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Message from
Mayor Richard Brunst
"You Can Do Much Good"

That is the line said by the minister to the missionary in the movie "The Other Side of Heaven."

I think that is an appropriate line for the "Giving Machines" as well, that were placed at the University Place Mall this past week by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Orem location is one of only 10 such locations in the world, including London, New York, Salt Lake City, and others.

These machines will allow a person to purchase a pig for $100 to be given to a family in a third world country. Also you can purchase water improvements, food for babies, and sanitary improvements for families, among many other choices for those in need locally and across the world.

These funds go directly and quickly to those in need through the help of many participating charities besides the church's own network.

In speaking with Elder Craig Christensen of the Seventy of the church he mentioned that the church feels that Orem is one of their best locations because our community has one of the highest rates of volunteerism and charitable giving in the church and nation.

I agree. I believe that our community has a high level of help and concern for our fellow neighbors and those around us. That is one of the qualities that makes Orem a great place to live.

As my family was getting ready for Thanksgiving, a neighbor mentioned that she had invited 10 refugees from Afghanistan for Thanksgiving dinner. My wife asked if she could chip in as well and provided a multi colored jello salad for them which they had never seen before that dinner. 

I have been excited to watch my neighborhood organize an effort to take care of two families for Christmas where they are single parent families with small children.

I loved watching the Kindness Week activities this past week where many people came together and made items who could use some kindness and cheering up in their lives.

I would hope that we all can be giving machines in our own ways. Whether it be a compliment to someone, or making and taking food to those who are having troubles, or watching out for a friend or neighbor and helping them with areas that will improve and better their lives.  

We all can "do much good" and be "giving machines" in our own ways that will bless other's lives and bring happiness. If we all pitch in and watch out for and help our neighbor, we all can join in the joy of life.

Mayor Brunst
Message from
Councilmember Sam Lentz
Who's Behind the Magic in Orem?

Serving on the City Council has been one of my life’s greatest privileges, and I thank you for the opportunity to represent you. As I reflect on the last four years, I wish to commend the following people that help make Orem a magical place: our staff, our volunteers, and our engaged citizens.

Our Staff
Amidst so many modern conveniences, it’s easy to take for granted fundamental aspects of everyday life. Clean water comes out of the tap instantly, and waste water goes down the drain and out of mind. Complex transportation networks move hundreds of thousands of people to work, school, commerce, recreation, and back home. Parks are kept clean and well maintained for all to enjoy. Neighborhoods are protected from all sorts of danger—both seen and unseen.

Behind these and so many other daily miracles, we have hundreds of dedicated employees working hard to make life better for 100,000 residents, while still serving and protecting the individual. Chances are you know or interact with at least one city employee. I invite you to take a moment during this season of gratitude and goodwill to learn more about how they serve. Ask them what the hardest part of their job is. Thank them for how their sacrifices make life better for you and your family.

Our Volunteers
We regularly lead the nation in volunteerism, and it shows in the way we are connected. Hundreds of nonprofits and service organizations provide essential support to those in need. Over a dozen citizen advisory commissions examine complex issues and make insightful recommendations for improving our quality of life.

One particular group whose volunteer work has impressed me is the Miss Orem organization. I admit I used to think this program was little more than a beauty pageant. I was genuinely shocked to learn how much time and effort these young women, their families, and the volunteers mentoring them dedicate to serving throughout the year. It is inspiring to see how our daughter looks up to these young women—not because of a tiara or a sash, but the way they embody compassion and kindness.

Our Engaged Citizens
Perhaps my favorite aspect of serving at the local level is that the problems we face are big enough to matter, but small enough that we can do something about it. The city has taken steps in recent years to make the public process more open and transparent, and I see an exciting trend that citizens are taking a more active role in shaping the direction of our community. As our centennial festivities celebrated Orem’s first 100 years, our continued success over the next century will depend on our willingness to take ownership of our community and neighborhoods.

My favorite example of all three of these groups working together was in the construction of the All-Together Playground involving over 4,000 volunteers and staff. Do you know how this idea got started? City staff asked a question on Facebook about how we could improve Orem’s parks. A mother suggested a wheelchair-accessible swing so her daughter could play alongside her siblings and friends. Another mother followed up with ideas for how we could make our parks more accessible and inclusive. From there, the discussion snowballed, and people from all over became champions for this noble cause.

