" Happiness: The Gift We MUST Give Ourselves."

“Happiness is a lucid state of consciousness. It is the combining of Love, Service and Wisdom into our feelings and how we live.” ~ Jorge Luis Delgado

We live in the world of Hallmark and Rockwell fantasy—where everything is pushed upon us by advertisers and electronic emails suggesting that the perfect house, dinner, relationship, vacation, or Christmas tree is all it takes to fulfill your awaiting happiness. Happiness is not an external idea or purchase, it’s an internal state of being. No amount of external fulfillment can satisfy that internal yearning and hunger by assuring the “perfect _________, you fill in the blank will ensure happiness. Perhaps, that is why in the moment, it may feel good—but it is fleeting and temporary—and when the excitement wains—one still cannot hold the joyful internal and lasting happiness that the advertisers claim at the end of the day—week—or after the new year—when reality sets in once again, and you ask, Why do I feel so empty?

We must assume responsibility for our own happiness and it is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. When we do—it doesn’t depend on expectations —or anyone else. It can’t be taken away. And, it’s the gift that we carry in our hearts’ forever—no matter how many storms in come our direction!

So, here are several suggestions—from the practical to the profound—a gift to yourself this season and beyond. I know there are many others—but here are a few to think about!

1.) Realize (Cognize) that you carry divinity within. You are a piece of the creator. Own your true Magnificence as the gift you were born with.

2.) Is it a “have to” or a “get to”? Don’t put extra pressure on yourself—there is no “perfect.” The extra stress doesn’t do anyone any good—and being exhausted doesn’t allow you to enjoy friends, family or some relaxing moments by yourself.

3.) No guilt! It’s not necessary to bake 23 plates of cookies for the neighbors. If you love to bake, and enjoy giving cookies or small sweet treats away, consider, they might enjoy receiving them in February or March when you have time—and it comes as a complete surprise and gift of your friendship! (You get the idea) Everything is a choice.

4.) Attitude: The Dali Lama says it this way: Approaching others with thought of compassion in your mind is the best way to do this. My question, Do we offer the same consideration for ourselves?

5.) Inside and Out: One of my favorite little books is called, Saying Yes to Life—even the Hard Parts. Ezra Bayda writes, when we drop the facades, what remains? Just being. “It is only in our thoughts that ideas, beliefs, and problems become solid, dark, and unyielding. Reality itself is moveable, light, ever-changing. In our minds we seem trapped, in reality we are utterly free.” 

6.) In the book, The End of Times, there is a quote on the very last page. It says, Love is king. It is the default power that you are most comfortable with, and is the state you came from . . . and will return to. It is in the truest sense, the feeling of coming home.’

7.) Intention: Everything above is worthless, unless we give pure intention to create true and lasting happiness in our lives. What are we willing to change within ourselves? What action are you inspired to take? Set your intention to create happiness in your life and realize, it may not be how you expect! But, life is an adventure and we create it one step at a time. What’s your New Year’s Happy Dance?

"Inspired Wellness
from Within"
~Cathrine Silver, HC, AADP

What Does this mean? Decoding 101
Decoding messages from us to us is something that is coming to light and seeing its way into the mainstream--slowly. There is a connection between our physical health challenges and our mind and spirit. We cannot ignore those other parts of ourselves. We are emotional spiritual multidimensional humans. And, these physical dis-eases indicate we are "out of balance," something is "off kilter." Dis-ease alerts us that there are deep unresolved emotional blocks holding emotional angst at some level. Are we the brave ones to step up to heal our lineage? What was the emotional trauma we experienced as a child? What was so terrible, we have simply blocked it out? The conscious mind likes to ignore and repress that shadow that lurks within. However, our smart body, our innate, and intuition part of the subconscious and cellular memory remembers everything. In 2019, we will explore, just briefly the most common imbalances lying below the surface--a gift waiting to be seen and healed--for good! ❤️


