December Development Update
Welcome to our end of year development newsletter!

Take a look below at the system updates we're working on now. We welcome your questions and would be happy to go over any item so we can make changes for the best result and you feel comfortable before it goes live.
Reminder: Digital Disclaimer Signatures
Soon, the disclaimer you see on every management checkout will have new options for completion in addition to the existing print and get a physical signature method. You will be able to email the disclaimer to your customer for a digital signature, collect a digital signature right in the office by asking your customer to sign the screen (with mouse or touchscreen), and mark that you already have a signed disclaimer on file. Please feel free to contact us with questions before this goes live. We expect to release this update in the next few weeks.
More to Come...
  • Ability to generate a temporary password when creating a member in an existing account
  • Ability to add notes when emailing a temporary password
  • Change in processing used for address validation (not the validation itself)

  • Sibling discount on the program level to affect multiple activities
  • Advanced activity restriction on registration if dates selected are full
  • Carryover of advanced activity fee display on clone
  • Team score updates by dates listed instead of need to add dates in score area
  • Ability to change the overall message sent when someone is moved from the waitlist
  • Second guardian view option for public coach/instructor rosters

  • The ability to open a door or gate when scanning a membership card via Axess Door machines
  • Replacement of Flash with HTML5 for webcam membership photo capture
  • Reduction in facilities listed for membership scans to just those that allow scans

  • Default deposits for reservation set by facility
  • Conversion of delete the date function in reservations to a cancel date function for better tracking
  • Method of sending permit and receipt once reservation is paid (if permit initially withheld)
  • Addition of question answers to reservation export
  • Ability to require document uploads on reservations and facility requests
  • Ability to book quick, no-cost items directly from the calendar (ex. Zamboni time)
  • Time block fee pre-fill when processing a facility request into a reservation

  • Upgrades to the MuniciPay gateway for a stronger connection
  • Finalization of the Xpress Bill Pay gateway
  • Integration with an EMV (chip) credit card reader

Email Blasts
  • Email blast to the purchasers of selected products in a given date range
  • Deactivation of email addresses if bulk email to them bounces back
  • Email blast for balances owed by reservation

  • Addition of a save path to the Admins finance export
  • Report for reservation income based on facility
  • Conversion of data type used in facility sales report to reflect sale instead of income
  • Removal of non-income columns in program & membership income reports
  • Creation of balance and income combined view reports for programs and memberships
  • Report for membership scans by membership type within date range
  • Update to balances owed comparison report to filter out registration forms
  • Breakdown of non-CC refunds on disbursement summary by payment type report to cash and check
  • Default of daily payment summary report to a single date for the date of viewing (i.e. 'today')

  • Background updates to improve system display and update speed
  • Enhancement of disaster recovery backup plans
  • Email reminders for due dates on activities and reservations
  • Consistency updates in public calendar list display (relative to public calendar)
  • Update to Misc > Features to see all settings available
  • Ability to see items for future/past months on the management calendar with just arrow clicks

But wait, there's more...
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We'll see you all next year. Here's to a great 2020!
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