UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine Newsletter

December 2019/January 2020 - Issue#85

Drs. Dina Wallin, Shruti Kant, Suzanne Eick, Scott Sutton, Jeremy Lacocque, Eric Isaacs, Jeannie Noble, Kavita Gandhi, and Rosny Daniels spent a half day training 64 Life Academy 9th graders in Oakland in first responder skills. The students loved it and felt like they learned really valuable skills that they will be able to put to use in the future!

Dr. Andi Tenner was awarded the 2019 Short-Term Mentor Award, which was presented on December 13 at UCSF's 2019 Explore Symposium and Dean's Prize Awards.

Dr. Aaron Kornblith was just elected into the Society for Pediatric Research (SPR). SPR  an international society  whose purpose is to create a network of multidisciplinary researchers  to improve child  health.  SPR  promotes the interchange of ideas and provides opportunities for investigators to present and be honored for their work.

Dr. David Malmud has achieved subspecialty board certification in Emergency Medical Services by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.  Dr. Malmud teaches in the department's EMS Fellowship and Area of Distinction, and has served as the Medical Director for American Medical Response ambulance company in San Francisco and San Mateo counties since 2014.

Dr. Anita Vashi was selected to join VA National Researcher in Residence program. She will partner with the VA National Emergency Medicine Program Office and the Office of Community care to help with analysis and to bring research knowledge to policy and program planning. Specifically, she will help evaluate the VA MISSION Act, which provides Veterans with greater choice and access to timely, high-quality care including new access to civilian urgent care services.

Dr. Guy Shochat  was made an ACEP Fellow in October. This important FACEP designation speaks to Dr. Shochat's contributions to ACEP and highlights his commitment to emergency medicine.
Dr. Sally Graglia led an innovative point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) training to address unmet need in collaboration with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Advanced Training Course on Emerging Technologies and Countermeasures to CBRN Agenda: Advanced Training Responses to Conflict and Security Challenges in East Ukraine.   
She also delivered a lecture in the session for Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).
Thank you to the PEM POCUS (Point of Care Ultrasound) team!  We had a great PEM POCUS Faculty Workshop last week at UCSF  Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland with  Drs. Ashkon, Margaret and Scott teaching.  Ashkon  did a great job spearheading the workshop and Scott made amazing ultrasound models that were highly praised. We had over 25 faculty/fellows from Mission Bay, Oakland, and Stanford and teachers from Misison Bay, Oakland and Highland teaching.
Dr. Carol Chen  led a training of 36 interns and pediatric  residents in Liberia at John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFKMC) in Monrovia with a new pediatric emergency medicine curriculum developed by the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM).  The training was supported by a generous grant from the Doris Duke Foundation.  Other instructors included  Drs. Michelle Niescierenko  (PEM - Boston Children's Hospital) and Emily Hartford (PEM - Seattle Children's Hospital).  An evaluation of the curriculum was built into the pilot implementation which will be carried out by Drs.  Carol Chen  in collaboration with  Julia Kamano , the pediatric research nurse at JFKMC, and Heounohu Hessou, a Liberian intern who was accepted into the Emergency Medicine residency at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa.  Feedback from this pilot will guide revisions to the curriculum before it is released to AFEM for open-acess publication on their website.

On December 7, 2019 the UCSF EM Department hosted the 6th Annual UCSF EM Medical Student Symposium at Cole Hall. This year's theme was EMS Disaster & Wilderness Medicine. We had over 60 participants from local bay area medical schools as well as other medical professionals with nursing students and pharmacology students.  Faculty Lead: Drs. Aaron Harries  Resident Leads: Winnie ChanEmily Neill  Keynote Speakers:  Judy Klein: Wilderness Medicine John Brown: EMS Response Crash of Asiana Flight & MCI bus accident in San Francisco,  Chris Colwell: Disaster response Columbine and Aurora Theater mass shootings in Colorado,    Workshops Participants:   Ultrasound: Sally Graglia, Margaret Lin, Jeff Hahn, Scott Sutton  Suturing: Winnie Chan, Erin Bowler, Emily Neill, Mindy Duong, Jonathan Kobles, Alia Church, Katrina Stime  Wilderness Medicine: John Brown.

