December 2019
Many staff and faculty members at Salus are well known and respected for their work in their chosen profession. But there are many that take that proverbial left turn out of the parking lot and devote time to a totally different profession. One such person is Lisa Lonie, the executive assistant to president Dr. Michael Mittelman. 

She is a musician and carillonneur at three local Philadelphia carillons. What is a carillon? It’s a set of at least 23 fixed chromatically tuned bells in a tower that make sound when struck with clappers controlled by a manual keyboard. 

In the mid-1990s, when  Carlo Pelino , OD '94, FAAO  was working at John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia, a colleague who was a primary care physician returning from a conference had some interesting information to share: That because of genetics, people could live healthy lifestyles past the age of 90.

That idea intrigued Dr. Pelino, so for the past 20-plus years, he’s accumulated a combination of factors he believes will help patients not only live longer, but also have a good quality of life at an advanced age.

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In case you missed it, Salus University's Fall 2019 Alumni Magazine was recently released. This edition features stories such as:
  • The Legacy Continues: Presidents Build on the Dreams of Dr. Albert Fitch (Part II)
  • The Crozier Family: A Legacy of Commitment
  • A Clearer Path to Retirement: Dr. Richard Brilliant Closes Out a Stellar Career
  • Dr. Anthony Di Stefano's Legacy will be Long Felt at Salus and PCO

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