Volume 1, Number 12 | December 2018
New online platform to help supervisors locate 911 callers
DEC supervisors are now able to login to a web-based service to get supplemental location information for 911 callers.
This service, RapidSOS, is offered free to PSAPs and uses cell phone technology to provide a more accurate location for active calls.
Because it is web-based, it is only available for supervisors now, but it will be integrated into the next CAD upgrade, coming within the next six months to one year, according to Jackie Crotts, deputy director of technology for DEC.

November in review
Congratulations to Halloween Costume Contest winners
Chiquitta Branch, left, and A'ishah Robinson won a $25 gift card in the staff Halloween Costume Contest for their depiction of the characters Cosmo, Wanda and baby Poof from the Nickleodeon TV show, "The Fairly OddParents." According to Chiquitta, " We chose them because we thought it would be fun to dress up as a pair, putting the costumes together was relatively simple, and most people would recognize the characters."

School celebration, community walk, presentations in Nov.

As DEC's community outreach for 2018 is winding down, November events included One Richmond, One Book on Nov. 7-8, Barack Obama Elementary School Fall Celebration on Nov. 10, Resources for Independent Living text-to-911 presentation on Nov. 10, Sector 213 Community Walk on Nov. 14, and the Maymont Civic League presentation on Nov. 19. Thanks to everyone who helped!

IDT members tour Mobile Incident Command truck
Members of the Incident Dispatch Team got a tour of the Mobile Incident Command truck on Nov. 20 from Bill Lawson with the Office of Emergency Management. The truck provides a mobile office with workstations, connections, cameras and more during planned and unplanned events.
DEC Communicator Challenge
E.C. Harris displays the newly installed unrecorded telephone line to receive
anonymous tips on illegal drug activities.
Photo by Richmond Newspapers.
New monthly trivia contest kicks off
Each month, the "Behind the Headset" newsletter will feature a different trivia contest. All employees who submit a correct answer by the deadline will be entered into a drawing for a prize. All contest entries must be submitted by clicking the link in the box below and entering "December Communicator Challenge answer" in the subject line. The correct answer and winner will be announced by email to all employees.
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