Benefit Bytes December 2018
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First and foremost, we would like to take a moment to wish all of You and Your Families a very happy, safe & loving
Holiday Season!
Open Enrollment Periods Are Coming to an End!!

Medicare ends
December 7th 2018!

Marketplace ends
December 15th 2018!

If you have still not picked a new plan or unsure of which plan will fit your needs and budget, call us today!!! Don't wait until the last minute to make such an important choice! For information on how we can help you, please click here .

*If you do not sign up for a new policy by the end of the enrollment period, you may not be eligible to sign up for a policy for 2019 (unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period).
Top Question of the Month
What is the Difference
Between Different Types
of Health Plans?
Many people are very confused by all the different types of health insurance policies available to them. HMOs and PPOs have been pretty standard for decades and most people are familiar with them, but what about EPOs and POS? While these plans have been available for some time, most people aren't familiar with them. We took some time to discuss these types of plans. Click here to learn more!
Demand for Supplemental Policies
is on the Rise!

Many Employers have been asking us about supplemental plans to help cover things such as copays, deductibles, maternity leave or missing work due to an accident or illness.

These benefits are insurance products employees can elect to add to their plans to fill gaps in health insurance to help with the costs associated with medical bills and missed time at work. Recently, we published an article on our blog regarding "Medical Bankruptcy" in America and how these plans have been vital in keeping people from losing their savings and homes while dealing with illness. You can find that post here .

Voluntary benefits are offered by employers but are paid mostly by employees through payroll. Offering Voluntary plans can also help small businesses in attracting and retaining top talent in today’s increasingly competitive market. For the top 3 reasons Employers across the country are offering these plans, please click here .

To learn more about these benefits, please click here or give us a call at 215-355-2121 !
Top Insurance News

We love our clients and go out of our way to ensure they have the best experience possible while working with us. We wanted to use this space to highlight some of the thoughtful feedback we have received by some of them. Hearing from you, gives us the drive to continue to offer excellent service! So please, continue to let us know how we are doing!!!
I've been getting my health insurance through Ed at Total Benefit Solutions and his team for the past few years. It has always been a great experience. I had the pleasure of speaking to Jennifer this evening to renew my coverage. I'm very appreciative of her advice and help. She made it very easy. -Reita B
"I was completely lost when looking for new health insurance. I called several brokers, and none would take the time to explain everything to me. He took his time and explained everything to me and answered every question I asked, without sounding annoyed. I am so grateful for the amazing service! I highly recommend!" -Ariel M.
"We have used and have referred many of our clients to Ed MacConnell and his team at Total Benefit Solutions. In the complicated health insurance market of today’s world Ed makes selecting and managing health insurance as simple as possible. Time and time again, Total Benefit Solutions has been able to find cost effective quality health insurance for us and our clients. I highly recommend Total Benefit Solutions for all your health insurance needs." - Joseph P
We Value Your Feedback!
At Total Benefit Solutions your feedback is important to us. We work for your benefit and are here to serve our clients! Please take a moment to visit our page on Facebook and leave a review of your experience or take one of our our client surveys. 

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Edward T. MacConnell CBC, CHRS
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