December 18, 2019
December 2019 Board Meeting Recap Video
President, Rob Armstrong, QC, and President-Elect Kent Teskey, QC, provide a summary of what happened at the December Board meeting. They discuss the election of Darlene W. Scott, QC, as the incoming President-Elect, approval of 2020-24 Strategic Plan and other matters. Find out more in this video update.

Past Board meeting recap videos can be found on our website.
Rule Changes from December 2019 Board Meeting
A new version of the Rules of the Law Society of Alberta is now available on our website following changes from the December 2019 Board meeting. The Board approved changes to the information that is maintained on the member roll and the student-at-law register (Rules 39 and 40). The information being made publicly available on the Lawyer Directory was also clarified (Rule 40.1). Changes to the rules governing publication of hearing outcomes and notices of suspensions and disbarment were also amended (Rule 106) and a new rule was created to provide direction regarding the content of notices of suspensions and disbarments (Rule 107). Lastly, changes were approved by the Board regarding the process for Conduct Committee review when a conduct matter is referred to that committee under section 56 of the Legal Profession Act (Rule 88).

Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season
Our offices will be closed at noon on Tuesday, December 24 and will re-open for regular business on Friday, December 27. We will close at noon on Tuesday, December 31 and resume regular office hours on Thursday, January 2.