With the 2019 Holiday Season upon us, there will not be a monthly meeting this month. However, the CNA Board of Directors will meet as we prepare for the start of the New Year and plan for yet more exciting programs and continue to work for the benefit of our Cordata Neighborhood. Have a wonderful Holiday season!
On January 14, 2020 we will kick-off the New Year with Bellingham's new Mayor Seth Fleetwood. Also, Dr. James Everett the Superintendent of the Meridian School District will be our guest speaker. You won't want to miss this exciting start to 2020. The meeting will start at 7PM on 1/14/20 at the Cordata Presbyterian Church, located at 400 Meadowbrook Court, Bellingham, WA 98226.

Kate Mc Donald chosen as new President of the Cordata Neighborhood Association
At the November CNA Board of Director's meeting Kate McDonald was selected by the board to replace Ralph Myers, who has been the president of our association for the past three years. Ralph will continue to publish this newsletter. Kate will continue to advocate for new amenities for our neighborhood, one of which will be the continued push for a new library be placed in the Cordata Neighborhood. Also, Kate has been serving as our Cordata Neighborhood Advisory Committee Chairperson. In that capacity, she has brought a lot of new and innovative ideas forward, in addition to meeting with many of the City of Bellingham's key persons.

President, Kate McDonald, Vice President, Bev Jacobs, Secretary, Cam Kerst, Treasurer, Dan Norvelle, Executive Director Julianna Royal Guy, Directors at large, Monica Aebly, Peter Besenovsky, Gordon Durham, Marisa Ellis, Jasmine Fast, Paul Kratzig, John LaSpina, Ralph Myers. If you would like to get in touch with any of the members of the board, you can do so by calling (360) 738-8466, or (360)306-8494

As we are in the midst of "Old Man Winter's" grip I'm sure you'll agree how nice and cozy our homes are, and how blessed we are to have a place to shelter us from the rainy and cold winter nights. Sadly there are many folks out there that don't have anyplace to shelter them from the freezing ravages of winter. However, there are places available where they can seek shelter.
A WINTER EMERGENCY SHELTER HOTLINE has been set up. That number is 360-788-7983 and there are two places where folks can seek shelter. One is the Opportunity Council-Community Resource Center located at 1111 Cornwall Ave. It is open at 10AM-4PM, Monday through Friday.
The second place is Lighthouse Mission Ministries Drop-in Center. They are open 24/7 and located at 1013 West Holly Street in Bellingham.
For more resources and further information, visit whatcomcounty.us/homelessshelter. For a map of shelter locations, visit cob.org/shelters.