This form of physical disability occurs in my life at a time when I no longer want to see what is going on under my eyes , what is going to happen, or what risks influencing my life and the decisions I may have to take. What I have seen or what I expect in the future leads me to say: “I don’t believe my eyes !” “I wish so much that things would remain as they are now!” My eyesight is declining because the energy no longer goes there. It becomes dull and darkens and I view the future with a dark and veiled eye, with no joy or heart ❤️iness. I may possibly have an egocentric attitude and I want to see like only my way, without taking into account the realities of others. This is a selfish attitude that may even make me believe that I am superior to others. I refuse to see certain events or individuals transparently. This cataract moves me away from the present and removes me from the world around me. This displeases me on certain levels, and I must become Aware of the outer and inner aspects of things. I see the world around me as a threat. A constant danger is present. I feel isolated, alone in my corner. I need the others, but I am afraid of their reaction. By ‘veiling’ their faces, I distance myself and I thereby feel more protected.
Thought for the Day: Inspirational Wisdom
"Some painters transform the sun
into a yellow spot, others transform
a yellow spot into the sun."

- Pablo Picasso
Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck
~ 3~
Circle of Time
The ancient Maya, who are revered as master timekeepers, created a calendar whose accuracy has not slipped one day in over twenty-five centuries. This circular representation of a portion of that tradition--called Tzolkin, or sacred round--is based on a count of 260 days. As the illustration shows, twenty of these days are named and they each have thirteen facets.

Pulling this card reminds you to consider how time is affecting your life. Are you engaging time as a wave that nurtures, allowing segments for deep relaxation and personal development? Or have you become enslaved to time, finding barely enough opportunity to get the essentials of survival in order? Take a brief moment to view your relationship to this circle of time and the hopes and dreams you place within the circle of your life experience.

View this card as representing a signpost of cosmic order, a reminder that your time in the physical world is yours to orchestrate. Let time become a measure of the joy, growth, and freedom that passes through your days and nights.
Sacred geometry is the key that unlocks all of the world's art, science and architecture. Called the Language of Light, its images and shapes are embedded in DNA, mandalas, pyramids, crystals, atoms and hieroglyphs. Anyone who has ever gazed at a spider's web, meditated on a mandala or yantra, visited a pyramid, walked a labyrinth, or peered through a microscope has felt the effects of sacred geometry. These cards and text were created by Francene Hart.

Lemurian Codes for Healing
"We are with you to explore the greatest awakening of your Age, the truth of who you are as Divine Creators. Breathe in and invite the expanded consciousness of the One Source to resonate through all the cells of your Being. You hold in your hands a story of humanity's spiritual unfolding in the grace and timing of the Divine plan." The Pleiadian Star Mothers.
These cards are the work from Dr. Amber Wolf--aka "Mele'ha" The artist is Aurelien Pumayana.
____________ ________________________ __________

"From Mother Gaia comes
the origin of your Humanity.

Sending the frequencies of Her crystalline grid
upwards into your crystalline structure,
She is your regenerating strength.
Through Her, you are stabilized and revitalized.

All is in Divine Order
when you acknowledge and esteem
your relationship and bond
to the Earth Mother.

Recipe of the Month:
Turkey Chili!

Bon Appetite!

Turkey Chili
(In the slow cooker or crock pot)
n the
YIELD:   6 serving
SIMMER TIME:   About 6 hours 


Sometimes we've sliced off all we can get for sandwiches, but there is still quite a bit of meat on the underside--or enough to make another meal. This turkey chili was easy, warming and filling. I invited my friend Joy over for dinner. She honestly told me, "I had my doubts. But, this is a hit!"

What you will need:

  • 2 lbs leftover-roasted turkey, shredded
  • 1/4 cup drippings
  • 1 onion finely diced
  • 1-2 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 1 28 ounce can diced tomatoes
  • 3 8 ounce cans tomato sauce
  • 1 4oz can green chilis
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 4 tablespoons chili powder
  • 2 tablespoons cumin
  • 2 teaspoons smoked paprika
  • 2 teaspoons cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt (aprox.) Or to taste.
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 15 ounce can red beans drained and rinsed
  • 1/2 to 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, Or to taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 bay leaves--discard upon serving


  • collect the left over meat off the turkey and shred it with a fork. Place in crock pot/slow cooker.
  • Add the onion, garlic, the drippings, tomatoes, tomato sauce, green chilis, chicken broth, chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, cocoa powder, sugar, cinnamon, bay leaves and half the salt. Use the remaining salt and just it to your taste.
  • Stir to combine, then cook on LOW for 6 hours. Add the beans and cook for an additional 30 minutes until beans are warmed through. Serve immediately. Recipe can be made up to one day in advance.

