's sleep in years! I used to check on him throughout the night and had always found him sitting up in bed, eyes wide heartbreaking to think back on. 

Respen-A™ is a game changer. No more gut issues, no social or focus issues, no toe-walking or thumb-clenching, verbal vs. non-verbal, life and friends vs. isolation, frustration and anger. AND, no more problems with gluten or casein- in fact, gluten brings more gains because it releases the serotonin so the body can utilize it!

Tyler is a Life Scout on his way to Eagle, is a patrol leader in his troop, is on a year-round swim team and is ranked in the top 2 - 6 swimmers in the state in his favorite events, studies violin with a world class violinist, and studies composition, Latin, reasoning, math, debate and research in homeschool. I mention this because NONE of his coaches, teachers or scout leaders know that he has 'autism'. And because he is on Respen-A™, they will never figure it out! 

T hanks to Elaine's research, Respen-A™ has given my son a normal life. My hope is that all children see the gains that Tyler has.
Respen-A TM Campaign

MedDEV-OTC Inc. has launched a grassroots campaign to raise the necessary funds to have Respen-A manufactured and marketed as an over the counter treatment that is easily accessible to millions of children and families worldwide. Please watch our campaign video, above, and share!

100% of purchases and donations will go towards our Phase 1 Milestone campaign goal of $609,726 USD. As of 10/24/18 $43,026.17 has been raised through fundraising and purchases. That brings us more than halfway to item #1 of the first Milestone, which is for base documentation required to develop processes and validate chemical compounds with an emphasis on engineering and regulatory procedures. 
Respen-A™ was developed by
Elaine DeLack, RN, CEO and founder of MedDEV Inc.
Respen-A™ is a 12C homeopathic dilution of Reserpine. Reserpine has been shown to double the activity of the monoamine oxidase-A (MAO-A) enzyme.

(ViJayalakshmi V., Lele J.V., & Daginawala H.F. 1978. Effect of Reserpine on the monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity in rat liver and brain. Biochemical Pharmacology, 27(15), pp. 1985-1986).
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