The National Foundation of Emergency Medicine  (NFEM) is a nonprofit organization that serves a national platform for expanding EM research and supporting the development of junior EM investigators.  In November we applied to become one of a select group of Emergency Medicine research departments in the Scholar/Mentor program for NFEM. This is a highly competitive program with approximately 5 chosen each year. We were recently notified of our selection with Drs. Debbie Madhok chosen as our scholar and Rob Rodriguez as her mentor. This program comes with two years of funding and extensive national collaborative training opportunities. Debbie will be attending the orientation session in Tuscon in March.


Dr. Andi Tenner  was invited by the World Health Organization and the Tunisian Ministry of Health to serve as a master trainer for a WHO Basic Emergency Care (BEC) Course and Training of Trainers December 3 - December 7, 2019. This was one of the first BEC courses to be conducted in French.

Dr. Dina Wallin gave grand rounds at Stanford's Emergency Medicine Residency on January 15. The title was "Pedi Code Greys Giving You Grey Hair? Pearls and Pitfalls of Pedi Psych Emergencies."

Dr. Dina Wallin was interviewed for a UC Davis podcast on November 17 titled Tech Talk .  They talked with Dr. Wallin, creator of the Leader's Library, on how she uses Slack to create a learning community of physicians across the globe.


Dr. Ellen Weber was interviewed for a story 
appearing  in January's  Emergency Medicine News.  
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Dr. Dina Wallin authored an article for  ALiEM titled The Leader's Library: Radical Candor | Curated Summary of the Discussion  published November 18.

Our DEM residents doing their EMS rotation are required to do a teaching session for EMS providers-this opportunity is also available for SFGH Emergency Department Attendings and Fellows who need to maintain their Base Physician credentials. Pictured in this epic "selfie" at the City College of San Francisco EMS November 2019 Skill Lab (after providing facilitation for a successful resuscitation sim lab) are (L to R):  Drs. Jesus Torres, Emily Neil, Jessica Chow, Tim Hong, Winnie Chan, Josh Bukowski and of course the ever-patient  Sim Man . The instructor team received great reviews from the paramedic students; their work with the EMS providers is appreciated

DEM residents volunteered in November to help the Surfrider Foundation clean up Baker Beach in San Francisco.  Surfrider Foundation is a national organization that focuses on protecting our water and oceans from pollution and preserving our coastlines/shorelines by advancing policies and initiating grassroots campaigns (e.g. banning plastic bags/straws/bottles in California, protecting the Atlantic from offshore oil drilling).(L to R): Drs. John Quinn, Jessica Chow, Winnie Chan, Lauren Chalwell's son (future superstar).

1st author poster at 2019 AAMC Annual Meeting , Phoenix, AZ  Title: Supporting Institutional Quality Improvement with Maintenance of Certification Credit
Authors:   Drs. Jeffrey Tabas , Joey Bernal, Karen Anstey, Sarah Doernberg, Weston Fisher, Shannon Fogh, Jin Ge, Esther Kim, Catherine Lau, Linda Liu, Claudia Mooney, Tymothi Peters, Glenn Rosenbluth, Stacey Samuels, Rahul Seth, Robert Baron.

  Dr. Robert Rodriguez was awarded funding as a Co-investigator in a UCSF REAC grant:  "
  Patient, provider, and system-level perspectives on strategies to reduce fear and improve      patient trust in emergency department settings in a time of heightened immigration               enforcement".

Applying LEAN Software Development Principles to Improve Global e-Health Applications: A Case Study of the BEC App Rose C, Nichols T, Hackner D, Chang J, Straube S, Jooste W, Sawe H, Tenner A. Abstract presented at the Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa in Cape Town, South Africa. Nov 2019.
UCSF's High Risk Hawaii Emergency Medicine course will be held 
April 14-18 at the Marriott Wailea, Maui
Course Chairs: Drs. Carol Chen, Liz Kwan, Will Shyy, and Jeff Tabas.
Many UCSF faculty will be teaching as well as our chief residents. 
Invited speakers include: 
Drs. Amal Mattu, Diane Birnbaumer, and Peter DeBlieux. 
More info at: Highriskhawaii.com

Department of Emergency Medicine Faculty Spring Retreat
April 29, 2020
"Building a Career in Global Emergency Care"
CME conference, Mission Bay
May 16-21, 2020

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