Cathy's notes: This is a recipe adapted from a uthor Sara Welch . I added my own elements and gave it a deeper more subtle flavorful base. It was easy to do. I also served it with mini-corn Jalapeño muffins . I forgot to pick up shredded cheddar cheese--so I substituted Asisago shredded cheese instead. On the top, the green onions gave it fresh crunch and a wonderful appetizing color contrast to the redness of the tomatoes.


Cooking should be creative and fun. These are the basics--you are the culinary artist. What will your masterpiece be tonight? Whatever you decide, enjoy the process. I have confidence that your results will be deliciously satisfying! And, remember, LOVE is always the "secret" ingredient . What will you serve your family tonight?


Everything we put into our body synthesizes into something whether it happens to be thoughts and words, our experiences and lifestyle or our food. 

In the course of our busy lives, few of us ever stop to think---what does this actually do for my well-being? How does Love affect our meals--and our nutritiom when it comes from the heart? Homemade is well made--well made is heartfelt intention. The journey begins with you!


Blog - Parting Thoughts . . .

"Part II - Mystical Peruvian Adventure 2019"
I have now been back home from Peru for ten days. And, to quote a friend, it is a “cultural experience— not a vacation when we undertake such adventures.” I feel like I am still catching up. I know I was physically exhausted, but it seems that I am inter-dimensionally tired as well; an undefined transformational shift within. The biggest physical challenges came from (click)
Every Truth passes through three stages before it is accepted.  In the first it is ridiculed, next it is opposed; in the third, it is regarded as self evident.

~Arthur Shopenauer (19th Century Philosopher)

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Biological Decoding Here Today
Conflicts and trauma are sometimes obvious and sometimes not and make their presence known to us as dis-ease and imbalance in our lives; manifesting in our body.  Weight issues or acne are obvious to most, but what are the traumas, loyalties and imbalances locked away in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or behind simple allergies and minor illnesses given labels or the diagnosis's we receive at the doctor's office? Do you want healing or just relief? 

The premise is easy. Disease and sicknesses are "nothing more" than emotional conflict(s) or trauma, --lessons to learn (that may be passed down from our ancestors) running in an "invisible" field of energy unknown or unrealized to us until it emerges as our brain's (the ultimate computer) solution for the disturbance deep within our psyche. More simply, the first law of Biological Decoding states: "Every pain or disease originates from a conflict. The conflict is an unexpected, highly acute, and isolating shock that occurs simultaneously in the PSYCHE, the BRAIN, and part of the BODY that corresponds to the type of conflict. Discovering the conflict aids the brain in sending messages to repair the body".

If we are human, we all have unresolved emotional conflicts. Heal them for yourselves--heal them for your kids and break the pattern. Biological Decoding goes hand-in-hand with our allopathic medicine today which addresses the mechanical aspects of our disease.

How can I help you today?

The Biology of Decoding is an amazing tool to assist in the discovery of the root cause of dis-ease.  This discovery and decoding opens the door to healing, deepens spiritual understanding of who we are and releases limiting beliefs and patterns.

"If the mind doth bend, disease can end."
~Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, MD

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Cathy Silver, HC, AADP
" Inspired Wellness from Within"

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 "Riding the Lighting Beam is one of the most authentic books I have ever read. Thank you, Cathy, for giving birth to this helpful guide to this human experience."

"Your powerful gift of storytelling, sets the stage for us to come and spend some time in "your world!" While we're there, we can't help but notice many familiar reflections of ourselves!. The insights that you share carry the energy of an "awakened one!" Your triumphs and failures, are our triumphs and failures! Can't wait for the next addition of your series!"

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