February 27th, 2019
Tips to Maximize your Results with Respen-A TM
Welcome to our Respen-A newsletter, a way for us to share tips on how to maximize the benefits of the Respen-A , to feature upcoming events, and to introduce you to some of the people whose lives have been changed due to this Homeopathic Treatment! Please read on, and share...
Feature Article:

I recently had such severe back pain that it was keeping me awake at night- I couldn't fall asleep because the pain was so intense, and ibuprofen wasn't even scratching the surface in taking it away. Desperate for relief, I remembered that I had some CBD oil that my husband's aunt had recommended, and I decided to give it try. I was pleasantly surprised. For the first four nights, I slept well. Then, for a few more nights, I found myself waking after 4 hours, pain back. Applying more oil at that point helped for a couple of nights, then did nothing. Soon, applying the oil the first time didn't even help, and by the end of a week and a half the oiled area had begun itching horrendously for well over an hour and a half. By then, I realized that I was having issues with my hormones that I hadn't had for months. It dawned on me that, since I hadn't added anything but the CBD oil to my regimen, it was the culprit. I had only dipped the tip of my finger into the jar and used the amount that had clung to it, which seemed scant, but apparently it was enough to shut down my receptors and mess with other systems. Following cessation, it took over a week to begin feeling normal again- at which point I sought acupuncture to relieve the pain for good.
Following this experience I asked Elaine for input, because there are many parents who use CBD oil for their ASD children, mostly to help them sleep and to stay calm. My concern is that many of these children still have symptoms that should've been/begun resolving with use of Respen-A . I learned from Elaine that using just a little bit is o.k. However, too much has the reverse effect. There are cannabinoid receptors throughout the body, and they are involved in appetite, mood, memory, sleep, and pain sensation. Whenever you are supplementing something that works directly on receptors in the body, a low dose will boost the cells response to the receptor activation, but a high dose will decrease, or even shutdown the cell's response to the receptor supplement. 

The reason for this is that a low dose will just stimulate a few of the receptors, and this increases the sensitivity of the receptors  and  increases the density of the receptors on the cell membrane. Think of it like whetting the receptor's appetite. If you eat a few appetizers before dinner, it can increase your appetite for dinner. But if you eat too many appetizers, it spoils your desire to eat dinner. If you saturate the receptors with the supplement, it causes damage to the cell by causing it to be over activated. Thus, the receptors become desensitized to the supplement- they will even shutdown, and decrease in density on the cell membrane. This is why, when you supplement something that the body has receptors for, if you give a little, it boosts, and if you give too much, it has a bad effect. 
Incidentally, adolescent cannabinoid exposure has been reported to cause long-term impairment in specific components of learning and memory, and to have differential effects on anxiety, social behavior, and depressive-like signs.

(Submitted by Kerri McCormick)
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(Photo shown is of Cathie, a happy Respen-A  user!)

Webinars Offered

To help parents achieve maximum results with Respen-A , Elaine is now hosting webinars on the last Monday of each month, at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Invitations will be emailed on Thursday mornings, and reminders to non-openers will be sent the morning of. Space is limited to the first 50 participants.

Because we have people worldwide and in many different time zones who are using Respen-A , webinars will be recorded and made accessible at the www.respen-a.com website.

New topics will be covered each month, with 30 minutes following topic available for questions/answers. We look forward to your joining us!
Cathie's brother, Noah,also a happy
Respen-A™ user!
Meet Elaine DeLack, CEO and Founder of MedDev inc.,
Developer of Respen-A
I have been told, many times, that I take a different approach to science and developing a treatment. I actually test everything first on myself. I suppose this comes from my history of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), and needing to find something to help myself as traditional medicine had nothing to offer of benefit. Once I have thoroughly researched something, I test it first on myself, and then on the next willing guinea pig- who has been my husband. This was how Respen-A™ came to be used in bipolar disorder, then depression, then anxiety, then autism, then ADD/ADHD, and even cancer. 

No, my husband didn’t have all of these conditions, but he was bipolar, often suffered from depression and anxiety, and had a very volatile temper. He could be whistling happily, and then the next minute throwing things and swearing. This could happen several times within an hour. A nebulous stimulus could set him off- so we walked on eggshells around him, not knowing what might trigger a rage. Although he only drank on occasion, when he did drink, he couldn’t stop after just a couple of beers- he would drink until he was inebriated. He volunteered to try the Respen-A™ to see if it would mellow his mood swings, and it did, immediately that same day. 

