9:30am & 11:15am   
  • December 1
"December Blues"
Rev. Thom Belote, preaching
For some, the holiday season is a time of excitement and cheer. For others, it is a season of sadness, grief, or depression. This morning's sermon will give us permission to feel the way we feel and also offer hints on managing depression in December.
  • December 7  

Greening of the Church

Service Project

Chili Supper

Singalong and UUkes!

Details below!

  • December 8
"Vocatus atque non Vocatus Deus Aderit"
Rev. Thom Belote, preaching
"Bidden or not bidden, God is present." The eminent Swiss psychologist Carl Jung had this Latin phrase engraved over his door. This service will be about how to find and experience enchantment, mystery, and awe during the Holiday season.   ALSO: Holiday Bazaar! Get a jump on your holiday shopping  after each Service this Sunday. More information below!  
  • December 15
"Yule School"
Annual Children's Holiday Pageant presented by the children of The Community Church
This year's pageant, with original script, music and lyrics by Music Director Glenn Mehrbach, will explore all the different traditions that go into what we celebrate as "Christmas" today, including the Winter Solstice, the Roman holiday of "Saturnalia," the Norse tradition of "Yul," the Greek "Halcyon Days," the British "Alban Arthuan," and even "Stonehenge." Of course, we'll end with the birth of the Baby Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem.
  • December 22
"Missa Pange Lingua"
Presented by Glenn Mehrbach and the Community Church Choir
For the December "Choir Sunday", the choir will be singing the Renaissance masterpiece "Missa Pange Lingua," by composer Josquin des Prez. Said to be written in 1515, near the end of his life, it is an extended Fantasia on the hymn "Pange Lingua Gloriosi," attributed to Saint Thomas Aquinas. With its extensive use of polyphony, counterpoint and imitation, it is a wonder to behold. And, since this Sunday is the eve of the Winter Solstice, the choir will also be singing music related to that event.
  • December 24  5:00 and 8:00
Christmas Eve
Rev. Thom Belote, leading worship
Join us for our traditional Christmas Eve services (with the second service taking place at an earlier time.) The 5:00 service is a festive, family-friendly worship service. The later service, while still festive and family-friendly, is a bit quieter and more reflective. Both services will include scripture readings, carols, a homily by Rev. Thom, and Silent Night by candlelight.
  • December 24 - 26: Office Closed
  • December 29
"Question Box Sermon"
Rev. Thom Belote, preaching
During the month of December watch for a decorated shoe box and paper forms to appear in the Commons. Congregants may write their questions and leave them in the box. On December 29, Rev. Thom deliver a sermon attempting to answer as many questions as he can. Please note: there will be a single service held at 11:15am this Sunday!
  • January 1, 2020: Office Closed
  • January 3
Yule Ball
Details coming soon!

Message from the Minister: 
An update on our Sanctuary & Immigrant Support Ministry
Yeimy, the young asylum seeker from El Salvador, who had been living in the Manse since June, has moved to Texas to live with family. We expect that Yeimy will return to us in 2020 to take the next scheduled steps in her asylum case.
The past six months have stretched the members of this ministry in profound ways. This experience included frustration and discomfort. A small army of volunteers helped Yeimy with getting medical care, legal support, language skills, food, clothing, and a bike. When I gathered with members of this team for a going-away party, I was awestruck by the growth and change that our congregation has contributed to in the past months. The night included smiles, laughter, and warmth.
I think of the trauma Yeimy endured. She is the victim of horrific violence that forced her to flee her country and come to a strange land that held her in a for-profit detention center for months. The progress she has made living with us has been significant. I know it has changed me, and has changed those who support her. I am so proud of the members of the Sanctuary & Immigrant Support Ministry for entering this work with bravery.
It has been said that the Nativity story, the story of Jesus' birth, can only be understood as a refugee story. As we enter into the season of Advent and prepare for Christmas, let us endeavor to live and practice both hospitality and humility.
With Gratitude and Joy,
Rev. Thom Belote


Sign Up for Paperless Contribution Statements

The Community Church of Chapel Hill will be sending out contribution statements showing households' contributions from January 1st - December 31st, 2019. This year, we are asking families to go paperless and receive their statement via email.  

ANNUAL GREENING OF THE CHURCH - DEC 7 AT 4:30 The annual greening of the church on 12/7 is one our largest multi-generational events and a great way to celebrate the season. The event begins at 4:30 pm with the hanging garland and wreaths, setting up trees, and a service project on behalf of the IFC Homestart facility. In the Commons are collection boxes with lists of needs for the service project. The greening is followed by a pot-luck chili supper at 5:30 pm. During coffee hour, there is a greening table to sign-up to help with set-up and clean-up, and to bring chili or cornbread or salad or dessert. And we'll close out the celebration with seasonal songs led by the UUkes. All are welcome so please join us! Questions? Email Bonnie Nelson or call 919-248-1853.
HOLIDAY BAZAAR Get a jump on your holiday shopping after each service Sunday, 12/8. Church artists are offering their wares including music cds, quilts, woodworking, and furniture.  A percentage of the proceeds go to support The Community Church!


