WELCOME to the very first “SLICE of PIE” newsletter –we sincerely hope you will enjoy this taste, come back for more, and help us share the PIE in our community!

This post serves as an introduction on several fronts – PIE, the new “SLICE” newsletter and a little bit about me as your current Chair of the PIE Board of Directors!

Partners in Education (PIE) are currently active in 7 school districts in our region, with partnerships in 84 schools and involving 292 community partners! No matter the size of your business or organization, YOU can have a meaningful, positive impact! Please fill out the Partnership Interest Form and we promise to find you a great match with students in our community!

Our “SLICE of PIE” bi-monthly newsletter will include topics of interest and success stories from the PIE Partnerships in the region.Here is a quick list of the articles in this issue:

S potlight Keeping My Promise
L earning Get a CLUE
I nnovation STEAM Leadership Retreat
C ommunity Better Together
E ngage PIE Readers

My personal background – I have worked at Kodak for over 30 years, starting as an engineering intern in my home state of Colorado, moving to Columbus 11 years ago, and becoming the Site Director for Kodak’s Columbus Lithographic Plate Manufacturing plant in December 2017.

As a chemical engineer by training, I was very excited about our “STEAM Works” themed PIE Kick-Off Breakfast this year. Aliya Bhatia was our presenter and workshop facilitator. She shared some great tips on how to maximize your partnership experience through project-based learning. Please know that our region’s schools are fully committed to develop the skills needed for our future workforce, and look forward to your collaborative support to make it happen!

Warmest regards,
Sue Hall
"Keeping My Promise and
Making My Dash Count"
Dr. Gail Burgos, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at TSYS-IT and member of PIE Board of Directors, recently started a scholarship at Talbot County Central High School to honor the memory of her father.

To read more from Dr. Burgos click HERE
Need Homework Help? 
Connect With a Live Tutor Free of Charge.   
The Chattahoochee Valley Libraries is now offering live online homework help powered by Brainfuse. Expert tutors will be available daily from 2:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. to assist students in grades K-12 with Math, Science, Social Studies, English, SAT/ACT Prep, and more.

We encourage everyone to get a library card, but you can still use Brainfuse with your CLUE account. CLUE (Chattahoochee Libraries United with Education) is a special account for students and teachers allowing access to the library's electronic resources. Visit to find out how to log in.  

Students can communicate with live tutors using an interactive whiteboard to chat, write, draw, copy/paste text or images, and graph homework problems. Sessions can be recorded and replayed with classmates and teachers.

Anytime of day, you can upload a writing assignment for feedback, form an online study group, create flash cards, and create and share movie-like notes. You can also download Brainfuse Android and iOS apps to get help on the go. 

Visit for more info about Brainfuse. Get the tutoring help you need, free from your local public library! 

CLUE is currently in Muscogee, Chattahoochee, and Marion counties.
STEAM Leadership Retreat
Arnold Magnet Academy entered in a three year partnership with Discovery Education called STEMformation. The STEAM Leadership Retreat was held at Arnold Magnet Academy on July 23, 2018. This collaborative kickoff of the STEAM transformation was intended to bring all facets of the community together to discuss the idea of STEAM education and how it can help shape the larger community. During this STEAM Leadership Retreat, we examined data about STEAM jobs, participated in a hands on STEAM experiences, and begin to map Arnold Magnet Academy’s STEAM journey. 

The STEAM Launch event was held in the Arnold Magnet Academy Cafeteria on August 23, 2018.
Focus: Developing high quality STEAM experiences in “MY” classroom 

Goal: To foster a community of stakeholders sharing a common language, knowledge, understanding, and vision for STEAM education and to ignite community engagement around this cultural change. 
A Piece of Piedmont PIE
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P I E Readers
Two years ago with the help of the RiverCenter we started a program in two elementary schools using volunteers to administer the Reading Wonders curriculum to small groups of on-level readers, three days a week. Last year we increased to 7 schools and the results were amazing - not only was there Lexile growth of 240 points but the relationships the volunteers and children formed were overwhelming. We are increasing the number of schools this year with a new name PIE Readers, coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce’s Partners-in-Education program.

We have found success by having the same volunteer each week for 30 minute sessions and using the curriculum plan. Program is coordinated by the Academic Coach and Parent Coordinator. Volunteers can be anyone -some of your PIE partners, other volunteers. You don’t need a ton. Start small with 3rd grade, let us train them, and then add as you see the success. Interested? Send an email to .
Thank you for being a part of this amazing program and helping to enrich the lives of our students in this region. We hope that you have enjoyed the first issue of our “SLICE of PIE” newsletter! If you would like to be featured in an upcoming issue to spotlight your partnership(s) you are welcome to email your PIE Program Manager, Angela Allison .

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