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December 2018
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We will only be open from 7 - 10am on Friday December 14th f or Aerial Rescue Training.
We will also be closed  December 21st thru 25th for the Christmas Holiday.     
Citrus fruits begin to ripen now. Change in color is due to cooler temperatures but may not always indicate sweetness. Deciduous tress should be pruned now through February. These include mulberries, pecans, elms, ash, desert willows, chaste trees, stone fruits and others. Shrubs like Mexican bird of paradise, lantana, yellow bells, orange jubilee, and bougainvillea are vulnerable to frost damage and may need to be covered.  As in November, December is a great time to...Continue Reading

Frost Protection Dos and Don'ts
Be prepared to protect your frost sensitive trees such as Ficus, Citrus trees, and Thevetias. Call us to set an appointment for a frost protection quote at 602-788-0005. If you prefer the DIY method, here are a couple of quick tips: Keep your trees watered in advance of cold nights. The added humidity can help. Don't use plastic to cover plants or trees. For more information on dos & don'ts here's an excellent article from the University of Arizona on frost protection in our low desert climate.  U of A Frost Protection Article
Pinus eldarica or   Elderica Pine, is  also known as Afghan, Mondell, Elder or Calabrian Pine. It is a fast growing desert adapted evergreen that reaches an approximate height of 50ft, and can have a 30ft spread at maturity. Elderica's fresh fragrance, low litter, tolerance of our alkaline and clay soils as well as our hot, dry climate make it a great choice if your yard will accommodate its size at maturity. Gather and dry it's 3 inch oblong reddish-brown cones to use as fire starter material, or to create a Pine Cone wreath!   More about the Elderica Pine

John at Simple Farm
November Talking Trees Podcast 
Missed it? No problem, we've provided a link below. In the November radio broadcast John speaks about Pistache and Velvet Mesquite trees plus more on pruning, watering, wood chips and compost. Set a reminder now to tune in for the next live broadcast on KTAR 92.3 FM Saturday December 8th. John's segment begins at 8am. 

Learn the basics of proper pruning
from ISA Certified Arborist John Eisenhower. This highly popular class includes instruction on how to prune young trees for good structure, three types of pruning cuts, and the most common pruning mistakes. 
Date: S aturday, January 26th
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Location: Desert Botanical Garden
Click the link below, then scroll down until you see "Pruning Trees and  Shrubs". 

Ask a Certified Arborist 
Question: W hat month should I have my Olive trees sprayed to inhibit fruit production?
Answer: Depending on weather conditions, schedule olive tree spraying from January through early April. Also, if the canopy is dense, pruning the trees prior to spraying allows for a more thorough spray coverage and fewer olives dropping in the fall.  Josh Taber ISA Certified Arborist - WE-12183A  

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
May the blessings of this holiday season be yours and the upcoming year be filled with good cheer and  good health.
From all of us at Integrity Tree Service,  
have a safe & happy holiday season!

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