Tis the Giving Season - Look for the Grinch on Pageant Sunday to learn more about giving to the Endowment Fund!  

By the time you read this, the Building Construction Task Force will have invited bids from three contractors based on expectations that the town review process will not entail any further changes in the building's technical design. In mid-December, the bids will come in and bid review and selection will ensue, resulting in a finalized construction cost figure. When we receive the actual building permit, hopefully by the end of December, we'll be able to set the timetable for project completion!
For more information on the Building Project's purpose, scope and funding status, see the illustrated leaflets online or in print at the Building Project display between the kitchen and the stage.


Congratulations to the new members of the 2020 Board of Trustees: Vice President - Heather O'Connor; Board Members (Three-year term) - Becky Wilkes and Salem Macknee.
We appreciate your willingness to serve our church!
- The Nominating Committee (Jane Provan, Abbie Beasley-Smith, George Thompson, and Laura Gilliom).
The Soul Matters theme of the month is "AWE." The Rainbow, Water, Fire and Middle Earth Circles will be exploring awe and the Winter Holidays.
  • December 1 -- We experience awe witnessing "Love in Action" -- Rosa Parks and the Bus Boycott
  • December 8 -- We experience awe witnessing new life -- Celebrating Christmas and Jesus as a new life
  • December 15 -- Pageant
  • December 22 -- We experience awe in the stars -- Celebrating the Solstice
  • December 29 -- We experience awe in the light -- Celebrating Hanukkah
  • Nifty Gifty, a holiday gift-making party for elementary kids is Saturday December 7th.
    The middle and high school youth groups will be making gingerbread houses, watching holiday movies and the High School Youth Group will be hosting their annual White Elephant Gift Exchange.

In January-March we will be offering Neighboring Faiths to 6th and 7th graders on Sunday afternoons while the 8th graders are participating in the Our Whole Lives (OWL) curriculum. Our goal is to offer this program yearly so that youth get exposure to some of the core world religious traditions from Abrahamic, Eastern, and Earth based faiths. This year we will start with a focus on Judaism, Catholicism, and Buddhism.   
For more information, contact Dana Lundquist         
How do I find out more about the Children's and Youth Ministry Program? 
There is lots of information on the church website with details, dates and how to register. You can also get on the mailing list for the weekly emails which tell you what is happening on the upcoming Sunday and what fun events are coming.  
To get on the mailing list, contact Marion Hirsch: 
First Sunday Recyclables at the ECO table during Coffee Hour: Holiday lights (working or not), batteries (AAA - D, button, rechargeable), natural and synthetic corks, tiny bits of metal (paper clips, nails, screws, etc.).  

As members of The Community Church, we commit ourselves to "support and care for each other". During the December 24 Christmas Eve Services, our congregation will have the opportunity to honor this part of our mission by contributing to our church's Benevolence and Minister's Discretionary funds through Share the Plate offerings. The Benevolence Fund serves to help members and/or friends who have serious financial needs, and the Minister's Discretionary Fund is used to meet often confidential needs related to our church's mission. These are important ways in which we support and care for each other and bring our mission alive. If you would like more information , please contact Barb Chapman or Rev. Thom Belote.



Covenant Group -- The 20s and 30s Covenant Group meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday from 7-8:30 for fellowship and spiritual deepening. It's a drop-in group. Sign up link.


20s and 30s Facebook group--Contact Marion Hirsch at for more information. 


UNC UU Campus Fellowship meets Wednesdays in the Student Union in 3509 from 5-6 PM. To get on the mailing list contact Marion Hirsch at 

Come join us for the WomenCircle annual planning meeting on Friday, December 6 in the Straley Room from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Annually, we plan anywhere from 12 to 15 events which have included art projects, potluck and games, soap making, pool party, Gentle Nia, book swaps, and more. The variety of programs depends upon the imagination of the planners. We are inviting active, occasional or WomenCircle "wanna be's" to bring their energy and ideas to the meeting. If you cannot attend, but have a suggestion, please contact Joann Haggerty at 919-929-5573 or email her.

Outdoor Connections: Annual Planning Lunch City Kitchen, Sat. Dec. 14, 12:30
Planning tomorrows
Brightens our todays and dims
Yesterday's regrets
Please bring your fine selves, your good ideas and your calendars to help plan fun stuff for the coming year. RSVP HERE.

Outdoor Connections: Jan. 10-12 New Years at the Beach
Coming and going
Arising and subsiding
Each wave is the sea
Cheap rooms, deserted Nags Head beaches, thousands of migrating swans, snow geese, ducks, and lots of stuff you can learn to recognize with the help of your expert guides - or just enjoy them. For certain we'll visit the world class birding at Pea Island and hope for bears as well as birds at Alligator River Refuge. Other stops will depend on scouting reports.

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