December Newsletter

Message from the President:

As outgoing president, I would like to first thank our Board of Directors and leadership, as well as our sponsors and supporters. Your contributions, support and funding has been critical in helping to work toward the organizations strategic goals of facilitating communication, sharing and collaboration among those in North America to bring transformational solutions that advance science and animal welfare. I am proud to share some of our successes from 2019: · We relaunched, providing more our streamlined information about our mission, strategic goals, current programs and workstreams. We look forward to working with our membership to grow this site into a resource-rich hub of information and collaboration for the scientific community.

  • Our Complex In Vitro Models (CIVM) group was formed with the mission of building a centralized resource for researchers to navigate the growing field of in vitro models. We would like to thank AxoSim, Inc., Mimetas B.V., TissUse, SynVivo, Draper, DefiniGEN, Ltd., Tara, and Nortis for sponsoring the workstream and we invite others in this space to jump aboard and collaborate.
  • Our Translational Digital Biomarkers Hub is being formed with interest from those working in the space of digital endpoints and emerging technologies. Digital biomarkers provide an opportunity to better understand in vivo models and translate new data sources into valuable, actionable insights. It is imperative that we leverage these emerging technologies to increase clinical relevance and translation of our preclinical in vivo models. As this is a newer initiative, now is the perfect time to get involved. This group looks forward to creating an easily accessible, centralized hub detailing the capabilities of various preclinical biomarker technologies and expediting interaction with these systems.
  • In addition to these workstreams, the NA3RsC has begun scoping a workstream focused on refinement initiatives to improve animal welfare and scientific rigor. We look forward to sharing the scope and projected deliverables in the new year.
  • And last but certainly not least, we are excited to announce that the organization has selected our first recipient of the NA3RsC Fellowship who will be joining us in early 2020. The NA3RsC fellow will work closely with our leadership to continue building upon our solid foundation and will be responsible for managing the programs of the organization. We look forward to sharing the formal announcement and introduction in the new year!

If you’re interested in becoming a member of our organization or getting involved in any of our workstreams, please contact our operations manager, Alice McVey .

I am incredibly proud to be a part of this organization and remain dedicated to our mission and optimistic about our future. I look forward to turning the leadership torch over to Lisa Stanislawczyk in the new year. And while I have confidence that the organization will continue to be successful, we need your commitment, engagement and willingness to collaborate in order to create deliverables for shared impact. Please reach out to me or any of our leadership if you have questions or ideas that may lend to improved success.

On behalf of the entire organization I would like to thank you for your support and extend our warmest wishes for a happy holiday season!

With gratitude,

Natalie A. Bratcher
NA3RsC 2019 President
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Elections for 2020
You will be receiving an email with a link to our 2020 elections. The election will be open for a few weeks to give everyone the chance to catch up on their emails over the holidays. We have 4 open positions:

  • Vice President Elect
  • Secretary
  • Board of Directors (2 positions)

Thank you for supporting us by voting.
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We would like to thank the following institutions for grants/financial assistance in 2019 which supported our website and educational efforts..

2019 Officers
President: Natalie Bratcher, AbbVie
Vice President: Lisa Stanislawczyk, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Vice President Elect: Benjamin Cappiello, AxoSim, Inc.
Past President: Mary Ann Brannon-Vasbinder, GSK
Secretary: Norman Peterson, AstraZeneca
Treasurer: Jennifer McMillan, Emory University/Yerkes
2019 Directors
Szczepan Baran, Novartis
Alan Hoberman, Charles River
Melanie Graham, University of Minnesota
Jerry Poling, Eli Lilly
Sally Thompson-Iritani, Washington National Primate Research Center
Laura Schaevitz, Vium, Inc.
Sharon Ostergaard, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Judy MacArthur-Clarke, JMC Consultancy and JMC Welfare International
Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Food and Drug Administration
The North American 3Rs Collaborative​
December Newsletter
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