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Snow Clearing
The City of Mississauga is ready to keep those travelling in our city safe this winter. City crews, including snow plows will be readily available to help clear roads, on-street bike lanes, sidewalks and other City infrastructure during a snowfall.

The City clears 5,600 lane kilometres of roads and on-street bike lanes, 1,600 lane kilometres of priority sidewalks, 3,400 bus stops, 90 kilometres of roadside multi-use trails and over 1,000 pedestrian crossings.
For Winter Maintenance Priority Road and Sidewalk maps, please click  here .

For more information about snow clearing in the city, visit
Wild Turkey Update
There has been a lot of discussion about the wild turkeys in the Lakeshore/Silver Birch area over the last few months.

According to Animal Services, this turkey has represented quite a challenge as they are extremely difficult to capture humanely and are a protected species.

The specific challenge with capturing this bird is that it can fly and uses its ability to fly, in order to evade capture by the officers and before they can get close enough to net it.
Wild turkeys are protected species and therefore, more evasive measures to remove the bird are not an option. Further, provincial restrictions require that if captured, the turkey could not be relocated more than one kilometre away from where it was picked up where we may simply be able to move the nuisance animal to another part of the City. Similar to our challenge with coyotes, feeding and attractants are the root cause to these species becoming part of our community and posing a nuisance.

They've determined that the act of people feeding this turkey, fondly named by the community as Clarke, has likely contributed to it sticking around and remaining bold in its approach to cars and neighbourhoods in hopes of further feeding. At this time, staff are suggesting the community’s support in not feeding the turkey and in making efforts to safely haze the animal to make it known that it is not welcome.

Our officers are aware of the situation and will penalize those who are feeding wildlife and charges will be laid if there is no compliance.

In addition, Wildlife Crossing signs were placed in the area of Lakeshore Road and Silver Birch Trail warning motorists to drive with caution.
Mississauga's Share your thoughts on the City Budget
As the costs to deliver quality City services continue to increase, what’s the right balance between service levels and spending? Tell us your thoughts on the City of Mississauga’s proposed 2019 Budget.

Try the budget allocator , explore the City’s budget website, request a group meeting or attend a Budget Committee meeting. Learn about what you get for your tax dollars at

Mississauga's online budget allocator for the 2019 Budget is now available at t . This interactive tool lets residents choose their preferred spending option on 12 City services. Residents can also explore and learn more about the services included in the City’s budget and the overall process.
From roads and transit to fire and emergency services, library, animal services and recreation programs, City services affect people’s lives each day. Decisions about spending on City services and service levels drive the budget. Residents can use the allocator to test different spending options by increasing or decreasing the budget for each service area and then see if they have balanced the budget.

There are several ways to get involved and have your say:

I will be hosting a Budget Town Hall on January 9th, 2019. Stay tuned for more details.
Multi-use Trail Update
A nother section of the multiuse trail construction, including a new bridge over Sheridan Creek started at the beginning of November. 

A a portion of the Sheridan Creek Trail within the Hydro One corridor is closed for its full reconstruction in conjunction with the new bridge construction. The Sheridan Creek bridge installation is scheduled for the week of December 10, 2018. Once completed, the trail can be paved and reopened to the public.

The contractors and the consultant are working as fast as possible in the present weather conditions.
The Winston Churchill Blvd. to Bromsgrove Rd. section of the trail will commence in April with anticipated completion in June 2019.

In addition, the trail construction between Clarkson Rd. and Welwyn Dr. is planned to be completed in coming days.

Concrete paving, fencing and gates are anticipated to be completed by mid-December, at which time this section will be opened to the public. This is all dependent on weather.

Anticipation of completion for the construction along Welwyn Dr. to Southdown Rd. is by December 24, 2018. The Turtle Creek bridge is scheduled to go in the first week of December. If the weather cooperates, the paving, fencing and gates will be completed, which will enable this section to be opened before the end of the year, otherwise it will be in the spring 2019.

The construction zones will be enclosed with safety fence and the areas outside of the construction zones will remain open.

Construction of the entire trail should be completed by summer of 2019.

As with any construction project, it is expected that the area will be busy with construction activity. During this time, we ask for your patience and assistance in keeping away from construction activity as we look forward to the successful completion of these works .

Should you have any questions please contact Irina Polo, Project Manager at:
905-615-3200, ext. 3707 or email at .
Clarkson Transit Station Area
The Government of Ontario and their partners at Metrolinx are investing in convenient, integrated transit across the province. This includes electrification of our GO train lines. In Mississauga, the Lakeshore West GO line will undergo changes to allow for electrification and 15 min, all day two-way service.

