A Message from the President and Founder, Lauren Genkinger

I can't believe it's the end of the year when I get to reflect on the entire year and what we accomplished together.   It's time to thank each of you for the time and money you give to this organization; my friends know how important AGA is to me.  It has been my true passion for 16  
years and I've devoted much of my life and soul to it - you know I will do anything that has to be  
done to save or help a golden.  I'm happy to tell you we rescued and rehomed over 150 golden  
retrievers in the last 12 months.  I do believe "a house is not a home without a golden" and
all of you know what I mean.  I know 4,600 families who adopted an AGA golden know exactly
what I mean.  My heart is full when I think of those families and goldens.  I  often can't find
the words to explain why this organization means so much to me.  I have met the most
wonderful, generous people in the world through AGA.  People who love golden retrievers
are so very special - just like a golden!   
Our supporters keep giving and giving every year, and every year I ask more from each of you,  
because I am obsessed with making AGA the best place on earth for any golden retriever  
in need.  Tonight, look into the eyes of your golden and know we are here for you and your golden.   
I love this breed so much.  I can't even think of a golden suffering or in pain.  I often ask why
I'm obsessed?  I've been asked to stop and told to slow down and do less and I cannot.  Why me?
I find the answer lies in my heart where my first goldens live (Samantha, Trooper, Holden,
Logan, Buckley & Finn).  I  can't bring them back and you can't bring yours back but right now
we can help others and ensure AGA is here tomorrow and ABLE to help every golden
regardless where they are - your home, my home, or wandering the streets of Istanbul. 
I ask you one more time this year - please DONATE whatever you can and I promise you we'll
be stronger and better than ever.  We plan to introduce several community programs in 2020
to help people who have goldens in their lives.  Please help us do that - sign up to volunteer
with us or make a donation.  

With great appreciation,

Here's what Abe's foster mom has to say:
It has been amazing watching Abe blossom over the weeks that I have had him!  In the
beginning he was skinny and his coat was in bad shape, and he was terrified of everything and always kept his tail tucked between his legs.  Now, we come home to a wagging tail and a
smiling boy with no more ribs showing and a beautiful, soft Golden coat.  He loves toys, bones,
and especially big, soft dog beds!  He loves all of the dogs and people he has met, and is just a sweet, gentle boy. He will make a wonderful companion for someone.    
Click here to learn more about me!  

Sunday, December 8th, 12 noon - 2 p.m. at 
4958 Lower Roswell Rd #124, Marietta, GA 30068


If you want to join AGA in the Parade this Saturday, December 7th
with your golden, there's still time to register.
(We will be on TV)


How do I switch my pet's food?  

How long should this take?
Unfortunately every pet is an individual and we've seen pets that can switch from one food at breakfast to another at dinner with no problems, while other pets require 4-6 week transitions to avoid
stomach upset. To be on the safe side, like any big transition, it is best to introduce the new food slowly. We recommend gradually mixing an increasing amount of the new food into to the old diet for over the course of at least one week to allow your pet's digestive tract the time to adjust. Just like humans, pets have a delicate digestive balance
that is important for their overall health. By extending the transition over the course of a week, you allow your pet's digestive tract to smoothly adapt to the new food.


AGA was very busy this past month with some amazing adoptions!  Here are some
of the new families that were formed in November.  Congratulations to all of our
pups who found their forever homes
in November.

Eloise, Caroline, Beignet, Etouffee, Oliver, Duchess,
Chase, Emilio Pup, Gumbo, Bear, Creole, Samson,
Angelina and Marc Doodle.

A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers, especially the foster families who helped
these orphans (and thank you to the flight volunteers who bring the Turkey dogs)
find their forever families!   

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