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December  2019
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Thank you all for sailing with us past seasons; keep in mind that the experience is not only survivable but also repeatable.  Come again or refer a cruise to a friend or relative.

Sailing the Maine coast is a delightful way to take time away from whatever occupies your year otherwise and offers a good place to spend time with friends or family while the scenery changes before your eyes and terrific meals appear with surprising regularity.

 Cruise News

The American Eagle in 1959 hauled out in Gloucester on the Burnham 
Railway, now the site of Maritime Gloucester where the Adventure ties up.

                     A  view of Boothbay Harbor at about the same time as the 
     picture above. We'll be anchored  very near here in June during
     Windjammer Days . With a big shore dinner, an exciting run to anchor, 
     a parade, bands, and fireworks, it's a great event.

              That should be the schooner Alice Wentworth on the left and the Nellie G II just leaving the dock. The Nellie G. II was built by Goudy & Stevens
in East Boothbay in 1932 and is still around. You may wonder about her

          The steamer Nellie G. (for Greenlaw) was built in 1895 in Woolwich, Maine to tow logs in the Kennebec River, then was a passenger ferry in Casco Bay, and was the ferry to Squirrel Island in Booth Bay by 1916

Crews News

The crew for 2019:  Matthew, Kevin, Christa, Sarah, Asher, and John. 
Logan was not on hand for this picture but sailed with us from the Gloucester cruise until layup in October.

  courtesy of Ralph Smith

In the coming season you will see at least three of us (Matthew, Asher, and me) aboard  again, with guest appearances expected from the rest. What a team!

Twice this month there has been a bald eagle on the foremast head.  The Christmas tree on the mainmast head may not look it but from stump to tip it's about twenty five feet and there's another twenty feet left in the woods by our house.

courtesy of Sarah Collins

  Postcards From Away

  I traded a crossword puzzle for this postcard!

Christa the mate reported in on the second leg of her adventure
around the country. She went swimming in 47 degree water at
Assateague Island, Virginia, but didn't stay in long.

Maybe if I took one of Carol Douglas' watercolor classes, I could 
learn to do as well as this. It was easier for me just to build the rowboat.

courtesy of Myron and Ellen Stitt

courtesy of Tracy Madigan-Sheppard

    Nothing like pie at a lobsterbake.
Happy New Year!

  John and the crew

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