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 December 2 019  
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HOA Annual Assessment

HOA Billing Statements will be mailed out the first week of December. Please call Canady & Canady at 713-783-1021 if you do not receive your bill in the mail by mid-December.
December Events/Reminders

HOA Board Meeting

Story Time
(See Flyer Below)

Holiday Jam Story Time
(See Flyer Below)

Food Truck Friday
Frosty Festival
(See Flyer Below)

Modification Applications Due
HOA Management Office
By 2pm

Special Events Committee Meeting

23rd-27th, 31st & Jan. 1st
HOA Management Office Closed
Holiday Yard of the Month


Take a picture (at night) of the house you would like to nominate, it can be your own home.

Email the picture and address to   or 
by  December 16th.
Winner will be announced on December 18th.

The winner will receive a $50 gift card courtesy of this month's sponsor Spring Katy Home and Garden Show.

Outdoor Pavilion Reminders  

If you are hosting an event at the pavilion and trash cans are full please bring your trash up to the bins outside the Gym doors.

Absolutely no vehicles are allowed drive on the Sports Fields to carry party items or inflatables to the pavilion area.

Barbecue Pits/Smokers are not allowed in this area. 

Thank you for helping to make Firethorne a great place to live!
New Stop Sign coming to the corner of 
McDonough Way and Davenport Drive!

Community Reminders:
  • Check your fences for any repairs that may be needed. Fence upkeep is the homeowners responsibility. This includes wrought iron fencing.
  • Your home address should be visible from the street. Make sure your landscaping is not blocking the numbers.
  • Clean up after your dog(s). Other residents should not have to look at, step in and/or have to clean up after your dog!
  • Lock your car doors and do not leave any valuables in your car.
  • Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number is 281-341-4665.
Political Sign Rules

Political signs are only permitted as temporary signs on private property for all local, state or federal election purposes and must meet the following criteria: 
  • Sign may not exceed 24" x 35"  
  • Sign may not be mounted on any exterior part of the dwelling such as garages, patios, fences or walls. 
  • Sign may be posted no earlier than ninety (90) days prior to the elections and must be removed within ten (10) days following the election. 
  • Sign may not contain roofing material, siding, paving materials, flora, one or more balloons or lights, or any other similar building, landscaping, or nonstandard decorative component
  • Sign may not be attached in any way to plant material, a traffic control device, a light, a trailer, a vehicle, or any other existing structure or object
  • Sign may not include the painting of architectural surfaces
  • Sign may not threaten the public health or safety
  • Sign may not violate a law
  • Sign may not contain language, graphics, or any display that would be offensive to the ordinary person
  • Sign may not be accompanied by music or other sounds or by streamers or is otherwise distracting to motorists. 
  • Political signs are prohibited on any Firethorne right of way, facilities or common area.

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