To make a difference in the community, you do not need an advanced degree or a formal assignment. You do not need years of relevant experience or a personal connection to “someone on the inside.” You can help drive the progress you want to see in Orem simply by learning about what is happening in the city—like you are doing right now—and making your voice heard. Let 2020 be the year you take the next step in getting more involved.

Councilman Sam Lentz
Election Results
The election results are in. Congratulations to Terry Peterson, Jeff Lambson, and Debby Lauret!
UVU Orem City Night - Wednesday, Dec. 4
Orem residents are invited to join the City of Orem at the Utah Valley Men's Basketball game vs. Weber State on Wednesday, December 4 at 7 PM in the UCCU Center. Tickets are only $2 with the promo code "CityOfOrem."

Follow these instructions to get your $2 tickets for the game.

  • Click here for the UVU Tickets website (this will take you directly to the UVU vs. Weber State game).
  • Create an account or login to your account.
  • Select the number of GA seats you need.
  • Chose your method of ticket delivery.
  • Enter promo code: CityOfOrem
  • Once you click Apply, you should see the total price adjust.
  • Then click Checkout and Pay.
Read Early, Read Often Book Drive
Dec. 9 - 16
  • Dec. 24 - 25: Closed for Christmas
  • Dec. 31: Closes at 6 PM for New Year's Eve
  • Jan. 1: Closed for New Year's Day

Fitness Center (Temporarily Located at the Senior Friendship Center):
  • Dec. 12: Closes at 5 PM
  • Dec. 24: Closes at 12 PM for Christmas Eve
  • Dec. 25: Closed for Christmas
  • There will be no child care or aerobics from Tuesday, Dec. 24 - Saturday, Dec. 28. All regular programs / classes will resume on Monday, Dec. 30.
  • Dec. 31: Closes at 12 PM for New Year's Eve
  • Jan. 1: Closed for New Year's Day

City Center
  • Dec. 24 - 25: Closed for Christmas
  • Jan. 1: Closed for New Year's Day
Youth Basketball (Grades 3 - 8)

Late registration is now open for youth basketball (grades 3 - 8). Play begins on January 4. Click here for more information, and sign up at .
"Bring a Buddy" Week: Dec. 16 - 21

From Dec. 16 - 21, Orem Fitness Center passholders are welcome to bring 1 guest with them for FREE each time they visit. Bring a "Buddy" to come join you in your workout!
Senior Friendship Center
New Year's Eve Dance
Landlord Licensing Program
The City is in the process of implementing a landlord licensing program in an effort to better connect with landlords/property managers as issues arise at their rental properties. This program will require that all rental units be licensed and all utility bills for rental properties remain in the name of the landlord or, when applicable, the property management company. The goal is to have all landlords come into compliance by July 2020.

The ordinance and code changes for this program will be considered for adoption at the Dec. 10 City Council meeting. The meeting will be held at 6 PM in the City Council Chambers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the website below:
Lights at City Center
The lights at City Center have come on for the season, so come take a look. Happy holidays!
Recycler of the Year Award
In November, Orem received the "Recycler of the Year" award from the Recycling Coalition of Utah. We were recognized for some of our recent recycling efforts including city-wide recycling, e-waste education, recycling at city clean-ups, public recycling bins, and more.
Orem Fall Photo Contest Winner
Here's the winning submission for the Orem Fall Photo contest. We had a lot of great entries and appreciate the public voting to choose the winner.

Congratulations to photographer Rebekah Padeken, who took this great shot. Click here to check out all of the images that were entered into the contest.
EveryDay Strong
A New Approach to Anxiety and Depression

To become more educated about—and to better help respond to—the growing amount of anxiety, depression and suicide we’re seeing in the children and youth in our community, the City of Orem has partnered with the United Way of Utah County to become its first “EveryDay Strong City.” EveryDay Strong program is a community initiative to help children and youth to feel more safe, connected, and confident. The goal of the initiative is to help build more resilient kids and a stronger community.

This important initiative includes specialized training, activities for children, and a question and activity guide for adults. The City would like to encourage residents to complete the one hour, specialized training online here or in person at a upcoming training session at one of the local schools (see calendar for upcoming dates and locations). The Resilience Handbook can be downloaded here.
The City of Orem is Hiring
We are hiring for multiple full-time and part-time positions. To view a list of available job openings and to submit an application, follow the link below.
Calendar of Events
In the City of Orem, there are always plenty of events to keep you and your family busy! Keep up with all Orem City events by following the link below.