December 2019 Newsletter
To the UCI School of Education community,

As 2019 draws to a close, I want to thank you for supporting the UCI School of Education this past year. Whether you're an alumni, a community partner, a past attendee of one of our many workshops, or simply a reader of this newsletter, your participation and engagement makes us a vibrant community that excels at promoting diversity and inclusion, training and developing teachers, and advancing educational sciences.

It brings me great joy to share the many inspirational moments that our talented students, faculty, staff and alumni achieve throughout the year. With this final newsletter of 2019, I want to wish you happy holidays, and a healthy, prosperous 2020.

Richard Arum
Dean and Professor
UCI School of Education
Beijing Normal University visits School of Education
The UCI School of Education welcomed 17 scholars to Irvine for a weeklong research program. The visiting scholars conducted research under the supervision of School of Education faculty, presented their work, and toured the campus of UCI.

UCI Writing Project hosts 25th annual Literacy Conference
More than 400 educators attended the UCI Writing Project's annual Literacy Conference for Teachers, Grades K-12. The year's theme was "Motivating and Engaging Young Readers and Writers."
Prof. Gatlin awarded Inclusive Excellence Spirit Award
Assistant Professor Brandy Gatlin will conduct research focused on dialect and dialect-shifting among African American undergraduates at UCI.
Workshop explores opportunities to enhance complex thinking skills
A collaboration between UCI and Tustin Unified explored how to provide inclusive, engaging and empowering learning experiences in secondary science classrooms.
School of Education hosts fall Credential Advisory Council meeting
Administrators from six local school districts met with School of Education academic coordinators to discuss district and university proposals for K-12 education in Orange County.
Student News
Doctoral student receives Public Impact Fellowship
Ying Xu is one of four UCI students to receive the university's Distinguished Public Impact Fellowship. Xu is partnering with PBS Kids to develop conversational agents for a new science show.
Doctoral student receives seed grant
Jenny Woo received a seed grant to support her research project, "Promoting College Students’ Sense of Belonging through Social-Emotional Learning."
New Publications
Recent publications by our faculty and graduate students
Assistant Professor  Shayan Doroudi : “Where’s the Reward? A Review of Reinforcement Learning for Instructional Sequencing, in International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Assistant Professor  Shayan Doroudi : “Not Everyone Writes Good Examples But Good Examples Can Come From Anywhere,” in Proceedings of the Seventh AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing (HCOMP-19 )

Distinguished Professor George Farkas : “Disparities in the Attorney Discipline System," study conducted for the State Bar of California.

Associate Professor Hosun Kang and Professor Rossella Santagata : “Impacts of Competition and Herbivory on Native Plants in a Community-Engaged, Adaptively Managed Restoration Experiment” in  Conservation Science and Practice

Professor  Young-Suk Grace Kim (right): “Hierarchical and Dynamic Relations of Language and Cognitive Skills to Reading Comprehension: Testing the direct and indirect effects model of reading (DIER), in  Journal of Educational Psychology

Professor  Young-Suk Grace Kim : “Promoting Successful Literacy Acquisition through Structured Pedagogy,” in  Global Reading Network Critical Topics Series

Professor  Young-Suk Grace Kim : “Assessment to Inform Instruction: Formative Assessment,” in  Global Reading Network Critical Topics Series

Professor  Elizabeth Peña : “The social and cultural bases of communication,” chapter in  Introduction to Communication Sciences & Disorders: From Science to Clinical Practice, 4th Edition

Assistant Professor Emily Penner : “Teacher Effects on Student Achievement and Height: A Cautionary Tale," Working Paper No. 26480 from the National Bureau of Economic Research
Associate Professor  Kylie Peppler (right): “Materials-to-Develop-With: The Making of a Makerspace,” in  British Journal of Educational Technology

Associate Professor  Kylie Peppler : “Recognition in Makerspaces: Supporting Opportunities for Women to ‘Make’ a STEM Career,” in Computers and Human Behavior

Associate Professor  Kylie Peppler : “’It helps create and enhance a community’: Youth Motivations for Making Portfolios” in  Mind, Culture, and Activity

Associate Professor  Kylie Peppler : “Utilizing the Consensual Assessment Technique to Compare Creativity in Drama Spaces,” in Creativity: Theories-Research-Applications

Associate Professor   Stephanie Reich : “Pregnancy Posting: Exploring Characteristics of Social Media Posts around Pregnancy and User Engagement,” in  mHealth

Associate Professor  Stephanie Reich : “A Comparison of Preschoolers’ Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Engagement from a Print Book and an eBook,” in  AERA Open

Associate Professor  Stephanie Reich : “Caregivers’ experiences in taking their young child to the dentist: Disparities by income, ethnicity, and language,” in  Academic Pediatrics

Professor  Rossella Santagata : “Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching and the Mathematical Quality of Instruction: A Study of Novice Elementary School Teachers,” in  Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education

Professor Rossella Santagata : "Research Practice Partnerships in Mathematics Teacher Education," in International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education , (pp. 183-210)

Professor Mark Warschauer and Assistant Professor of Teaching Fernando Rodriguez : "Exploring How Enrolling in an Online Organic Chemistry Preparation Course Related to Students' Self-Efficacy," in  Journal of Computing in Higher Education
Upcoming Events
UCI Teacher Academy Workshops
The UCI Teacher Academy invites teachers and administrators of all experiences and grade levels to participate in professional development opportunities that address the greatest needs and issues facing Southern California's school districts.

Below are a few of our upcoming workshops across the UCI California Subject Matter Projects. A full list of upcoming workshops is available here .
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