INKY News: December 2019
We Are Called to Be Witnesses
by Nikki Shaw
Director of Communications

Even the sheep were there.

As the years pass and the Nativity stories in Matthew and Luke start to become well-used in my memory, I find I need to re-introduce myself to the narrative, review the details, look for the things I have forgotten or missed.

This year, it's the sheep. That angel we know so well, the one in Luke's telling that proclaims “Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people," proclaims this first Good News to the shepherds, yes, but also to the sheep and the land they graze on.

This year, as we tell each other this first story of Christ, of Emmanuel, let us remember that the God-with-Us includes all of us in this great creation. God in Christ has come to proclaim Good News to the people of this world, surely, but also to all creatures great and small, and from mountain to mountain, valley to valley. It is not just humanity that witnesses the in-breaking God, but even the unassuming sheep.

This season, when we find ourselves stressed to perform, to show up, to be all and do all and put a bow on it to boot, let us remember that we don't always need to be shepherds or magi, we don't need to be guiding stars or part of the heavenly host. We are invited to take a moment to pause and be sheep, witnesses to the wonder of God's work on earth, wordless observers who trust that all will be provided, that all will be well, and that all things will be as they should, according to God's loving will.

May this season bring you good news and great joy, yes, but mostly peace and wonder.
Annual Gathering 2020 News:
Living God's Economy
Annual Gathering: Mindful of Our
Past, Present, & Future

In 2018 we moved our Annual Gathering out of a university setting and into a church setting at Friedens UCC in Indianapolis. The theme, Igniting Church, was a hit, as were Marcia McFee and Carrie Newcomer. This investment in centering ourselves in the church was valuable.

In 2019, we returned to Friedens and saw an uptick in attendance; there was a lot of energy in our Building the Neighborhood theme. We designated a new award, the Lou and MaryAnna Speller Humanitarian Service Award. We'll soon be announcing the nominations process and look forward to lauding the first honoree next year.

For 2020, we decided to move the gathering to a church that would bring us out of Indianapolis and to other parts of our Conference. St. Marks, New Albany, IN, can accommodate the size of our gathering while allowing us to be present just across the Ohio River from Louisville, KY, one of the southernmost parts of our geography.

As we continue to explore what it means to be a Just Peace Conference at the next few Annual Gatherings, we will continue to honor our past and traditions, be nimble and present in our current contexts, and to look toward positive change and sustainability in our future.
Note the Date
In 2020 we meet June 25-27 , roughly 3 weeks later than we have traditionally met.
WISE Team:
Suicide Awareness

Rev. Jeff McCarn writes, "Suicide is a topic no one really wants to talk about, especially in the local church. However, having conversation around suicide in the local church may save someone’s life."

As a member of our IKC WISE Team, he's investing his time to learn and then educate others in the IKC about mental health concerns. Read more here by clicking this underlined link .
What Is COMCast?

Associate Conference Minister for Leadership Formation and Discernment, Rev. Toni Hawkins, presents this FAQ about the COMs Collaborating and Serving Together (COMCast). Your Committee on Ministry--there's one in every Association of the IKC--is the body that manages ministerial discernment and standing, among other duties. Read more about their collaborative body, COMCast, and learn who your Association's COMCast representative is. Simply click here on this underlined link.
Lilly Funded
Self-Sufficiency Initiative

"Lilly Endowment Inc. is launching a new grant initiative to encourage the creation and expansion of promising, collaborative strategies to help people in Indianapolis living in or near poverty make progress toward lasting economic self-sufficiency. Through  Enhancing Opportunity in Indianapolis , the Endowment will provide a total of up to $50 million in grants in 2020." Read more by clicking on this underlined link .
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