To prepare for these changes, the City of Mississauga is developing a plan for the area surrounding the Clarkson GO station. The Clarkson Transit Station Area Study will provide a planning framework to guide future development, ensuring it supports transit and contributes to the walkability of the area. In addition, the study seeks to:

•            Gather feedback from stakeholders and the local community
•            Complete a transportation assessment
•            Explore the possibility of employment land conversions
•            Develop a land use plan and policies

The City of Mississauga is leading the Clarkson Transit Station Area Study in partnership with the Region of Peel. A consultant team is providing specialized expertise in land use planning, policy development, urban design, transportation and economic viability.

Opportunities to participate

Join us for a community engagement session on Wednesday, December 5th at Clarkson Community Church, 1880 Lakeshore Road West.

C ommunity Meeting #1 - December 5th at 3:30-5:30pm or 7:00pm – 9:00pm at Clarkson Community Church

Stay informed

For more information please visit: - will be your source for project resources, upcoming events, engagement opportunities and more.
Region of Peel - Yard Waste Collection Ends this December
Region of Peel residents are advised that curbside yard waste collection is coming to an end.

  • Weekly yard waste collection ends during the week of December 10 to 13, on residents’ regularly scheduled collection day.
Residents are encouraged to visit   and check " When Does it Go " for their last yard waste collection day.
Residents should place all small bundles of brush, kraft paper bags or containers of yard waste at the curb on their collection day. They are also advised to follow these instructions:
  • Small bundles of yard waste and brush must not exceed 1.2 m. (4 ft.) and 76 cm. (30 in.) in diameter and weigh no more than 20 kg. (44 lbs.).
  • Individual branches and tree limbs must not exceed 1.2 m. (4 ft.) in length and 7.5 cm. (3 in.) in diameter and weigh no more than 20 kg. (44 lbs.).
  • Yard waste should be placed in labelled, open, rigid and reusable containers, bushel baskets, or paper yard waste bags. Old garbage cans/containers or old blue/grey boxes can be used, but must be in good condition and labelled “Yard Waste.”
  • Yard waste will not be collected if it is set out in plastic bags, cardboard boxes, or is in a container that weighs more than 20 kgs. (44 lbs.).

The Region of Peel works with residents and partners to create a healthy, safe and connected community for life for more than 1.4 million people and approximately 163,000 businesses in the cities of Brampton and Mississauga and the Town of Caledon. Peel's services touch the lives of residents every day.

For more information about the Region of Peel, explore  and follow us on Twitter at  @regionofpeel .
Citizen Appointments
Are you interested in being a citizen member of a City of Mississauga committee?

The City has a number of committees, boards and authorities that need citizens' talent and expertise.

The City of Mississauga will be seeking applications to appoint citizen members to various committees for the new term of Council. Furthermore, there will be advertising in the local newspaper as well on the City's Public Notice webpage found at:


Applications will be accepted beginning Tuesday, November 27, 2018 until end of day Friday, January 4, 2019 at the following link: Application Form

Committees, Local Boards and Authorities

For more information about the City's committees, please visit:

For more information about the local boards and authorities, please visit:

Mississauga Arts Council -

If you have any questions, please call 3-1-1 (905-615-4311 outside of city limits) or visit:

Office of the City Clerk 
300 City Centre Drive, 2nd Floor 
Mississauga ON, L5B 3C1 
Fax: 905-615-4181 
Community Announcements
On November 16th, I attended the official opening of Mathnasium, welcoming this new business to the Clarkson Community and participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

I was also honoured to attend the 50th Anniversary of Wawel Villa on November 17th, where I had the opportunity to congratulate those who have contributed to the success of this great facility. Congratulations Wawel Villa!
Community Events
Clarkson Transit Station Study - Community Meeting #1 - December 5th at 3:30-5:30pm or 7:00pm – 9:00pm at Clarkson Community Church, 1880 Lakeshore Rd. W.

The Credit Valley Horticultural Society will be meeting on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 8:00 pm in the South Common Community Centre, Arbour Green Room, 2233 South Millway. Cathy Dutton, is the program director, who will be speaking on ‘Pine Cones, Berries and Boughs – Easy Christmas Décor’. Visitors and new members are welcome, (non-members $2.00). For more information please visit or call 905-822-1606.

January 9th, 2019 - Save the date for Ward 2 Budget Town Hall - details to follow