Seeing how well it resolved my husband's symptoms, it was decided to study Respen-A™ in a double blind, placebo controlled crossover study in patients that had major depressive disorder. Most of the patients were resistant to treatment with antidepressants. Based on the results that my husband had seen with the Respen-A™, but being only one patient (an N of 1), the statistician predicted that we needed a minimum of 40 people in the study in order for the study to have power- meaning that a noticeable effect would be statistically identified if the Respen-A™ was effective in treating the symptoms of depression.

Most pharmaceuticals are first tested in a very homogenous group in which the participants are “cherry picked”, excluding any subjects that may have other conditions that would diminish the likelihood of them showing a favorable effect of the drug being tested. These homogenous studies are then followed by several more studies carefully broadening the selection of participants. Due to our limited financial resources to fund studies, we chose a very heterogeneous group of participants for our pilot study- might as well find out right away if Respen-A™ had a robust enough effect to show statistical significance at the get go. We included participants that would have been excluded from any antidepressant drug study, such as participants with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and even cirrhosis of the liver due to alcoholism.  

Due to funding constraints, we decided to close the study with only having 21 patients enrolled, because we had already expended the funds we had budgeted for participant recruitment. Despite the heterogeneous study population, and only 21 participants, Respen-A™ showed a very robust effect with a p value of 0.001 (a p value of 0.05 or less is considered a significant effect).
Elaine's Granddaughter, Leiana
The Respen-A™ depression study showed that Respen-A™ also showed significant effect in treating the symptoms of anxiety as measured by the Profile of Moods (POMS) testing done in the study. Thus, my granddaughter, who frequently suffers anxiety and facial/eye tics, started using the Respen-A™ when those symptoms arose, and within minutes of applying the Respen-A™ disc, her symptoms resolved. 

I was watching my granddaughter play in a basketball tournament one day, and noticed that she was displaying some facial tics, and that her attentiveness in the game was not her usual. She seemed to be running around the court unaware of the position she was supposed to be playing, and she was becoming very frustrated. I discovered that she was not wearing the Respen-A™ disc during the game. So, before her next game I applied the Respen-A™ disc, and her performance in the game took a 180 degree turn. Her concentration and performance in the game improved so much that parents of her teammates commented, and wanted to know what had changed. Interestingly, one of the parents pursued getting the Respen-A™ for their daughter who struggled in school and on the basketball court due to ADD. Their daughter, too saw impressive improvement in her basketball skills and school performance. 

Some may wonder how Respen-A™ can show benefit for so many different health conditions? This is because all of these conditions have been shown to have a common mitochondrial dysfunction—deficient MAO-A activity. Respen-A™ is a homeopathic dilution of Reserpine, which has been shown to double the activity of MAO-A.  

(Respen-A™ Developer,
Elaine DeLack)

  1. Winter is a time of year that might bring on irritability in your child. With shorter days and overcast skies comes less sunshine. Your child might benefit from taking 5-HTP 100 mg once every four hours from waking till bedtime. This will help with building up their serotonin, which they will be on a shorter supply of this time of year due to fewer daylight/sunshine hours.
Feedback Corner

Here is a new report from the mom of the boy in the photo above: This summer we were on a trip for about a week and he was fabulous! He was trying out new food and was able to keep up with the schedule. There was no complaining, and he was very compliant- even with constant changes of schedule. This has been one of the best trips we've had so far!
Salon, OH

My son is 7 y.o. His name is Ilia. Since starting the Respen-A™, my son has become more calm. He is going to school this year!

My husband and I have also noticed that his stomach pain is gone, his anxiety has decreased, he has become involved in his classes, and it is easier to negotiate with him. This is seen not only by us, but also by other people. Everybody tells us that Ilia has changed for the better.

Other parents ask what we are doing. I share the information that we apply the Respen-A .

Anastasia, Ilia's mom, Moscow, Russia
Respen-A TM Campaign

MedDEV-OTC Inc. has launched a grassroots campaign to raise the necessary funds to have Respen-A manufactured and marketed as an over the counter treatment that is easily accessible to millions of children and families worldwide. Please watch our campaign video, above, and share!

100% of purchases and donations will go towards our Phase 1 Milestone campaign goal of $609,726 USD. As of 10/24/18 $43,026.17 has been raised through fundraising and purchases. That brings us more than halfway to item #1 of the first Milestone, which is for base documentation required to develop processes and validate chemical compounds with an emphasis on engineering and regulatory procedures. 
We are offering 3 months of FREE RESPEN-A ...

How to get it: send us a before and after video of your child on Respen-A that we can post on our www.respen-a.com website under testimonials, and on our Facebook page.

This offer is valid WORLD-WIDE and includes the calcium/magnesium skin cream. Simply upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo, then send us the link at info@respen-a.com.

Please stay tuned for our April, 2019 Newsletter !
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