SWHVCA Upcoming Meetings:

The next South Woodland Hills Village Community Association meeting is January 13, 2020 at 7pm in the community room. We welcome all residents to attend.

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Kingwood Civic Club 2019 Holiday Decorating contest results are here, check out the full list as a starting point in your holiday lightseeing! :  http://kingwoodcivicclub.org/2019-winners.html  Congrats to the South Woodland Hills homes featured and thanks to all the volunteer selectors:

Best Traditional: 1950 Shadow Rock
Best Religious: 2814 Woodland Grove
Best Lights: 2222 Riverlawn
Santa’s Favorite: 2023 Pine River
Best Doorway: 1958 Shadow Rock
Best Block Spirit: Lake Haven
South Woodland Hills Community
Clean and Maintain the Drain Campaign  
South Woodland Hills HOA board is actively working to identify solutions to prevent future flooding.  The goal of the ‘Clean and Maintain the Drain Campaign’ is to take action to help prevent potential flooding due to clogged and/or blocked drains. Keeping the street drains clean and clear allows stormwater to drain quickly. 
Please join SWH HOA Board’s efforts by cleaning and maintaining South Woodland Hills drains to help prevent flooding:-
·          Keep your street free of pine needles, grass clippings and debris to prevent them from ending up in the street drains.
·          Keep street drains free and clear of debris to allow stormwater to drain quickly, especially during heavy rains.
·          Call 311 (713-837-0311) to request drains on your street to be cleaned/flushed out.
·          Email Councilman Martin’s office ( districte@houstontx.gov ) to report if your street/home flooded and provide the 311 report number.
·          Remind lawn care companies/crews and neighbors not to blow grass clippings, pine needles, and debris into the street.  

Adopt a drain to maintain on your street, to ensure quicker drainage during heavy rainstorms; adopt a drain website. https://cohegis.houstontx.gov/cohgisweb/adopta/

A note to give landscape companies is included here: Clean and Maintain the Drains in South Woodland Hills 

South Woodland Hills Updates will be posted on:
 South Woodland Hills Village Community Association Facebook Page.

Houston Public Works inspects Woodland Hills drains

 Houston Public Works has completed their inspections of the storm sewer systems within North and South Woodland Hills. You can see representative images of these inspections by clicking this link . Please continue to report any drainage concerns to Houston 311 by calling 713-837-0311.

Exterior Improvements

To make choosing an exterior paint color easier and more convenient for homeowners South Woodland Hill HOA Approved Exterior Paint Colors can be found online. This is strictly for the convenience of homeowners and not an endorsement of any brand. South Woodland Hills Approved Exterior paint colors can be matched and mixed by any company that carries and mixes exterior paint. Link: -  https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/find-and-explore-colors/hoa/kingwood/tx/south-woodland-hills-hoa/
*please note all exterior changes and improvements need approval by South Woodland Hills ACC Committee (Driveway, Fence, Paint, Roof, Siding, Solar Panels windows, etc.)   Click for Request for Improvements Form
South Woodland Hills Events and Meetings through January 2020:
Details will be posted on South Woodland Hills Website and Facebook Page Unless noted all events are at South Woodland Hills Community Room

January 8 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM KSA Public Safety Board Meeting

January 13 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM South Woodland Hills HOA Board Meeting 

January 14 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Woodland Hills Trails Association Board Meeting

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